Olamide ft Bella Shmurda Triumphant Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

Olamide ft Bella Shmurda triumphant lyrics

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Olamide ft Bella Shmurda triumphant lyrics is one of my best songs and you can download Olamide triumphant MP3 here now. 


In my opinion, Olamide is one of the Nigerian musicians that has been thought to be fading away.


But if carpe diem album taught me anything it will be that you still very much in the game.


Now before you and I get into the lyrics of triumphant by Olamide come let us dive into the best part of this post.


  • You will be able to download Triumphant mp3 by Olamide 


  • I have embedded Olamide triumphant audio so that you can stream it 


  • Also, you will be able to watch Olamide triumphant video here too


  • You will also be able to follow triumphant by Olamide lyrics word for word 


Olamide ft Bermuda Shmurda triumphant MP3 download


Music in the Nigerian industry is really booming and artists are springing up from every nook and Cranny of the country.


To put it in context the likes of Omah Lay and Fireboy DML have been magnificent.

Olamide triumphant lyrics

And seeing them in this album just made me love how Olamide is promoting the young talents in the Industry.


Olamide is not just one of the richest musicians in Africa is also one of the richest in Nigeria today.


So you can say with all that wealth he shows some act of kindness to singers in the industry.

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Now here is what I want you to do click on the sky blue button below to download triumphant song by Olamide.

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So what is next? 


I have Olamide ft Bella Shmurda triumphant lyrics next for you.

Complete triumphant lyrics Olamide

I’ve always loved quality lyrics because I believe that it can help resonate with audiences.


Now have you listen to the triumphant lyrics by Olamide if you haven’t please do.


This is because I want you to tell me your favorite line of this lyrics in the comment section below.

Olamide ft Bella Shmurda triumphant lyrics

Once you do I will be sure to connect with you and reply to every comment that you drop.


You know while I was listening to this song, every lyric was smooth and the delivery was everything amazing.

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But don’t take my word for it I want you to scroll back up click on the play button and stream this song.


I am certain you will thank me later after listening to the song but for now, here is Olamide triumphant lyrics.



Ri Ri Ri



Can I tell what it is

Everyday on cruise

Bad days are gone

Now I am bigger

Porshe Ferragamo

Yeah we crusie oh yeah


Versace and Gucci

I don’t even post

House on fire call fire fighter

Yeah ahh yeah ahh yeah

Ahh yeah ahh yeah

Ahh well ahh well

Used to this lifestyle

Every Wednesday ladies night

Ahh yeah

I need no lighter

Bella shmurda I bring the fire

Ahh yeah

Everyday me ganja

What doеsn’t kill you makes you stronger (ahh yeah)

Bеlla shmurda fine boy Bella me a fighter (ahh yeah)

Click the play button to watch triumphant Olamide video below



Man I triumphant

And I’ve been through a lot

Many people wrote me off

But God no gree

Kan le dayon man


Man I triumphant

And I’ve been through a lot

Many people wrote me off

But God no gree

Kan le dayon man o




Yeah omi je lo ju mi reminiscing

Remember mama used to warn me I never listened

Some guys died some them dey for prison

Thank God for all the fasting and prayer she did

But odun mi gan when I just start to hammer

Daddy fi oshan le

Mummy ku omo mo fe mad

How could it be now ?

I was waiting for an answer

Ta mo fe da ku won le

Gbagbe gbogbo suffer ti ati suffer

Plenty dust

Dust to sand

Good things never last I understand

Mo dye irun mi yellow

Mo tun dye e si green

People think say na swag but I was loosing my mind

Mo de man fa gbo moju

Ronu moju

Mo de man moti moju

Mi o ni boju

Gbogbo kirakita ati ikanju ti mo kan ju

Mummy daddy ti lo mehn omo mo need lati san ju

They trynna bring me down

On God motilo

Getting high everyday omo motilo

Been the most high na everyday we dey fly

Hustle everyday

Everyday on my gring

Now God dey my matter ter ter

Now the boy ata ta ta

Devil fall yakata

Spray devil ratata

I break devil one fi blood si

Mo fi se pen

I put my name on the street book lati 010

Se won shere ni abi won sere

Awon bawo

Dope like Coke

Moni she ni be bi tao

Changing the narrative for the ghetto youth

O le wa lati ghetto ko ni sense

Ko de wa classy

Man I triumphant

And I’ve been through a lot

Many people wrote me off

But God no gree

Kan le dayon man




Man I triumphant

And I’ve been through a lot

Many people wrote me off

But God no gree

Kan le dayon man o


Man I triumphant

And I’ve been through a lot

Many people wrote me off

But God no gree

Kan le dayon man o




Ri Ri Ri




Who produced and wrote Olamide triumphant lyrics


Who wrote triumphant lyrics? Triumphant Olamide lyrics was written by Bella Shmurda and Adedeji Olamide.


Who produced triumphant MP3? Triumphant Olamide MP3 was produced by P Prime.


A musician is just as important as the producer because without the Beat producer or beatmaker you won’t enjoy a quality song.

Olamide ft Bella Shmurda triumphant mp3

As a matter of fact, a song won’t be a song without those good beats that get you nodding and jamming.

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Plus the fact that Olamide knows how to pick his producers to strengthen his vocals in music is just another story all entirely.


Now here are some details you may have missed while you are reading through this blog post so I thought I should bring them to your notice.


Song Title: triumphant 


Artists: Bella Shmurda


Producer: P Prime 


Written By: Olamide Adedeji and Bella Shmurda


Release Date: 7th October 2020


Nationality: Nigeria 


Review of The Song


As one of the best musicians in the country right now Olamide has been amazing.


Having said that come let’s get into my head on what I think about the song.


Olamide killed every line on these lyrics and so is Bella Shmurda.


I’m in for young artists to be featured on Olamide’s album, it shows how highly rated these upcoming are.


Plus I’m certain that this feature is good for his career going forward.


As for P Prime, he did a modern tremendously amazing job putting these beats together.


Every line tells a story, wrapping everything in one good sound which one can dance to or just enjoy.


Overall am giving this song a 5-star rating because I’m sure you do agree with me when I say it’s well deserved.




I would say it’s not easy to be one of the top five musicians in the country for the past decade.


He has been consistent since coming on to the music industry which is actually good for him.


Because this is how he has crafted a name for himself in the Nigerian music industry.


Now it’s over to you


How would you rate Olamide ft Bella Shmurda triumphant lyrics? 


Make sure you leave me a comment below with your thoughts and I’ll be sure to follow up with you.


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