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olamide plenty lyrics

I am listening to Olamide ft Fireboy DML plenty lyrics now and you can download Olamide plenty mp3 while you are here surfing. 


 in the world of music, nothing feels much better than when you are successful and your artist that you signed to your label is also successful.


You can see Olamide is enjoying all of this success with him signing Fireboy DML to the ybnl label.


So before you are now continue your is what olamide plenty lyrics will bring you.


  • You will be able to stream olamide plenty audio.


  • Also you’ll be able to follow plenty By olamide lyrics word for word


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Now that you know quite well what you will be getting from today’s post, come let’s dive into plenty lyrics by olamide.


Olamide ft Fireboy DML Plenty MP3 Download


Fireboy has been very impressive since coming on the Nigerian music industry thanks to olamide.


Having a golden opportunity has helped DML developed a lot.

Olamide ft Fireboy DML plenty mp3 download

I mean just within two years he already has two albums that you and I were rocking to before now.


Just as his songs made up made us happy so also did his wealth grow.


You do not believe me? then read this article where I compared Fireboy DML net worth with that of Joeboy.


But in the ladder of wealth, you could say olamide is by far richer than fireball DML.

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So what next do I have for you? I have plenty lyrics by olamide next in the queue for you.


Complete Plenty Lyrics Olamide

While the music of this generation may not be what it used to be like in the old days, I still enjoy dancing to the tunes of today.


The likes of Michael Jackson Whitney Houston made us happy for a very long time.

olamide plenty lyrics

But since they exited this road you and I are stuck with a new generation of musicians.


And I have to say I am also in love with this particular generation because they can make you really dance hard.

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So tell me what is your favorite line from the lyrics of plenty


Do leave me a comment below with your thoughts and I’ll be sure to reply to every of your message.


But first make sure you stream this song before giving me your feedback.


Now here is olamide plenty lyrics do enjoy it.




Ahh  ye ye a aaa

Ahh  ye ye a aaa

Yeah yeah


[Verse 1]


Can’t touch this

They can’t touch me

They can’t do me nothing

Only God can judge me

Emi laye mi

Making my money

Wetin i dey find again

God don bless me




Kodun ko po plenty plenty

O necessary

Ahh ye ye

Yeah yeah

Nothing nothing

No one can change my destiny oo

Ahh ye ye

Yeah yeah


[Verse 2]


Check it out now

Plenty fly plenty night haa

Plenty hate plenty mad haa

Plenty fall plenty rise haa

Plenty happy plenty sad haa

Plenty money plenty stack

Plenty prеtty girls enter plenty flight

Plеnty never see gonna me

Plenty thrive

Plenty say they love me say na plenty life

Plenty enemies man i can’t even count

More than 29 yeah they plenty die

Plenty things for bad belle plenty mind

Plenty dream too plenty them don dey kpai

Got my plenty fans wey get plenty time to question everything i ask

Plenty why

And that’s why plenty dont want to see me shine

Jah bless plenty plenty dollar sign jah bless




Kodun ko po plenty plenty

O necessary

Ahh ye ye

Yeah yeah

Nothing nothing

No one can change my destiny oo

Ahh ye ye

Yeah yeah


[Verse 3]


Plenty turned and plenty kicked us

When we started plenty dissed us

Plenty judas plenty jesus

Plenty court of vultures

They can’t deceive us

Plenty titus plenty rufus

Plenty lies and plenty rumours

Plenty plus and plenty minus

Plenty politics but they can’t deny us

Plenty church and plenty mosque

Plenty no go believe and plenty must haa

Plenty idols plenty gods

But im a one in a million with plenty choice



Kodun ko po plenty plenty

O necessary

Ahh ye ye

Yeah yeah

Nothing nothing

No one can change my destiny oo

Ahh ye ye

Yeah yeah



Ahh ye ye

Yeah yeah

Ahh ye ye

Yeah yeah


Who Produced and Wrote Olamide ft Fireboy DML Plenty Lyrics


Who wrote plenty lyrics? Plenty olamide lyrics was written by Fireboy DML and olamide.


Who produced plenty MP3? Plenty olamide MP3 was produced by Kiddominant.

Olamide ft Fireboy DML plenty lyrics

If olamide carpe diem album proved anything it is that he is still one of the best in the country.


But a don’t take my word for it you should listen to some of the songs from this album such as infinity mp3.


Right about now I believe in Spotify, Apple, this song should be getting millions and millions of streams.


It will also make olamide rich, yeah I know he is already one of the richest in Africa but this will add to his wealth.


Now here are some key details that you may have missed.


Song Title: plenty 


Artists: Olamide & Fireboy DML 


Producer: Kiddominant


Written By: Fireboy DML 


Release Date: 7 October 2020


Nationality: Nigeria 


Review of The Song 


Fireboy is just magical when you feature him on a song and listening to him can make you forget your sorrows. 


This track really made me happy because every details was careful crafted to pass the message. 


The production was just something else I have to be honest and big kudos to Kiddominant for bringing such a wonderful beat to the table. 


Overall I am giving this track a 4.9-star rating, Olamide was a monster on this one. 


Fireboy DML showed us once again while they are the future of music in the African music industry. 




So far, I have had my fill of quality music from this album alone. 


Now if you haven’t listened or downloaded this track then what are you waiting for? 


It’s over to you now! 


How would you rate Olamide ft Fireboy DML plenty lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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