Mp3 Download: Olamide Wonma Lyrics

Olamide Wonma Lyrics

Olamide wonma lyrics is sending Instagram hot hot. but just wait until you have to download Olamide Wonma mp3 to know why.

Olamide Wonma Lyrics
Baddo Sneh


I know 2019 was really quiet for Olamide and that’s the fact right? 


Heck, this even brought up the comparison with upcoming acts like Naira Marley and Zlatan. 


Attention: scroll down then click on the blue button to download wonma song by Olamide. 


but then 2020 came and the release of Olamide rich and famous is about changing that narrative. 


So here is what you will be getting while you are here today… 


  • You will be able to download Wonma by Olamide mp3


  • I have created wonma by Olamide lyrics for you so you can follow it word for word


  • Heck, I even took it two steps further by embedding Olamide Wonma audio here for you


  • last but not the least you will be able to get my first-hand review of the song 


Who Wrote and Produce Olamide Wonma Lyrics 


Wonma Olamide lyrics was written by baddosneh aka Olamide (also baddo). 


The production was handled by popular producer Cracker


Okay, I know you are about saying 2019 wasn’t quiet like I reference at the very top of this post right? 


I know that he did songs like Seven and Pawon last year. but with his name, you know he was quiet. 


You did see the headies award right? 


Other than Fireboy from the label who got a nomination, I didn’t see anyone else. 


and I understand the music calendar which is why I think he was fairly quiet. 


but hey that’s just my opinion and between am still a huge fan of the singer. 


with that out of the way, here is the details of the Wonma mp3 track below. 


Song Title: Wonma


Artist: Olamide 


Producer: Cracker


Written by: Olamide 


Release Date: February 11, 2020


Nationality: Nigeria 


Olamide Wonma Mp3 Download 


As one of the richest musicians in Nigeria, I really don’t see Olamide stopping any time soon. 


If anything, his 2018 hit song Woske is enough to prove that the 31 years is becoming more unstoppable. 


Personally I love good songs that can make you dance away your worries. 


and I find that Olamide songs can just get you shaking your body even without you knowing. 


and I can it the Olamide’s effect… 


Anyways here is the Olamide Wonma mp3 here for you to download. 


Now, all you have to do is click the blue button below to download it. 

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Complete Wonma Lyrics Olamide 


You could say the beauty of being a Nigerian is that we can vibe to any sound around the world. 


This is provided the beat is something that we like. 


Olamide mostly sings in Yoruba but the tribe has become so popular that if you ain’t using it. then you are missing out on something really good. 


Today it’s become the norm for fans and viewers alike to resonate and try to learn the tribe. 


It’s not strange because it’s one of the predominant tribe in the country alongside Igbo and Hausa. 


with that said here is the Olamide Wonma lyrics… 


and I hope you really dial in this Olamide baddo wonma lyrics and Follow every lines. 



Hello, hello, hello, hello


Hello, hello, hello, hello

Cracker, Cracker….

O boy O boy

O boy O boy

O le te obinrin lo’run

O le te obinrin lo’run

To ba te obinrin lo’run

O le te ashana lo’run Wonma do

O ba gbe lo location, Wonma do

Fowo shey renovation, Wonma do

Ko fine bi ti Rihanna, Wonma do

K’epon eh dun bi banana, Wonma do

O ba mo jo bi Chris Brown, Wonma do

Fa koko bi Bobby Brown, Wonma do

Wa light eh biti lantern, Wonma do

Wa light e biti lantern, Wonma do

O ba fi ake kori, Wonma do

Oshey nkan osu o fun lori, Wonma do

To ba wu eh ko lo magun, Wonma do

Wa fun doggy ah lagun, Wonma do

O ba ma tete cum, Wonma do

O ba lo tramadol, Wonma do

O ba mo Shina Peller, Wonma do

Birthday gift ko ra Venza, Wonma do

O ba fresh bi ti Phyno, Wonma do

Ki Oko eh le bi ti diplo, Wonma do

O ba lowo bi Puppy, Wonma do

Gbe lo yankee fun shopping, Wonma do

Bo wu eh shey introduction, Wonma do

And so what? Pe eshey wedding, Wonma do

E ba do ra yin loyun, Wonma do

Two months after naming, Wonma do

Do do, Wonma do

Do do do, Wonma do

Lateyin biti doggy, Wonma do

Lati waju missionary, Wonma do

Standing ovation ni Kitchen, Wonma do

Touch your toe labe shower, Wonma do


Olamide Wonma Mp3 Download

Who are you? Wonma do

Iwo ti won ti do iyawo eh, Wonma do

Koto ka gidi bori, Wonma do

Biti fan Ndibuisi, Wonma do

Cold stone, o ba ra sharwarma, Wonma do

Ki kini abe eh dabi Cassava, Wonma do

Kun soju biti ta tike, Wonma do

Konta gba gbe bi sindigbe, Wonma do

O ba hot bi Aboniki, Wonma do

O ba mu ko ni sho nibi, Wonma do

Gbe sori bi irun Taribo, Wonma do

Pamukutu biti t‘Awilo, Wonma do

O‘n wa benz, Igba yen nko? Wonma do

With your 2 million, bata yen ko, Wonma do

iPhone X for attention, Wonma do

10k dols for her make up, Wonma do

Hello bros e ti sinwiri, Wonma do

ko‘n dry biti kilinshi, Wonma do

We dey tell you now you dey shagidi, Wonma do

Nitori pe o shey obo tintini, Wonma do

I love you, I love you, Wonma do

That one na for your pocket, Wonma do

O’n roko leyin office, Wonma do

O de’n shey biti novice, Wonma do

Before you jabulani, Wonma do

Sho mo pe o like boob biti Nanny, Wonma do

O gbe gbafun re dani, Wonma do

Oju kan were wo ladani, Wonma do

Sweety Potato, Wonma do

My honey, My honey, Wonma do

Awon aye akamara, Wonma do

Wa lo gbo bi Kampala, Wonma do

Wonma do, Wonma do,

Wonma do, Wonma do

Wonma do, Wonma do

Wonma do, Wonma do

E ma shey jeje oh, Wonma do

Wonma do, Wonma do

Awon eyan para, Wonma do

Wonma do, Wonma do


Review of The Song 


In as much as I love the present, the good old days are still one of my favorite era of music.


That’s because the likes of Psquare really thrilled us with certain iconic dance styles. 


With that said, here is SMCE rating guide for reviewing songs. 


  • Excellent – 5 stars 


  • Very Good – 4 stars 


  • Good – 3stars 


  • Fair – 2 stars 


  • Poor – 1 star 


Okay, I am still thinking where to rank all of this songs. but please give me 20 more minutes to listen on my beats by Dre. 


20 minutes gone by and here is my final take on this song. 


After listening to this song over and over again for the past 20 minutes. I can say it’s a great song. 


The producer did a great job with the production of the song. 


Overall it’s a nice song and it deserves 4.8-star ratings. 


The lyrics got me nodding all through while I was listening. 


Wrapping Things Up


You can’t just get enough of Naija artists seriously. 


From Davido to Wizkid Olamide, Mr P, Rudeboy and others, you almost could say music is engraved in this country. 


I want to hear from you! 


How would you rate Olamide Wonma lyrics? 


Leave me a comment below and I will be sure to follow up. 


Thanks for reading and show me some love by sharing on Facebook. 


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Mp3 Download: Olamide Wonma Lyrics
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Mp3 Download: Olamide Wonma Lyrics
Olamide wonma lyrics is sending Instagram hot hot. but just wait until you have to download Olamide Wonma mp3 to know why.
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