Rayvanny ft Innoss B Kelebe Lyrics (New Review Reaction)

Rayvanny ft Innoss B kelebe lyrics
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Last updated on December 25th, 2022 at 06:37 am

Rayvanny ft Innoss B kelebe lyrics is giving me the chills but don’t take my word for it, just enjoy Rayvanny kelebe here. 


When you have the like of Innoss’b on your track, you just know that’s going to be some hard hit. 


So what opportunity does Rayvanny kelebe lyrics present you? 


Well, the answer to that is a lot, as a matter of fact. 


Here we go! 


  • You will be able to follow kelebe by Rayvanny lyrics word for word 


  • Also, you will be able to stream kelebe audio here 


  • Stay with me because you will also get Rayvanny ft Inoss b kelebe video here


As you can see, you are not getting just one but 3 things done just by being here. 


Now that you are well aware of what this post brings you, come let’s get into kelebe lyrics by Rayvanny. 


Rayvanny ft Innoss B Kelebe Song


Innoss B have been making the headline since he featured Diamond Platnumz. 


That one song is currently one of the most viewed songs on YouTube in Africa currently


Click on the play button to watch kelebe by Rayvanny video now!

His presence on this feature shows you that he is currently a superstar that could have that positive effect on a song. 


If you ask me that’s one hell of a marketing strategy and don’t think anyone knows it better than Diamond. 


Ray on the other hand can’t just stop getting better each passing year and this song proves that. 


So here is what I want you to do… 

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Click on the sky blue button below to stream kelebe by Rayvanny. 

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[download id=”12467″]

but wait! There is more! 


I have Rayvanny ft Innoss B lyrics next for you so hold on for me will you? 


Complete Kelebe Lyrics Rayvanny 


Have you taken the time to listen to this track? 


I am honestly having a hard time figuring which I like best when I compared it to the featured of Nigerian superstar Kizz Daniel. 

Rayvanny kelebe lyrics

If you have listened to the track that Kizz was featured on then I doubt if you are having a hard time picking which one you love more. 


If you haven’t listened to either song then first listen to this here and then Rayvanny ft Kizz Daniel koroga. 

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With that said, here are Rayvanny kelebe lyrics, just enjoy it. 




Haya makelebe, haya makele

Haya makelebe, haya makele

Haya makelebe, haya makele

Haya makelebe, haya makele

VERSE 1 Innoss B

Dance for me will you make me spend my money

I watch you like a movie we demu ni balaa

Very very talented we dem ni balaaa



Dar es Salaam ayo (Ayoo ayoo)

Manna Congo ayo (Ayoo ayoo)

Yokobina ayo (Ayoo ayoo)


Ale moto mama kelebe, aya makelebe

Pace iko makelebe, aya makelebe

Jikune ma kelebe,  aya makelebe

Ananipa kelebe, aya makelebe

Oya kakatika kelebe, aya makelebe

Si jina kelebe, aya makelebe

Ati nyonga nyonge kelebe, aya makelebe

Kanipa kelebe,  aya makelebe

Nakashika nakakamata

Mpaka chini chini kanakikata

Akiwika nakapakata

Hadi chini chini nakakamata 

Rayvanny ft Innoss B kelebe mp3


Dar es Salaam ayo (Ayoo ayoo)

Bana Congo ayo (Ayoo ayoo)


Nacheza kibosi bosi

Usinishike we utanichafua

Basi toa leso

Jifute jasho hata kama kuna jua

Jifute jifute, jifute jifute

Jifute jifute

Ukichoka kushoto jifute kulia oo

Jifute jifute, jifute jifute

Jifute jifute

Faya warudishe shule 

A, E, I, O, U

A, E, I, I, O, U

Leta Mambo

Doni Fumbwe nasalimia mkubwa Fela


Who Produce and Wrote Rayvanny ft Innoss B kelebe Lyrics 


Who wrote this track? kelebe Rayvanny lyrics were written by Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa and Innocent Balume. 


Who produced this track? kelebe Rayvanny mp3 was produced by S2Kizzy. 

Rayvanny ft Innoss B kelebe lyrics

Music in the modern-day makes you super-rich and with a net worth of $600,000, Raymond is definitely enjoying the wealth that comes with it


So what else have you missed? Well, not much but here are a few. 


Song Title: kelebe 


Artists: Rayvanny ft Inoss B 


Producer: S2Kizzy


Album: Sound From Africa


Written By: Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa and Innocent Balume


Release Date: 2021


Nationality: Tanzania 


Reaction & Review Of This Song 


I want you to tell me what you think of this track off the album. 


but wait


Your time will come in the comment section, for now, let me give you my thoughts. 


I believe this track will garner more views with a video especially if there is a dance step for it. 


The lyrics of kelebe is crazy lit and while I feel kelebe could mean butterfly in Turkey, I feel this may have a different meaning. 


Having said that, the production of this track is beautiful and you just can’t hate it. 


Overall this is an amazing song and I am going to give it a 5-star rating. 




Look, you don’t always have to agree with my ratings because music appeals to people in different ways. 


I try as much as possible to express it the way it makes me feel. 


So if you have not downloaded this track then please do and reach a decision too. 


Over to you


How would you rate Rayvanny ft Inoss B kelebe lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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