Rudeboy Chizoba Lyrics (New Mp3 Download & Review)

Rudeboy Chizoba Lyrics

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Rudeboy chizoba lyrics is one hell of a soul touching song. but don’t take my word for it until you download Rudeboy chizoba mp3 here. 


I love how their breakup was a blessing in disguise. I know you are probably thinking I am a witch right at this point right? 


But I am not! 


I noticed that the separation of Psquare gave you and me two distinct sounds to listen to.


How do I mean? 


Mr P sings on a whole new different sound, Rudeboy on the other is giving you and I. the very best of what he does better than anyone. 


You are tempted to ask what is that right? 


It’s the music of course…


Anyways here is what you will get from today’s post. 


  • You will be able to follow chizoba by rudeboy lyrics word for word 


  • You will be able to stream rudeboy chizoba audio 


  • I know you would love to download chizoba by rudeboy mp3 so i have made it available too


  • Finally, I have put together my own review of this song and am positive you will love it 


Attention: scroll down then click on the blue button to download chizoba song by Rudeboy. 


Who Wrote and Produce Rudeboy Chizoba Lyrics 


Chizoba Rudeboy lyrics was written by Paul Okoye of the defunct Psquare group. 


The production was handled by no other than the reason with me hitmaker Lordsky.

Ex Psquare Duo Rudeboy

After the 2017 split of Psquare, you and I have seen a wonderful display of talent from two brothers.


Arguably one of the best performances from these two includes songs like one more night and songs like double double.


The truth is you can’t talk about Rudeboy and not talk about Mr P. 

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I can’t explain that but that is just how it is because both were the best in the country at some point. 


Both still doing their thing no doubt and finding out both are still one of the wealthiest in the music industry today is a plus. 


I mean whenever a new list of richest artists in the continent is released. I pride myself in knowing that they aren’t both in the top 50.


Here is a complete detail of chizoba mp3.


Song Title: Chizoba 


Artist: Rudeboy 


Producer: Lordsky


Release Date: 2017


Nationality: Nigerian


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Mp3 Download: Rudeboy Chizoba Lyrics
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Mp3 Download: Rudeboy Chizoba Lyrics
Rudeboy chizoba lyrics is one hell of a soul touching song. but don't take my word for it until you download Rudeboy chizoba mp3 here. 
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