Mp3 Download: Sarkodie Down on One Lyrics ft Fuse Odg

Sarkodie down on one mp3 download

There are only very few musicians who can deliver hit consistently in the African music industry. 


I would include the name of Sarkodie on my list of top 50 best musicians in Africa right now. 


Now if you have listened Sarkodie down on one lyrics then you know, best still is you can download Sarkodie down on one mp3 here now. 


but before you and I get somewhat deeper into Sarkodie ft Fuse Odg down on one lyrics, here is what today’s post will cover. 


  • You will be able to download down on one mp3 by Sarkodie 


  • I have embedded Sakodie down on one audio so you can stream it 


  • You will also be able to follow down on one by Sarkodie lyrics word for word 


  • Finally, I will air my personal thoughts on this track so stay with me 


Now that you know what this post will cover, come let us go further. 


Sarkodie Down On One Mp3 Download 


I have to confess I am not a huge fan of hip hop honestly. 


You can say I more of the blues kind of guy but after listening to a couple of hip hop track, I have to say I like the genre. 


Yesterday I was listening to Sarkodie rap attack mp3, so much love I have for that track. 

Sarkodie down on one lyrics

A couple of songs has made me love hip hop but one of the songs that have cemented that love will be the above song. 


Now for you, it will be something different because everyone has their own moment you know. 


Hip hop has made lot of musicians really rich, you can very well include the name of Sarkodie in Africa’s list. 

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Heck, you can also include him in Ghana’s rich singers’ list currently because other than Okyeame, I don’t see anyone richer. 

Download “Down On One” Sarkodie-Down-on-One.mp3 – Downloaded 453 times –

Now download down on one song by Sarkodie ft Fuse Odg below. 


What is next? 


I have Sarkodie ft Fuse Odg down on one lyrics next for you. 


Complete Down On One Lyrics Sarkodie 


I like to say that a lot of Sarkodie’s choice of feature in his songs has made him quite a wealthy man. 


If you doubt me then read this article I wrote comparing Sarkodie and Shatta Wale net worth


The difference is enough to show you that Sarkodie is leading by a good margin. 

down on one Sarkodie lyrics

Individually I like to say he is a really complete artist but when he collabs, he gets even better. 


Now did you stream the song above? If your answer is yes then here is Sarkodie down on one lyrics. 




[Intro: Sarkodie]


Ah, what else, now, aba, hahahaha

You know say money no be problem

What, let’s go


[Verse 1: Sarkodie]


M3n gya me h) k) fa boy fufr)

Nia me de b3 gya wo anka mede b3 gye wo sutr)

Wo da ma kuma su nti me tuma tiwo su bu)

Edwuma nu di3 saa mene maa dudu)

I don’t wanna remenise how we use to be

I don’t think you even know what you mean to me

Wo y3 me nyum anka daa wo y3 me new release

I miss you and you be my new desease

Wo gya me h)a m3 wo you be my prove for life

S3 wo nka me hua me i no go fit survive

Me tu kuai d3bia i no dey see you type

Realy wanna see your face make we meet for skype

Odo ma me do wo fis3 wo y3 me mmpina

Wo p3s33 y3 groa wo di3 ma adehye na

Me hy3 wo safoa bu nsuo fa hama

Na y3 br3a na y3 tuwa su pentula, lets go


[Hook: Fuse ODG]


Said i won’t to meet your mama, hoheee

And i won’t to meet your papa, hoheee you make me wanna

Go down on one nini

Go down down down on one nini he




H3w) s3 y3 b3 y3 domdoo

Anaa s3 y3 komu born one

Na kuma bu di3 m3 nua nu s33 konko

S3 me my wo bone kraa, i dey long run

Me na me looosy nti ma wo y3 princess

Wo do nu si m3 ne su tis3 rebance

Wo ti masi anka ma mawo baaku

Anka s3s3mreyi 3hy3 wo y3fumu eight months

Shordy make i no dey fit talk

H)b) me din aa na me bu adwu

  1. H) gya me h) agye s33 four tout

B3y3 busum hw3 s3na woama me wr3 awu

Korle Bu di3 m3da one day

Cus makuma ak) de wo rough

Me ti ne nnka p3 na bribi y3 makuma

Gyena …


[Hook:Fuse ODG]


Said i won’t to meet your mama, hoheee

And i won’t to meet your papa, hoheee you make me wanna

Go down on one nini

Go down down down on one nini he


[Verse3:Fuse ODG]


Started with the hard, this is on the low

Wooo my baby go low

And i will be on the hard, started from the my go low

Heee now bring you back up

She call me on the hard even on the low

Wooo my baby go low

Why when i say goodbye, she all wonna hold

I no dey care what they realy want say

She got the goo pon goo, yeah yeah

Dem seal it like a on glue

We never beyond the go

So baby come back woyeee then she turn arround then i told her


[Hook:Fuse ODG]


Said i won’t to meet your mama, hoheee

And i won’t to meet your papa, hoheee you make me wanna

Go down on one nini

Go down down down on one nini he




Eveybody let’s go, let’s go, let’s go

let’s go come on now let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go

Eveybody let’s go, let’s go, it’s Kill beatz


Who Produce and Wrote Sarkodie ft Fuse Odg Down On One Lyrics 


Who wrote down on one lyrics? down on one Sarkodie lyrics was written by Fuse Odg and Sarkodie. 


Who produced down on one mp3? down on one Sarkodie mp3 was produced by KillBeatz. 

Sarkodie down on one mp3 download

What  Fuse Odg brings to the table whenever he collabs is just unique to him. 


No doubt you could feel every flow and every word spat keeps you entertained and glued to the sound. 


I Iisten to songs from all around the world, so trust me when I say Fuse Odg is the real deal. 


Now here are some details you probably missed while reading this article. 


Song Title: down on one


Artists:Fuse Odg and Sarkodie


Producer: KillBeatz


Written By: Sarkiide8 & Fuse Odg 


Release Date: 10th October 2013


Nationality: Ghana 


Review of The Song 


I believe featuring an artist is one thing but then knowing the right artist to feature is another. 


Other than ex Nigeria music duo Psquare I like to think that the next person that knows how to feature artists is Sarkodie. 


Okay Diamond Platnumz is also one artist that knows how to select his feature too. 


I believe this has also helped Sarkodie to shot up the ranking when we talk about best artists in Ghana


I love this track, I love the lyrics and the production is everything that you can imagine. 


The time put into it makes it worthwhile. Overall this track deserves my 4.8 star rating. 




Sarkodie ft Fuse Odg down on one lyrics adds to my list of lyrics I favor but it isn’t top 10 in any way. 


Now here is what you can do scroll back up then enjoy this track or just download it to your device. 


Over to you! 


How would you rate Sarkodie down on one lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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