Sarkodie ft EL Dangerous Lyrics [Mp3 Download & Video]

Sarkodie Dangerous Lyrics

Look I have to say Sarkodie is no doubt one of the best musicians to hail from Ghana. 


Sarkodie ft EL dangerous lyrics never get old? if you don’t believe me then download Sarkodie dangerous mp3 below to find out. 


I find myself listening to this track and other of his songs constantly because it resonates with me. 


Now before you and I get deep down into Sarkodie dangerous lyrics, here is what this post covers. 


  • You will be able to download dangerous mp3 by Sarkodie 


  • I have made it easy for you to stream Sarkodie dangerous audio with just the click of a button


  • You will also be able to follow dangerous by Sarkodie lyrics word for word 


  • Lastly, my short review comes at the end of this post 


Now come let’s dive into dangerous lyrics by Sarkodie, shall we? 


Sarkodie ft EL Dangerous Mp3 Download 


Do you know one crazy habit I have developed over the years? (well for some this will sound crazy). 


I have this funny habit of waking up at 12 am in the night and then go straight to my parlor and play some cool songs. 

My phone connected to my LG woofer makes it easy to skim through my list of songs. 


and when I hit that play button all my songs could play for 1 week continuously without stopping. 


That’s how crazy I am about listening to songs you know. 


The only sad part I feel is that my only brother who wanted to become a musician was discouraged. 


If not by now, he should be a millionaire like the rest of Sarkodie, Davido, and Wizkid


Now click the play button to stream this song and the sky blue button to download dangerous song by Sarkodie

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So what now! 

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Well, I have Sarkodie ft EL dangerous lyrics for you next. 


Complete Dangerous Lyrics Sarkodie 


The life of musicians intrigues me a lot, which is why every once a while I love to party. 


I want to experience for myself the freedom that musicians feel whenever they go out. 

Sarkodie Sarkodie ft EL Dangerous Lyrics

but heck I am no musician so I really don’t know what it feels like being one. 


All I know is that I hate my life being so public like it is with celebrities and musicians. 


In as much as I hate the publicity, I have to say I like the money that comes with it. 


Heck Sarkodie is worth more than 4,000,000 million US dollars you know. 


I know what you are thinking so just skip it because everybody loves money. Now here is Sarkodie dangerous lyrics. 



all right, now

Ohemaa wo dier forgety yawa nu na b3 sin na mi kywi ma wo

what else

charlie beat nie

you know say money no be problem

ishona music

whatelse. mpw

next time

3ti wo s3n

what else

this is the re-fix

all right so are you ready


nti selasi hwu ti minka akyɛi

wo tumi mpo nka sɛɛ daku bia wo ni kabuki bɛ sra mi

bronya nɛɛ bai adofu kasɛ hɔɔ sɔ adofu nsa wo pɛ mi, e hia mi

shaskele na wo di mi life hɛɛ bɔ

yoo anadwo bia hu mi titibɔtɔ3

dangbele bia w) otwaa mia man kɔ

abena midi makuma fitaa humi mɔbɔ

how many times na mabɔ nhwer3ma afrɛ wo

ɛnyɛ mia na midi nkrantiɛ brɛ wo

yɛɛ bɔ mpayɛ mi baa mɛ wu nu hɔ sɛ wo

ma tɔ mpabua dɛi na min fa nyɛ wo

susu kywi ma suuoo na mi nika mu wɔ mrɛ

abena mafi wo ooo na wo fi mia hɛyɛa frɛ

agwigwi bɛku mioo na nya mi hu abutrɛ

masu hɛ su hɛ su ama mi live mpo trɛ

hɛtɔ debia hɛwiyasi nsɛm

sɛ mi kasɛ mɛdi hɛ kyria nka gi mi num alafia

mi hyia wo na hɛsiwa pampam

agushi ni geene shawo mɛko ni tswapia

nansu ma pupu miti na mi pɛ wo saa

fisɛ na mi hywɛ wo yɛ diɛa wo yɛ ɔbaa

nti bɔni bɛi mi hu yɛ wo hi anaa

nti obi dɔ ba na wo tiiti nu saa nu


you are in trouble if you carry go

hɔ bɛ num hwu so say you know

say she be dangerous serious

dangerous serious X2

dangerous carry dey go


hu hywɛ sɛna girl yi shape ti amadaa

hɔ nantia na heemu free show amadaa

ni nantuɔ a bubɔ tisɛɛ kose amadaa

goo wo di busumi aka twia bɛ carry amadaa

gai ni body nu a kyia sɛɛ pomoa amadaa

girl ni mu wɔ dɛ sɛɛ cocoa amadaa

wo gai wo huaa boys bɛ sɛi muoo amadaa

wo di busumi aka twia b3 carry min daada wo


you are in trouble if you carry go

hɔ bɛ num hwu so say you know

say she be dangerous serious

dangerous serious X2

dangerous carry dey go


Sarkodie Dangerous Lyrics

girl nu w) taata mia na wɔ tiiti mi peace

wɔ mami twa mi maa school fees

but i refuse to be broke like r2bees

wɔ di ma katwia kɔ akɔ ywi brodo ni cheese

hɛ hɔkɔ ywi brodo ni cheese

mi diɛ ma gimi na mɛ ywi gari ni beans

hɛɛ na mɛ ywi gari ni beans

nti mi diɛ ma gimi na mɛ ywi gari ni beans

nyɛ mu na mu sii miyɛ adiɛ

ma sɛi bɛkwi konogu ni kɔ pim tardi

sakumono ni labadi

mi hu ayɛ nywam sɛɛ miyaki

hɔkɔ wyi brodo ni cheese

mi diɛ ma gimi na mɛ ywi gari ni beans

ga ga ga ga gari mi beans

mi diɛ ma gimi na mɛ ywi gari ni beans


you are in trouble if you carry go

hɔ bɛ num hwu so say you know

say she be dangerous serious

dangerous serious 2x

dangerous carry dey go


Who Produce and Wrote Sarkodie ft EL Dangerous Lyrics 


Ghana’s music industry has grown so big that by 2025 it can be worth 50 Billion dollars in market value. 


Now that’s a lot of money and young Ghanian musicians are realizing the need to capitalize on this market stat. 

Sarkodie Sarkodie ft EL Dangerous mp3 download

Heck Sarkodie is listed as some of the wealthiest musicians in Ghana according to a post here on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment. 


So who wrote dangerous lyrics? Dangerous Sarkodie lyrics was written by Sarkodie and EL. 


Who produced dangerous mp3? Dangerous Sarkodie mp3 was produced by ????. 


Look EL is an amazing guy and whenever he collabs with Sark I can almost feel that unending magic. 


Still, looking for some details? Here are some for your eyes only. 


Song Title: Dangerous 


Artist: Sarkodie and EL 


Producer: ????


Written By: Sarkodie & EL


Release Date: 2015


Nationality: Ghana 


Review of This Song 


I can’t tell you how amazing it is when you work with great artists. 


Sarkodie has had the privilege of working with some really great artists you know. 


I mean I recently listened to Sarkodie you go kill me, what a beautiful song. 


The entirety of his career has been littered with some beautiful collaborations. 


So what is my thought about this song? 


Well, I have to say the lyrics were wild and catchy, it almost gives you an insight into how the singer sees the world. 


EL on the other hand was just phenomenal to be honest no wonder Sark favored having him on this track. 


Overall it’s a crazy, lovely song and one that deserves a 4.8-star rating. 




Sarkodie ft EL dangerous lyrics is among my personal playlist of his best songs. 


and if you haven’t listened to this track then you need to because it is an amazing song. 


Now it’s over to you assuming you streamed this song here. 


How would you rate Sarkodie’s dangerous lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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