Sarkodie ft Kuami Eugene Happy Day Lyrics [Mp3 Download & Video]

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Sarkodie ft Kuami Eugene happy day lyrics

Sarkodie ft Kuami Eugene happy day lyrics make me go wow and the best thing is you can download Sarkodie happy day mp3 here.


When you live and breathe music then every lyric you spit could become the next big thing.


So far Sark has proven to the whole of Ghana while he claims his spot among the best in Ghana.


Now before you and I get into the details of Sarkodie happy day lyrics, here is what today’s post will bring.


  • You will be able to download happy day song by Sarkodie


  • If you love videos then you are in luck because I have Sarkodie happy day video here too


  • I have also embed Sarkodie happy day audio here so that you can stream it


  • Finally, you will find happy day by Sarkodie lyrics here too


Now that you have an idea all to get from this post, come let’s dive right into happy day lyrics by Sarkodie.


Sarkodie Happy Day Mp3 Download


I enjoy listening to Sark as a musician and every time I do this he wows me.


The only musician from Africa that holds such magic is Rudeboy of now-defunct group Psquare.


The latter and Sarkodie did a song together and it was titled lucky, it was a wonderful track by way.

Click on the play button to watch happy day Sarkodie video.


If you have even an atom of doubt then check out Sarkodie ft Rudeboy lucky mp3 here.


I am positive you will love that song…

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Now here is what I want you to do, click on the sky blue button below to download Sarkodie happy day ft Kaumi Eugene.

Download “Happy Day” Sarkodie-Happy-Day.mp3 – Downloaded 384 times – 4 MB

So what is next?


In a nutshell, I have Sarkodie happy day lyrics next, so you really should stick with me and find out everything you need to know.


Complete Happy Day Lyrics Sarkodie


Sarkodie happens to be among the top singers in Africa right now and Ghana is loving every bit of it.


Who knows even at this rate he could easily pick another much-coveted BET award just he did the last time.


Music is meant to be enjoyed and the riches that come with singing are just an added bonus.

Sarkodie ft Kuami Eugene happy day MP3

Sarkodie is the 3rd richest musician in Ghana before the pandemic broke out and it’s looking to remain so after the year runs out.


So what is this track all about?


Well, happy day is a song that shows gratitude for how far he has come in the music industry.


Last I checked he made Shoutmeceleb list of top 50 richest musicians in Africa as of 2020.


So really there is everything to be grateful for if you listened to the track.


Now here is the Sarkodie ft Kuami Eugene happy day lyrics, do enjoy it.




Ha, now

Another one

What else?

Ha, yeah


It’s a beautiful brand new day

Ma sendi nyankopon WhatsApp woe readi obɜ reply Tuesday

Medaso tse nkwa mu ah menwu, yi diɜ dah be the taste of grace

Ose me sobolo na menom no obɜ no Ace of Space

Me nhyira no I for create some space cos e get some weight borga ma weni gye

Omoa omo fi sɜ sika mba won sam dano yia ka ma omontse

Sɜ yɜsum nyame bia nimpa bia ntsumi nye ne mbɜyɜ twe ma men twe

Wo bↄ mpayɜ wie ah niɜ aka ne diɜ kↄda na adenkye

Nana nyame sɜ menhyira ne si gya soa ma ase nhye na mepɜ kanzo


[Kuami Eugene]


Everybody give Glory Yesu eh wo do me ehh meni nↄↄni

Father why me see your baby ntsi odo bɜn nie

Joy joy joy

I dey give you praise oh bra, oh bra, oh bra, ooh

Joy joy joy

You deserve all the Glory bra, oh bra, oh bra, ooh




You know I used to put the blame on God

Na me maame tↄn folse but still ah nan mepre Tom Ford

Afei na mehu nia onyame ayɜ ama me no I for try comport

Cos madamfo ah na oyɜ dada bee ne maame nene papa wobi ɜndɜ oton jot

Owia adiɜ mayɜ kyene wↄ port Makai mede gya ah emu ohye na egu aban so

But mpanyinifoc nso ka asem bi sɜ onipa dasɜni bia ho wↄ nan nso

Nyɜ se mene aban no wↄ wentwi wentwi

Na sɜ dumsor ba yɜ na me ka yia inflation koraa so mebↄↄso

Ntsi ndɜ sɜ meda kaniam na menba bɜkↄ skuul free dia ɜnie metu kyɜ mamo

Monfa mebone nkyɜme nana toa so

Sarkodie happy day lyrics

[Kuami Eugene]


Everybody give Glory Yesu eh wo do me ehh meni nↄↄni

Father why me see your baby ntsi odo bɜn nie

Joy joy joy

I dey give you praise oh bra, oh bra, oh bra, ooh

Joy joy joy

You deserve all the Glory bra, oh bra, oh bra, ooh


Charley bu nkoto dwe na kↄ mpaebom

Ebia na bibi wↄ hoa wopɜsɜ ONyame sisa wↄ wabrabom

Obra neyɜ skuu ah anka onupka nka woaka wↄ syto

Forgetti nipa no adↄyɜ bi na wobɜ yɜ ah yia yɜno wↄ odom

Omo pɜsɜ yɜdamu dekↄ owuom buh omo nnim diɜ ɜwom cos yɜbɜ paape

Na ya starti edi asa bone nkum assase

Twa wonaase na woa paasi negativity call ba na woa cuti

Awuo na ɜmba ohema dawgi to wadwen mu na kↄda nyame bɜ sorti

Nia yehowa ahyehyɜ da wenim n masa sɜ weni bↄso paa one time wo bɜ shocki


Ye kuye da nasu ye wu

You see the vibe adey control

And now the blessings dey yflow yeah, oh ooh

Thank you meradi Yesu

Sɜ woamba mu diaa mɜnda nhwɜ menua baamo

Thank you meradi Yesu

Sɜ woamba mu diaa mɜnda nhwɜ menua baamo

Rock star

Joy joy joy

I dey give you praise oh bra, oh bra, oh bra, ooh


The Battle is still the Lord’s

Joy joy joy

You deserve all the Glory bra, oh bra, oh bra, ooh


Who Produce and Wrote Sarkodie Ft Kuami Eugene Happy Day Lyrics


Who wrote happy day lyrics? Happy day Sarkodie lyrics was written by Kuami Eugene and the founder of Sarkcess record label Sarkodie.


Who produced happy day mp3? Happy day Sarkodie mp3 was produced by MOG.

Sarkodie ft Kuami Eugene happy day lyrics

A couple of months ago I was listening to Sarkodie ft Burnaboy special someone, you could just feel the originality in the air.


Plus it’s usually a lot more fun when Naija meets Ghana, the vibe is just a huge bromance with lots of respect.


Plus his features have really made him a popular face in the continent while he doubles his net worth yearly.


Now here are some details you may have missed…


Song Title: Happy Day


Artists: Sarkodie & Kuami Eugene


Producer: MOG


Written By: Kuami Eugene & Sarkodie


Released Date: 2nd November 2020


Nationality: Ghana


Review Of The Song


This track is everything I would have hoped for a new year you know, although I am glad it dropped in 2020.


The lyrics of happy day by Sarkodie explore that joyful theme while taking into account what the journey has been so far.


It’s one good direction to take your music especially in a time when it seemed like the world is going to end after the pandemic outbreak.


Now, I love the production of this track to be fair, you could feel every instrumental, and every ounce of adlib.


Happy day Sarkodie video took it to another level with the crisp and soul-soothing video.


My favorite scene was the sunny day and the blue sky.


Overall it was an amazing song and that deserves a 5-star rating.




Whether it’s hip hop, RnB, soul, heck even bongo, the continent has it all.


It is blessed with all this genre which is why Africa is that continent every person around the world should visit.


Now it’s over to you!


How would you rate Sarkodie ft Kuami Eugene happy day lyrics?


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