Sarkodie ft Vic Mensa Vibration Lyrics (New Review Reaction)

Sarkodie ft Vic Mensa vibration lyrics
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Last updated on May 19th, 2023 at 05:14 pm

Sarkodie ft Vic Mensa vibration lyrics has me wowing because of the awesomeness and you can enjoy Sarkodie vibration on YouTube here.


When I listen to the debate of who the best rappers in Africa are, I am always like Sark is very much up there. 


So if you want to listen to a quality song from one of the best musicians in Ghana then journey with me as I take you down to it. 


but before you and I dive into Sarkodie vibration lyrics, here is what you will get from today’s post. 


  • You will be able to flow with vibration by Sarkodie lyrics word for word. 


  • You will also be able to watch vibration by Sarkodie video here too.


  • I have also embedded this track here so you can stream it, so you will get that too. 


Now that you know what you will get from this post, come let’s dive right into vibration lyrics by Sarkodie. 


Sarkodie ft Vic Mensa Vibration Song


I can’t say this enough but Vic has been milked a lot since finding his way back home. 


Almost every artist in Ghana has recorded a song with him since coming to Ghana. 


Click on the play button below to watch Sarkodie vibration video now!

It’s a beautiful thing and every single one of those songs have done really well. 


Sarkodie is not just one of the most popular musicians in Africa, he is also one of the richest artists in the continent, right? 


Well, that’s true coupled with the fact that he is one of the most decorated Ghanaian artists as well as the top 50 richest in Ghana


You definitely could say with such a profile, he could collaborate with any super star in the African music industry. 


and seeing how he chooses to work with Mensa, am sure gave him that sense of gratitude towards his own countryman. 


but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here so here is what I want you to do… 

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Click on the sky blue button below to stream vibration by Sarkodie. 

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So what is next? 


Well, I have vibration by Sarkodie ft Vic Mensa lyrics next for you so come on, tag along. 


Complete Vibration Lyrics Sarkodie 


I am always super pumped when I hear new music dropping especially when it’s Fridays, you know. 


This is because on Fridays every one is heading into the weekend expecting to get that break from the whole crazy week. 


This is why songs tend to do well on such days. 

Sarkodie ft Vic Mensa Vibration Mp3 Download

Having said that, here is a quick question for you. 

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What are your favorite quotable lyrics of this song? 


I would love to hear your thoughts so please do leave a comment below. 


With that said here is vibration Sarkodie ft Vic Mensa lyrics, do enjoy. 


Vic Mensa 

Every day bless says my vibration 

Smell like when she like my fragrance 

Big chain big man big vibration 

Cause we made it 

That’s a celebration 

Sarkodie Verse 1

aahn m’ahy3 da na mama mo low gab

Did it on purpose 

Anytime I hear myself rap 

I get a little nervous 

omo diss na omo dey hate back 

So they can sell records 

No matter what you do 

I am still Sark 

ooo am so reckless 

Tema boy a mede rap no ako Las Vegas 

3hefa na mode no nwom ako du 

come tell us 

chale me am always at the top memp3 last 

3y3 mes3 moaf3 ne me mo nk checki intervals 

Mo tw3n me s3 m3 loose n!ggas

I was born a winner 

Mo firi s3 m’awie 

I am warming up to dinner 

I will be going hard like I am a f**king beginner 

Ohemaa forgetti boy no hop in the bimmer let’s go 

n!ggas don’t kill my vibe 

Omo firise pressure b3ma nnipa a coile 

n!ggas we still outside 

Everybody wanna see a n!ggas go down 

but you ain’t gonna touch my pride 

Mas3 3ba no rap a nobody be like me 

I will be killing them till I die 

Illest n!ggas relax 

Say they wan stop me I doubt that 

Take a little break then I bounce back 

3ba no Ghana rapper I am a f**king old desk 

For the 10 yrs I was only doing sound check 

I put my heart in this and n!gga be doing the worse 

Omo se m’akye but who be pulling in the work 

Life too short gaddammit 

Tes3 Drake space ode maa lil Durk haaa


Vic Mensa Chorus 

Oooh! Everyday bless says my vibration ey

I can’t waste my time with waste men

Thumb full in war smell lie web shid

Like my fragrance porshe cayenne

Pull it up pull it up with vibrations

Shake the block big chain big man, big vibration

Pop up everyday like in vacation

Cus we made it that’s a celebration


Vic Mensa Verse 2

It’s going down ey

Send a bottle of jam beside

Yo table I’m passing around ey

This is a head I got Sarkodie back on a mount

I use to ride on a bus

I got a passengers looking at me now

I feel like the mayor when I’m in Accra

We dey run up the town

Also assigned in jollo, it’s cracking in Nima was bragging 

I might pull up in Burma with all of the stakes

You would thinks I was capping

Me and M dot and M dot days we speeding

We matching yeah

I’m getting payed everday daily paper my passion

International calls to all of my dawgs

I’ts locked through New York

They behind bars living through my bars

They just wanna see me shine I’m a star

I got brothers they wanna see me a dead man

I feel like mufasa and Scar

You look like you ain’t be getting no bread man

You n!gga been counting your cards

I have been ignoring but I had a star

Money vanished like a summer rush

I was down bad damn it in front

Selling pounds and cracking em cards

Polo Beach club we in a VIP

Shout outs to smallgod, yo we lit

Joey Lin from Chicago to the Zongo

Chale come meet up with jour vague


Vic Mensa Chorus 

Oooh! Everyday bless says my vibration ey

I can’t waste my time with waste men

Thumb full in war smell like when like my fragrance Porsche cayenne

Pull it up pull it up with vibrations

Shake the block big chain big man, big vibration

Pop up every day like in vacation

Cus we made it that’s a celebration.


Who Produced & Wrote Sarkodie ft Vic Mensa Lyrics 

Who wrote this song? vibration Sarkodie lyrics were written by Michael Owusu Addo and Victor Kwesi Mensah. 


Who produced this track? It was produced by nonother than DaMaker. 

Sarkodie vibration lyrics

Sark’s wealth has continued to grow due to his entrepreneurial experiences over the years. 


I mean Sarkodie net worth is currently estimated to be more than $6 million. 


That is simply huge and with that kind of money and endorsement deals pouring in from left and right, you would think he will slow down, right? 


Well, ask some of the wealthy people if they slowed down after becoming billionaires. 


I am sure their answers would be NO! 


Having said that, here are some details you may have missed while skimming through this post. 


Song Title: vibration 


Artists: Sarkodie feat Vic Mensa 


Producer: DaMaker


Written By: Michael Owusu Addo and Victor Kwesi Mensah


Release Date: 9th July 2021 


Nationality: Ghana 


Reaction & Review Of The Song 

By all means, this is a monster beauty from both artists.


Judging from how many hit songs that Vic has collaborated in since coming to Ghana, it was kind of easy to tell this was going to be good. 


So I had no doubt about it! 


The lyrics were cool and Sarkodie ft Vic Mensa vibration video was beautiful as well. 


I was thrilled by the video director because he got all the small details right. 


The producer of this song was also amazing and I love every little nugget that went into this track. 


No Pressure is already one of the biggest projects from Ghana in 2021, no cap! 


Overall it’s a 5 stars rating for me. 




Sarkodie is an amazing talent despite singing in his local language Twi. 


That has never been a barrier for the singer and he continues to shine that light on why he has opt to remain rapping in his local dialect. 


If this is your first song of the rapper then perhaps let me point to where you can get more. 


Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more Sarkodie songs. 


With that said it’s over to you now! 


How would you rate Sarkodie ft Vic Mensa vibration lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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