Sarkodie Illuminati Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

Sarkodie Illuminati mp3 download

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Ever vibed to Sarkodie Illuminati lyrics? Well if your answer is NO then you can download Sarkodie Illuminati mp3 here today. 


Only a few singers make it to stardom and keep the calm head you know. 


Sarkodie ranks high on this very list you know. but before you and I get down into Illuminati lyrics by Sarkodie, here is what today’s post brings. 


  • You will be able to follow Illuminati by Sarkodie lyrics word for word 


  • You will be able to download Illuminati mp3 by Sarkodie 


  • If you love videos, then you can also watch Sarkodie Illuminati video here 


  • I made you a short review at the end of this post make sure you see it 


Now come let’s get you fast on track to stream Sarkodie Illuminati audio


Sarkodie Illuminati Mp3 Download 


In the early 2000s, I wasn’t a big fan of hip hop but that changed in the early 2010s.


and the likes of MI and Sarkodie were among the reasons I changed. 

Funny enough today the above two names are among the richest musicians from the continent of Africa


Click the play button to watch Illuminati Sarkodie video.


You Could almost say maybe I saw something in them that made me stuck with the hip hop genre. 

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If you have listened to Sarkodie devil in me, then you know this guy spits some really hurt lyrics. 


Now here is what I want you to do, click on the sky blue button to download Illuminati by Sarkodie mp3. 

Download “Illuminati” Sarkodie-Illuminati.mp3 – Downloaded 706 times –

So what is next for you? 


I have Sarkodie Illuminati lyrics next for you, now come let’s dive in. 


Complete Illuminati Lyrics Sarkodie 


My Ghanaian friends said the reasons they love Sarkodie was because he is original and true to the hustle. 


Well, that’s just putting it mildly, to say the least, I mean respecting the hustle has helped Sarkodie to grow his net worth

Sarkodie Illuminati lyrics

Now here is a question for you? 


When you hit the play button above to stream this song, what part of the lyrics didn’t you get? 

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I ask because I have taken the time to write the lyrics of Illuminati for you. 


Now all you have to do is follow the lyrics gradually while you are on your headphone. 


and here is Illuminati Sarkodie lyrics for you…. 




Arhh, yeah, ahah, arhh



Verse 1


Yo, tia First na monka masem, fis3 na meni bi

Enn3 cash aba nti mob3 fr3 me illuminati

Sorry, moany3 lucky on my way to grammy

Mako join group wae anka men push bugatti

Me i think its funny, cuz i keep on making money

Tw3diampon no blessing reflect tis3 tsunami

DJ Mensah, Kess ne Giovanni

Nyankopon se 3ma men shaky walking through the valley

You believe in Juju i believe in power

Kristofo) a mo doubt Nyame, mo gyedia mu3ha s3 asaawa

Nyame tw3n me heaven, i dont have to give up

Moa mosei me din no, monni vim, you better speak up

Me swag, me chemistry, me flow, y3 legendry

3mfa soho 3ncompare Sarkodie cuz im da best youve ever seen

Me style especially me hustle, me courtesy

Ma bri me mogya anim a hustle afe3 die33 mose mey3 illuminati




Afe3 die33 omo se sarkodie oy3 illuminati



Verse 2


Te3, hw3 pause beat no second

I think its controversial

Baileys fo) contacti me, omo p3 commercial

Half a milli, for me, never

Afei die33 oma double up, next time, better

The Lord is still my shepherd, aponkye biara nni crossing

Mo feel s3 m3 speed up, still mehu no s3 trotting

Sammy Forson, you better do the talking

Ma moo nti ase3 cash ahe a me spendi just on shopping

Mey3 mason koraa aka meny3 free, i swear walaahi

Mey3 illuminati anka mentu nkotina Hawaii

Nyankopon ni makoky3m, me mefr3 no daddy

Nti daa me praisi Yesu still aa mose mey3 illuminati

Sarkodie Illuminati mp3 download



Afe3 die33 omo se sarkodie oy3 illuminati

Te3, afe3 moti me ni aa na moti pai mo


Verse 2


Nti mey3 bonsam, s3 modi nkra no

Akoma moadanfo fo)

Aba no saa no, s3 mo de3 adwen fen nti Nyame nhyira mo

3ny3 mo na mo hw3 me nti montumi nkyere me foko

Mofeeli me style, me flow ne me shoto

Mop3 s3 mo claimi 3nso mona moni kobo

Moni no be problem, 3no eni me moto

3ny3 mona me nia medi nti woka meho as3m aa, menka no by force

Omo si Obidi y3 illuminati, gya rough

Y3 di Nyame so ne titi me

Nti na me ba stage aa, me se oh my God

Ma me nkyere mos3 Nyame na way3 efis3 mogyedi tis3 Nylon

Wob3 wu ansa na wanya din pa

Asamoah Gyan na oy3 aginkwa

Nfumso) baako na biribia asesa

Wobe hwe na wodin apepa

Ad3n na mose mey3 Demon

Obidi my legacy go live on

Rap no 3hye ma ti s3 weavon

Mey3 stubborn but m3nfr3 me illuminati




Afe3 die33 omo se sarkodie oy3 illuminati



Who Produce and Wrote Sarkodie Illuminati Lyrics 


Who produced the Illuminati mp3? Illuminati Sarkodie mp3 was produced by Magnom. 


Who wrote Illuminati lyrics? Illuminati Sarkodie lyrics was written by Sarkcess founder Sarkodie. 


Personally I have to say I admire how Sarkodie has diversified his sources of income. 

Illuminati Sarkodie lyrics

This has helped him become one of the top 10 richest musicians in Ghana currently


Who knows as the game goes on his wealth will continue to climb. 


Song Title: Illuminati 


Artist: Sarkodie 


Producer: Magnom


Written By: Sarkodie 


Release Date: 2013


Nationality: Ghana 


Review of The Song 


Illuminati tells the story of how Sarkodie made his hustle legitly. 


Illuminati song by Sarkodie was inspired by haters who think he is part of the popular Illuminati group. 


It’s a supposed cult where you sell your soul to the devil in exchange for fame. 


His response to the critics was what inspired this powerful song lyrics. 


I have to say I was hooked by the quality of the video. 


Overall it was a really good song one that deserves a 4.9-star rating. 




Sarkodie will always be one of the talents from Ghana who is writing the country’s name on the map. 


I am a huge fan of Sarkodie and I don’t know about you. 


but I can tell you are missing if you haven’t downloaded this track to your phone yet. 


Now it’s over to you! 


How would you rate Sarkodie Illuminati Lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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