Sarkodie Original Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

Sarkodie Original lyrics

Sarkodie original lyrics is how I end my morning before noon and you can download Sarkodie original mp3 here today easily. 


I love the idea of listening to lyrics that are original and spat from the heart. 


This is why I like how polished Sarkodie songs are now. If you follow him then you know he delivers quality. 


Now before you and I will get into original lyrics by Sarkodie, let me outline what you will get today. 


  • You will be able to download original mp3 by Sarkodie 


  • You will able to follow original by Sarkodie lyrics word for word 


  • I have Sarkodie original video here for you too 


  • Do you love streaming? Well if you do then you are in luck because I have made Sarkodie original audio available for you to stream 


Now at the bottom of this post I have a short review for you so make sure you see and drop your review too in the comment section. 


Now come let’s dive into the original song by Sarkodie, shall we? 


Sarkodie Original Mp3 Download 


Africa is growing steadily and so is the economy of Ghana growing rapidly too. 


I mean if you take a look, Ghana is among the richest countries in Africa presently you you know. 

How they have grown is amazing and so is the music industry in Ghana. 


Heck Sarkodie is even the top wealthiest musicians in Ghana the last time I checked


I have to say even the currency is now far better than what the Nigeria Naira is worth against a dollar. 

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but hey let’s leave it at that right? After all, this post is about Sarkodie, not the economy. 


Now click on the sky blue button below to download original mp3 by Sarkodie


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So what is next? 


Well, I have Sarkodie original lyrics next for you my friend. 


Complete Original Lyrics Sarkodie 


When the world was created, music was already existing so what does that tell you? 


That even long after the world ends music will still be very much alive so to say right? 

Original Sarkodie mp3 download

This morning I had to listen to some of Sarkodie songs you know. 


Among these songs was Sarkodie Illuminati mp3, there is something about it I can’t shake off you know. 


I can easily connect to some of his lyrics than other musicians from Ghana, maybe because it breathes life. 


but hey don’t take my word for it, wait till you have listened to the lyrics of original below. 


Here is Sarkodie original lyrics, now all you have to do is enjoy the lyric. 




I think you guys don’t understand one thing you know

Am just trying to be myself i just want to stay original

I spit in my own language

People think am limited


I dont believe that

Am heading straight to the grammys

Take it or leave it

Its Obidi



Fdane beat is crazy

Wow yeah

Huh yo tie ah hw3


[Verse 1: Sarkodie]


Obidi number one am the best MC

From the ghetto, c9 cemetery don’t test me

No size, punchlines, wo voice eny3a next key

Nkorɔfo fis3 ma gye juju buh obidi e be God wey dey bless me

Tema boy, way back, kanto na y3 de y3 chill up

Ma hustle a ky3 everybody know say Obidi be the one you for pick up

25th, rapperholic,na mo fi s3 e never go pick up

Nia mo de b3 dwene me ho no save energy na fa kɔ y3 wo sit up

Celebrate, champagne,i told you niggas to move back

Ɔmo se me serve the devil, illuminati be no fact

Cut accross, afei di3 me nnwom no Togo fo ma me feed back

Na s3 mo feely me a eny3 me fault, me fans nim me way back

Ma me fans, me p3 s3 me spitty na Jigga b3 ma me congrats

Obidi me level y3 tin up, lawyers n3 readi contract

To ma fans, if you know you love obidi me saf i dey love you too

Rap no y3 cuti no short, yh dat be what bosses do


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Sarkodie Original lyrics



Hehehe, told you man

My name is S-A-R-K-O-D-I-E bidi

Ghana stand up

Taking over the world man

Fdane, crazy beat, going in again

Second verse listen

Huh tie


[Verse 2: Sarkodie]

To ma thugs in the ghetto

Tema boys full vim

Wo fr3 me na number no a y3 yawa p3 na kyer3 s3 ma kɔ a kɔ tɔ new sim

For the love, for the hate

Everything is bright or dim

Forgive me for my mistakes

I guess its me or them

Ma me mike, by the way

Rest in peace Goldie

All i do i do it for the love, success leaves you lonely

When am gone, mo b3 kai

At least i had an impact

Wo sendi me beat a m3 tete no na me di a sendi wo back intact

Me nnwom no y3 bɔ no babershop, buh still a wo b3 ti no wɔ club

Ka kyer3 cannabis s3 whats up, this be the African hip hop

Eny3 s3 ebia me bigi me self

But am the best anyway

Ewumom s3 me y3 obidi so 3ba no beef aa may3 ready any day

Just in case you dey rush

W’adwene ne s3 me bubu me shocks

You dey lie, wo try aa 3be ti w’ani so nti Charlie don’t f**k

Mo ankasa won check me level

Daabia new, I never dey repeat

Eny3 s3 menpe s3 me gogow

Me y3 allergic to defeat

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie

Make I flow

Obidi am ready for the show

Ansa na mo b3hu no na me kɔ ooo

Mop3 kasa dodo ma me dough

OK, let me show you how we go

Na ad3n na wo yem ahye, w’ahu ghost

This is to my niggas on the block

Papa yaw wo ne daddy boat

Ok mon fre me rapperholic

Men nom nsa nti mo ma me coke

Me y3 Tema boy sika nni me ho koraa still refuse to be broke

This be my tears of joy

Enemies aa loose confi

Ya soma no still ɔnko3

Na 3kyere s3 nigga no ɔnte




So, so real

Like its so real

Coming deep from the heart

You know am not pretending

This is me, am used to the environment

You know, I used to listen to Reggie Rockston, Obrafour, Lord Kenya, Okomfo Kwadea

Big inspiration

Thank you!



Who Wrote and Produce Sarkodie Original Lyrics 


Who wrote original lyrics? Original Sarkodie lyrics was written by Sarkodie. 


Who produced original mp3? original Sarkodie mp3 was produced by Fortune Dane. 


If you are looking for quality over quantity, then Sarkodie is one hip hop singer you should listen to okay? 


It’s not by chance Sarkodie net worth has climbed to what it is now, it came from hard work and the ability to persevere. 

Original Sarkodie lyrics

Over the years, Sark has received a lot of criticism and original is naturally a song made to silence his critics. 


You don’t become one of the top 50 richest musicians in Africa just by singing rubbish and not selling albums. 


You do so by singing quality and selling albums as well as having multiple income sources. 


Song Title: Original 


Artist: Sarkodie 


Producer: Fortune Dane


Written By: Sarkodie 


Release Date: 2013


Nationality: Ghana 


Review of The Song 


Original is a track which demonstrated how unique Sarkodie is after critics came for him. 


The original argument was that he can’t rap in English, the same thing was said about Olamide too. 


So be made this song to state how his style his unique and didn’t need to change for anybody else. 


Sarkodie original video tells you all the story and the lyrics was just too good. 


The production was sleek and you just know that a genius did the finishing touches. 


Overall this is really good and I am giving it a 4.9-star rating. 




Sarkodie release hit after hits and the good thing I have noticed is that he functions under pressure. 


Now I don’t know what your thoughts are but if you haven’t stream this song you are missing. 


It’s your turn now! 


How would you rate Sarkodie original lyrics mp3? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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