Mp3 Download: Sarkodie ft Vector Rap Attack Lyrics

Sarkodie Rap Attack Lyrics

Whether it’s 2030 I still would be listening to Sarkodie rap attack lyrics and you can download Sarkodie rap attack mp3 here. 


They say you don’t just ditch out the legendary status when it comes to what a person has achieved. 


but Sarkodie is Ghana’s legend which will be a title well deserved for his accomplishments. 


So before you and I finish Sarkodie ft vector rap attack lyrics, here is what you will get. 


  • You will be able to download rap attack song by Sarkodie 


  • Follow the rap attack by Sarkodie lyrics word for word 


  • Stream Sarkodie rap attack audio quick and easy 


  • Finally, I have a short nice and sweet review for you 


Now come let’s dive into the small details on rap attack lyrics by Sarkodie. 


Sarkodie ft Vector Rap Attack Mp3 Download 


Vector is one artist that has been amazing since his debut in the music industry. 


Although I feel he is underrated when he spits some cold lyrics you can see his worth. 


Sarkodie on the other hand has successfully increased his net worth through his badass songs

Sarkodie ft Vector Rap Attack Lyrics

I listened to Sarkodie Onyame Ehyira mp3 today, guess what I admire Sarkodie’s intellect for knowing how to feature artists. 


This has helped in more ways than I can remember in helping him produce several hit songs. 


You can’t take that intellect away from him because he is someone that understands music. 

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Now here is what I want you do click the sky blue button to download rap attack mp3 by Sarkodie

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So what is next? 


I have Sarkodie ft Vector rap attack lyrics next for you. 


Complete Rap Attack Lyrics Sarkodie 


If you truly want to get the message in a song then do well to pay close attention to the lyrics. 


This is why I write about song lyrics because of the message hidden underneath it. 


There are a lot of great artists in this continent but not all are millionaires in dollars you know. 


Sarkodie made the list of richest millionaire musicians in the continent with more than $3 million to his name. 


Now that’s like every man’s dream to have that kind of money sitting in their bank account you know. 


What they don’t teach you in school is that wealth is born from providing values to the world. 


and Sarkodie does that through his music and in so many other ways you know. 










Sodom e Gomorah fight to cry a fim pi baby na choki

Bebufuna rap enebe ne be mi

Ogene mopena mo mepe mupe fili se neneme fose me tuoti

Una mechogo mecugbo tochi makabi pakati mi di pame rushi

Okay agbele mi babaji mai doche di say



My system dey flow me back to back

I feeling my flow pi grace to grass


I feel they miss malaika

Akumu no long thing

Ogidimi gbu amu long time


Ye fusta mi rap


Ashewo ni biampa condom

Including your first protection

Mopa mocheme for ransom

Am ready to face the question

For my tb flows on laptop

Econome ye installation

Aboki si suya na santi de bini si kana deko probation

O bidi mo flow ba chichomi de me gona soma kini muka ray

O bidi mi ki mi ye su ma

Asamado na


My picture me ni mi ma clear me tua my finishing beat ni justice

Sarkodie Rap Attack Lyrics

Ah ah ah ah ah



Ah ah ah ah ah


What else


You know what time it is






Rap attack picture me the best shey make I pose for them

Bring your boys to men

That is the end of the road for them

Your rapper girl koshi

Tell a stupid fella not to mess with the papa bear Yogi

Murder them no p

kelebe kelebe shadi ni, shade ko

f**k the hater Shebi o ma gbele gbo pe

Vector murdering tracks without even running attack at a camp

Pe pe pe ti pe ti pe ti pe pe ti pe ti pe pe ti pe…

Kadara kaluku yato si ra

Ko ni da fun awon to shey abosi wa

I was a nobody ta lo ri wa

Oluwa lo na’ owo abo si wa

God punish your juju

The power I don’t relate to G

You never see me see voodoo

Except the one in elegushi (word)

Lagbara Sati Ramoni me gonna be stacking the money for sure

My Calabar shorties are horny for what I’m about to I mean I’m a perv

To all of my nanas and beautiful ladies in Ghana I bring you nirvana

I burn out that match


O dudu ko dudu am on that

What you try to become I done that

What you trying to do

I born rap

But its gonna be dumb to come rap with the ace

Have some boys wear Timber lands

Kaka motor big boy

Ijebu ode grammar school and gboko V Boy

They trampling green tie with a green blaizers

Up Gregs 01 G Boy

Dwarf nigga I don’t care if you grumble

You only gonn last one week Solomon Grundy

Knowledge is power so that power made me a hero

So if knowledge is power your energy level is zero

We all about the money mr rapper cause

my Ghana hustle gimme more Cedis than Alaba

Try to police me I just giggle

Am the top cat damn you officer dibu



Ah ah ah ah


Ah ah ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah ah ah

Kaka rotobi (2ce)

Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah ah ah

Kill beat…


Who Wrote and Produce Sarkodie Rap Attack Lyrics 


Who wrote rap attack lyrics? Rap attack Sarkodie lyrics was possible by Sarkodie and Vector. 


Who produced rap attack mp3? rap attack Sarkodie mp3 was produced by KillBeatz. 


Due to his quality of songs I could say by 2030, Sarkodie should be worth more than 30 million US dollars. 

Sarkodie ft Vector Rap Attack mp3 download

I mean the guy is also an entrepreneur with a quality clothing line and other forms of business. 


So are you looking for one of the richest Twi singers in Ghana right now


Sarkodie no doubt should be among the top names to this regard. 


Now here are some details you may have missed. 


Song Title: Rap Attack 


Artists: Sarkodie and Vector 


Producer: KillBeatz


Written By: Vector and Sarkodie 


Release Date: 2013


Nationality: Ghana and Nigeria 


Review of The Song 


This song got me nodding my head right from my house down to the road where I went to get something. 


No doubt it will leave you speechless as it did me honestly. 


Now here is the SMCE rating guide to put this rating in context for you. 


  • Excellent 5 stars 


  • Very Good 4 stars 


  • Good 3 stars 


  • Fair 2 stars 


  • Poor 1 star 


The lyrics of rap attack by Sarkodie are good and Vector really killed this one, to be honest. 


The production was beyond spectacular and the beat was well better than better. 


Overall this is a really good song and I am giving it a 5-star rating. 




Whenever Sarkodie features another artist, I am expecting something tremendously insane. 


Whether it’s from the beats to delivery or the structure of the lyrics the song follows. 


Now it’s over to you! 


How would you rate this Sarkodie rap attack lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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