Sarkodie Rollies and Cigars Lyrics (New Review Reaction)

Sarkodie rollies and cigars lyrics
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Last updated on December 5th, 2022 at 06:44 pm

Sarkodie rollies and cigars lyrics has fans on Twitter going crazy with happiness and you can enjoy Sarkodie rollies and cigars on YouTube below. 


Sarkodie no doubt is one of the most popular musicians in Africa with a very sizable following on social media. 


You have been waiting to listen to tracks from Sark No Pressure album and today I have one for you. 


but before you and I jump into rollies and cigars lyrics by Sarkodie, here is what you will get from today’s post. 


  • You will be able to follow rollies and cigars by Sarkodie lyrics word for word. 


  • Also, I embedded the media player so that you can stream this song while you are here. 


  • Lastly, you will be able to download rollies and cigars song by Sarkodie. 


Now come let’s dive into all the details, shall we? 


Sarkodie Rollies and Cigars Song


Over the years Sarkodie has released several albums that won him awards and endorsement deals


If you have been a fan from the beginning then you know Rapperholic is one of his best albums so far right? 

rollies and cigars lyrics by Sarkodie

Well, that’s true until No Pressure dropped and fans are really digging this project. 


Although it is yet to be seen if it will have the same success as Rapperholic. 

Enjoy This Now ⇓⇓⇓

Speaking of success, click on the sky blue button below to stream rollies and cigars by Sarkodie before we continue. 



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There is more


I really enjoyed this song and that’s the reason I have taken the time to write the lyrics. 


Complete Rollies and Cigars Lyrics Sarkodie 


Personally, I have to say I dig every track from this album because they have been beautiful. 


I was listening to Sarkodie ft Wale fireworks this morning and all I can those made magic on the album. 

Sarkodie Rollies and Cigars Mp3 Download

but wait! 


I also took the time to stream Sarkodie non living thing featuring Nigerian singer Oxlade and boy o boy it was wow. 




When it finally got to the lyrics of rollies and cigars, I was like how is it that one album has so many beautiful songs, huh? 


I have only known quite a few artists from the continent that have matched this foot in their career and that’s Psquare and 2Face. 


but hey I may just be tripping who knows. It was really that good. 


The good news is I have rollies and cigars Sarkodie lyrics here for you now. 



This be KaySo from Tema

Yeah, no pressure, nah

Yeah, uh



Came a long way, time a na nigga dey talk “fodiwaa” on the record

Took a long break, you people bore but I said I’ll be back in a second, (Woo) yeah

Obi se Kofi Taylor sɛ ne gyimie no ɛka sɛn (Hahn)

This time yɛ’a charge sɛ dzata mon forgetti Ghacem, (on God)

24/7 we put in the work overtime

but we try to keep down on the low

Uncountable records I live on the streams

me ho n’pre me to get back on the road

You fit skip all thе moments in music

Sarkodie story diɛr it got to be told

Thе only nigga wey show you the way

over a decade but still I be cold

All of you rappers are lacking the key

bisa sɛ how I dey do this for long

Ten years, every time it be me

everyone else is just tagging along

Me ka me maame, m’akoma yɛ free

Nea mo ka fa me ho me te no tongues

I be the definition of a G

Mo ka m’asem me te Pozo we prawns

Wo feeli (Now!), this shit is just cup of tea to me (Woo)

I go fi’ handle it easily (Hahn)

I go just hand over peacefully (Yes)

Mo m’brɛ mo ho ase na mo gyimi (Now)

Me pause kra mo n’tumi (Hahn)

Me fans no sɛ me ma heat ɔmo bɛ multiply

ɔmo ayɛ se tugyimi (Woo)



Used to hustle on the corner (Now)

Na me shɛ aka-me-last (Hahn)

Now I do what I wanna (Woo)

n’fa wo sa n’ka me gas (Now)

Wo te dem twɛn manna (Skrrt skrrt)

oh saa Bra Charles Eh?

Sesia no fake friends (No)

only Rollies and cigars (Hahn)

Only Rollies and cigars

only Rollies and cigars (Skrrt skrrt)

Sesia no fake friends (Ha), only Rollies and cigars

Only Rollies and cigars (Now)

only Rollies and cigars (Skrrt skrrt)

Sesia no fake friends, only Rollies and cigars



Yeah, I’m on the road to perfection

I drop all these classics and move to the next thing

And I’m still at the top got you niggas all vexing

Don’t call me the best

point of correction there’s no competition

This is not election

obia n’yɛ me size that is out of the question

Fuck all these rappers they mad ‘cause I’m flexing

All that they need is just love and affection

They pray for attention but woah

They want me to stop

’cause the more that I rap

I just make it so hard for them (Hahn)

Tell ’em the realest is back so shut up

nobody should fuck with him (Yes)

Ɛyaa mo’n compare me to Pac and ’em (Now)

M’nkoa me rap na’fri akumamu (Hahn)

Just for the record,

da a mɛfri atease foɔ asaase

me toaso wo ɔsoro ahemman mu

Sɛ mo wɔ time I can go all the way (Hahn)

40 verses I record in a day

SarkNation sorry for the delay

Lunch time, me serve mo buffet

Stay fresh, can’t fuck with the drip

Say less, very soon I go flip

Dwene wo ho eh, sɛ wo fi sɛ I go dip

Bad B, just sharp in the whip

Man I remember when I just dey come up

Brother dey write verses till the sun up

Sɛ wo mame battle so a, me kum no kama

When you dey pray make you pray for my mama

Sesia no me voice yɛ equity (Now)

My kiddy got fi’ dey take loan (Hahn)

People dey pay for the Ha (Woo)

Ebi mo de yɛ ɔmo ringtone (Now)

Street boy from the ground up (hahn)

Yenya no easy, we dey break bone (Yes!)

Me checki mo payslip (Now)

me tax kra yɛ mo take home (Woo)



Used to hustle on the corner (Hahn)

Na me shɛ aka-me-last (Now)

Now I do what I wanna (Woo)

n’fa wo sa n’ka me gas (Yes)

Wo te dem twɛn manna (Hahn)

oh saa Bra Charles?

Sesia no fake friends (No!)

Only Rollies and cigars

only Rollies and cigars (Skrrt skrrt)

Only Rollies and cigars (Now)

Sesia no fake friends (Hahn)

only Rollies and cigars (Yes)

Only Rollies and cigars (Skrrt skrrt)

only Rollies and cigars (Now)

Sesia no fake friends (Hahn)

only Rollies and cigars


Who Produced & Wrote Sarkodie Rollies and Cigars Lyrics 


Who produced Sarkodie’s new song rollies and cigars? This track off the No Pressure album was produced by Kayso. 


Kayso is amazing with what he did on this production and I loved it. 

Who Produced Sarkodie Rollies and Cigars

But you must be wondering who wrote this beautiful song, correct? Well, it was written by Michael Owusu Addo. 


If you enjoy good songs then am sure you are dying to hear my review of this track which I will get into soon enough. 


Before I do that, here are some details you may have missed. 


Song Title: rollies and cigars 


Artist: Sarkodie 


Producer: Kaysoy


Written By: Michael Owusu Addo 


Release Date: 30th July 2021


Nationality: Ghana 


Now come let’s get straight into the review… 


Reaction and Review Of This Song 


I would have to express my reaction with this beautiful emoji here 😍😍😍😍. 


You have got to give it to Sark for making this magic, right? 


I mean the bars were exceptionally reiterating why he is one of the best in Ghana. 


The lyrics were beautiful and Kayso was outstanding with that beat, it was just all-around beauty. 


I am going to give this my 5-star rating while also giving a huge shout-out to Kayso. 


So Kayso shouts out to you, I loved that beat. 




Look, I don’t know about you but man Sarkodie is going to take the international music audience by storm in the coming years. 


He is already one of the top 50 wealthiest artists in Ghana and with a good marketing strategy, he could spend some of those dollars marketing himself to the world. 


If this is your first time listening to Sarkodie do please check this track out, you will love it. 


It’s over to you now


How would you rate Sarkodie rollies and cigars lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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