Shatta Wale ft Ypee Azaa Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

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Shatta Wale Azaa Lyrics

Shatta Wale ft Ypee Azaa lyrics is the master class and you can watch the video and download Shatta Wale azaa mp3 here today. 




Ghana is just the next break the Africa music industry needs to get more coverage from the mainstream. 


So far things are looking very good for the continent with regards to music. 


Also, the fact that Shatta Wale is one of the best musicians in Africa currently just goes to say a lot about the artist. 


With that out of the way, what will you get from Shatta Wale azaa look lyrics


Well here is a bullet point to answer that question for you and provide it context. 


  • You will be able to download azaa song by Shatta Wale 


  • Also, you will be able to watch azaa video by Shatta Wale 


  • If downloading is not your priority then you can stream azaa audio mp3


  • Finally, you will be able to follow azaa by Shatta Wale lyrics word for word 


Hopefully, you get the drift so now, come let’s dive into Azaa lyrics by Shatta Wale, shall we? 


Shatta Wale Ft Ypee Azaa Mp3 Download 


I can’t stress this enough, Ghana will soon break into the international music scene. 


At least I know Sarkodie has been the only artist from the country with such a huge breakthrough. 


but this is not to say others haven’t had that glimmer of hope. 


Shatta Wale was amazing in his last song 1 don, and if you haven’t watched that video you definitely should. 


Click the play button to watch Shatta Wale azaa video now! 

Gaining nationwide fame is not a small thing but it’s definitely doable if you set the right goals. 


I have seen how Wale worked his way to fame and becoming one of the most successful dancehall artists in Ghana. 


but wait! 


Did I tell you that he is also one of the richest musicians in Ghana currently? 


Well, with fame comes a huge burden and sometimes a huge bank account balance.


With that said, I need you to do one thing for yourself while you are here. 

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I want you to click on the sky blue button below to download azaa mp3 by Shatta Wale. 

Download “Azaa” Shatta-Wale-Azaa.mp3 – Downloaded 11 times – 3 MB

If you have done that, now it’s time to bring you the lyrics of azaa by Shatta Wale. 


Complete Azaa Lyrics Shatta Wale 


Song Writing can be a wonderful skill to make money especially in an industry such as this. 


If you are an artist then a songwriting skill is a must even although not all singers have this skill which is where you come in. 

Shatta Wale Azaa mp3 download

Shatta on the other hand have all the skillset needed to succeed in the music world. 


Does this mean he write most of his songs? The answer to that is Big YES. 

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Now by this stage, I truly hope you have taken the time to stream this song because that’s only how you can follow Shatta Wale azaa lyrics word for word. 


With that said, here is Shatta Wale ft Ypee azaa lyrics, hoping you will enjoy it. 



Paah Paah Paah Paah Paah Paah

Mo dee se mano

Se mo aye aye ye aa aye aye aa

Shatta de abom


After this mo nyinaa mo nim

Se yapon Se mo nim se obiaa anka aa

Shatta me ka How many times I go tell you

Kaakie no be leather Mouth mouth te se Prince Tsegah

Se mesee meye aa I no go dey watch your father

We dey craze from day one o If you say

Rrrrrrr we say tit tat o Brain dey hot like volcano

Ypee besee Shatta mo dee omo ano

Azaa nkoa uh huh huh

No wonder Kofi Jamar say

Shatta yen mpe mo w bantama


Azaa nkoa uh huh huh

No wonder TF carli Kumerica

See yen mpe mo oo ooh hoo hoo

Mo nhuroo mo hey hey hey

Mo nhuroo mo hey hey hey

Mo nhuroo mo hey hey hey

Mo nhuroo mo hey hey hey

Mo nhuroo mo hey hey hey

Mo nhuroo mo hey hey hey

Mo nhuroo mo hey hey hey

Mo nhuroo mo hey hey hey

Shatta Wale Azaa Lyrics


Kumerica ye bie ba outside aa ye w street

Nipa nni nkaye nti wo bua nipa aa gye receipt

Afee yi me ma mo heat mo san feeli me steeze

Me ma mo back to back mo nim se pee me mpe repeat

Mo ape me saa nso mo nnya me Mo be tumi aa gye

Nyame Oboy Static see wo nnye w

Krom ha gye wo dwane Azaa na mo de nam mu

Wo ye fake aa menbe ha me

Oseikrom ha ye be gye wo atum aa gye wo

Be kyia me Wo girl no te me car mu aa wo fere no aa )nfa

One Don see ye cash no ye di adi adi aa ensa da

Ye spray bi w basement Ye t adee ye payment

YOLO kyere mo dee ew m na ma ne ngye mo nsa

Mo nhuruu mo errr mo ani awu se mo dee azaa nkoaa

Paint mo anim sesa housing Azar nkoaa

K ye aa masane aba Mo ma me akwaaba

Shaddawts to Nana Dope ye gyina mu saaa yen pa aba


Azaa nkoa uh huh huh

No wonder Kofi Jamar say

Shatta yen mpe mo w bantama

Azaa nkoa uh huh huh

No wonder TF carli Kumerica

see yen mpe mo oo ooh hoo hoo

Mo nhuroo mo hey hey hey

Mo nhuroo mo hey hey hey

Mo nhuroo mo hey hey hey

Mo nhuroo mo hey hey hey

Mo nhuroo mo hey hey hey


From Ahodwo Las Vegas na me recordi me nyom wa ya

If you no be part of my team oo you no be my player

S3 maka dadaa m’atwere exams no dadaa

How come my Range Rover go dey race with okada

Se kappa aa mesee

Kapaa Uuuuh huhhh huhhhh huhhh

No macho for here no no

Tsieyoo ba dwa tso Daa ne

Shatta Wale ba ja agbo Se mo see ya ye yie aa eye adom

Don’t hate don’t do banku

Se wo nua hit aa b wo nsam

Last week flow delly confirm

I dey do my thing wah be your concern


Azaa nkoa uh huh huh

No wonder Kofi Jamar say

Shatta y3n mp3 mo w bantama

Azaa nkoa uh huh huh

No wonder TF carli Kumerica

See y3n mp3 mo oo ooh hoo hoo


Who Produce And Wrote This Song 


Who produced it? Azaa Shatta Wale mp3 was produced by Beatz Vampire. 


A fantastic job to come up with this amazing beat that’s literally got me shaking my body since morning. 


Who wrote the song? azaa Shatta Wale lyrics was written by Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr. 


Music have been a very lucrative business for Shatta Wale as he is currently worth more than $5 million dollars. 


but wait! 


Here are some details you may have missed while enjoying this post. 


Song Title: azaa 


Artist: Shatta Wale ft Ypee 


Producer: Beatz Vampire


Written By: Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr


Release Date: 25th January 2021


Nationality: Nigeria 


Reaction And Review Of Song 


The beats were amazing and help you vibe to every word from both artists. 


I like how the Shatta Wale ft Ypee video was directed, it was simple straight to the story. 


Dancehall in modern-day Ghana has been Shatta Wale and he is not looking to relinquish that any time soon. 


The lyrics of azaa was cracking and lit all together. 


Ypee did an amazing job as this proves he has the potential to be a top-performing star. 


So what rating am I giving this song huh? 


I will have to settle for a 4.7-star rating which on the SMCE rating guide is Very Good. 




I appreciate talents when I see one and Wale has been everything talent. 


Ypee also brought on is A game which made the energy very cool. 


but hey you know I love the readers of our blog to have an opinion. 


So it’s over to you! 


How would you rate Shatta Wale ft Ypee azaa lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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