Shatta Wale Gringo Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

Shatta Wale Gringo Lyrics

I am rocking to Shatta Wale gringo lyrics on my headphone and you can download Shatta Wale gringo mp3 here today easily. 


While many favor genre of songs such as hip hop, RnB, dancehall is growing really fast. 


I still remember the likes of Lucky Dube and Bob Marley when we talk about reggae. 


Today, dancehall is a fusion of Reggae and Afrobeat so to speak. 


So before you and I get into the lyrics of gringo, here is what today’s post will cover. 


  • You will able to download gringo song by Shatta Wale


  • You will be able to follow gringo by Shatta Wale lyrics word for word 


  • you will also be able to watch Shatta Wale gringo video


  • I have embedded Shatta Wale gringo audio here so that you can stream it 


Now come, it’s time to dive completely into gringo lyrics by Shatta Wale. 


Shatta Wale Gringo Mp3 Download 


When you talk about African music resonating with the world out there, you would name Wizkid and Davido as the pioneers. 


These guys are the biggest and richest in the continent so far when you talk about music. 

Click on the play button to watch gringo Shatta Wale video here now.

Then if you want to throw other names to the brew, then we have Tiwa Savage, Burnaboy, Sarkodie, and Shatta Wale amongst others. 


Now the beauty of this is the fact that no one ever thought this would have ever been possible. 


This is why Afrobeat going mainstream became the topic around the world today. 


As for Shatta Wale, I am positive he is enjoying the fame that comes with going international. 

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Now please click on the sky blue button below to download gringo mp3 by Shatta Wale. 

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So what is next in line? well, I have Shatta Wale gringo lyrics next for you. 


Complete Gringo Lyrics Shatta Wale 


I was playing Shatta Wale my level on my deck the other day and that song just got me thinking. 


What if Africa becomes the next big thing musically that the rest of the world just wants to associate with? 

Shatta Wale Gringo mp3 download

Because like it or not, this continent has amazing talents that you can’t find anywhere else. 


and Shatta Wale songs prove that talent exists in this part of the world. 


My great joy is that this talent has helped to wet his bank account with more dollars than anyone can dream


Now here is gringo lyrics, do enjoy it… 


Yeah Joint, jus lemme know when di ting ready

Ah yeah

Mmm, leff dem


Shout out to man gringo

Yes gringo, ringo

Wha’ happen

Hey Mandingo

Oya make me tell dem

Me never see nuh badman weh ah wear kaba

K3 sugar daddy fey

Am3 k33 maaba

If ah gyal say picture, me nuh say nah, nah

Everybody know me run dis town, yahman

Coolie, coolie we ah smoke inna every corner

Ask ’bout Shatta Movement inna Ghana

Gyal dema whine when dem hear da number one banger

I like dema twerk

Can’t date Gaga

Gringo Shatta Wale lyrics

Mi deh yuh still and a mi dem all a talking’ bout

Bad mind, fake friends me see dem walking out

If ah dem mute

I go talk about dancehall now


If to haffi really to date a gyal

Me ah go date Cardi B

Woah, gyal so sleek

Gyal body hot like water weh yah bubble inna bath

Mmm, me nuh want to talk

‘Member every soldier know haffi live inna di bush

Ah we rasta can show you di right kush

You seh unnu ah dancer

Come wit ya coun’ nush

If u issa man beat ah gyal – dat ah bush


Mi deh yuh still and a mi dem all a talking’ bout

Bad mind, fake friends me see dem walking out

If ah dem mute

I go talk about dancehall now


If ah nah me?

Who ah go talk ’bout it

Kenya, Ghana

If ah gyal seh push

Make sure you push it inna womb

Make sure she ah bark like wuu!

If you got a long cock, make sure you put it inna use

Cuh di woman dem want it used

If you reach out, that’s nice

Slow down the dose before unnu ah go meet [?]

Bwoy dis ah mi farmland

Me nuh wan’ see no bwoy fly inna it like a crow

Bwoy watch ya mouth

Watch how you talk, cuz dis badman you see can act very cold



Who Produce and Wrote Shatta Wale Gringo Lyrics 


Who wrote gringo lyrics? Gringo Shatta Wale lyrics were written by Shatta Wale. 


Who produced gringo mp3? gringo Shatta Wale mp3 was produced by Paq. 

Shatta Wale Gringo Lyrics

Ghana much like the rest of Africa has some really big names. 


When you and I take a good look at Ghana, then you know Shatta Wale is one of the bigger names there. 


With that said, here is a couple of details you may have missed. 


Song Title: gringo 


Artist: Shatta Wale 


Producer: Paq


Written By: Shatta Wale


Release Date: 27th April 2018


Nationality: Ghana 


Review of The Song 


Shatta Wale is one of the richest artists to have emerged from Ghana over the past decade. 


This is huge because money equals the quality of life you could get in Africa and the rest part of the world. 


I mean with more than 5 million dollars as his net worth, he could get literally any type of producer to work on his songs. 


Having said that, I had to list this track among some of my favorite because I loved it. 


The production was super hyped but very okay to say the least. 


Overall it is a really good song if you ask me and it’s one that every one of his fans should listen to. 




Africa is rising pretty fast both musically and economically. 


No doubt if the African music industry becomes a world power. 


but till that happens, make sure you keep listening and promoting our artists. 


Now it’s over to you! 


How would you rate Shatta Wale gringo lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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