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Shatta Wale Kumerica mp3 download

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Okay, I just finished listening to Shatta Wale kumerica lyrics you can download Shatta Wale Kumerica mp3 here today stress-free you know.


In Ghana, you and I have two of the biggest singers in the person of Shatta Wale and arch-rival Sarkodie.


Shatta’s songs can be crazy at times but hey the fans love what he spews so it’s my job to bring it to you.


Now before you and I get to the best part of this post, here is all that you will get from today’s post.


  • You will be able to download kumerica by Shatta Wale mp3


  • I have embedded Shatta Wale kumerica audio here too for you to stream


  • You will also be able to follow kumerica by Shatta Wale lyrics word for word


  • Finally, I will do a very short review of this track below so make sure you enjoy it


Now that you know what you will be getting from today’s post, come let’s get everything on kumerica lyrics by Shatta Wale.


Shatta Wale Kumerica Mp3 Download Below


I have always favor blues over rap music, to be honest with you but lately, I started listening to rap.


And one of my favorite rappers of all time is Tupac Shakur because his lyrics made so much even to date.

Kumerica by Shatta Wale lyrics

Shatta Wale is rising so fast especially after his feature on Beyonce’s new track from her recent album.


Music I believe is an extension of oneself at least if you look at it from the artist’s perspective.


And if anything it is that rap music has help Shatta Wale net worth to grow rapidly to the point it is now.


But before we dive in deeper, here is what I want you to do, click the sky blue button below to download kumerica mp3 by Shatta Wale now.

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Now, what is next for you?


I have Shatta Wale kumerica lyrics next for you so come let’s dive right in, shall we?


Complete Kumerica Lyrics Shatta Wale


I listen to the lyrics of songs every day you know why? Because it helps me wrap my head around the view of the singer.


Since it helps me connect to the singer, I value it as one of the close ties of understanding I can tap into when looking from the lens of the singer.


But that’s not the only reason I pay close attention to lyrics of a song, I also use it for my daily routine.


Take for example as I am writing this piece of article, I am listening to Sarkodie ft Rudeboy lucky mp3 on my headphone too.


It’s just one of many reasons I listen to the lyrics of songs.

Shatta Wale Kumerica Lyrics

But hey, you might be different and if your reasons are different then make sure you leave a comment below telling me reasons.


Now here is what I want you to do, scroll a little bit down, you find the lyrics of kumerica by Shatta Wale just enjoy it.


Here is Shatta Wale kumerica lyrics!


Tell me when am dropping hit

Plenty money

Poor economy

They say I no go rich nowhere


See how them all dey follow me

Kumerica kumerica

Kumerica kumerica

See how we living

See how we chilling

See how we killing



24 keys was my first shipping

Eilis shut your biblical you tripping

Don’t let them lie to you, money is power

Money open many doors, doors

Kumerica kumerica

Kumerica kumerica

Kumerica kumerica


All my niggas so real

All ma niggas no dey joke

I got niggas who like braca braca

Love the girls

Wait a minute

Check my wrist

What do you see

That’s a Rolex so expensive than your bank account

We don’t give a f*ck about you

So, don’t give a f*ck about us

All we want is that bag of money

Don’t think it heartless

Kum kum kum kum, Kumerica

Kum kum kum kum, Kumerica

Kum kum kum kum, Kumerica

Kum kum kum kum

Kumerica, Kumerica

Kumerica, Kumerica, Kumerical, Kumerica

Kumerica, Kumerica, Kumerica, Kumerica

Kumerica, Kumerical, Kumerica, Kumerica

Kumerica, Kumerica, Kumerical, Kumerica

Kumerica, Kumerica, Kumerica, Kumerica

Who Produced and Wrote Shatta Wale Kumerica Lyrics


Who produced kumerica mp3? Kumerica Shatta Wale mp3 was produced by none other than Paq.

Shatta Wale Kumerica mp3 download

Who wrote kumerica lyrics? Kumerica Shatta Wale lyrics was written by Shatta Bandle and Bandle was the previous name he used in the music industry.


Now Shatta Wale no doubt is one of the musicians in Africa who made Shoutmeceleb Entertainment top 50 lists.


You can read all about that article here but be warned it’s more 6000 words articles.


Now here is some details you probably missed while skimming through this article.


Song Title: Kumerica


Artist: Shatta Wale


Producer: Paq


Written By: Shatta Wale


Released Date: 27th August 2020


Nationality: Ghana


Review of The Song


I seriously don’t know about you but Shatta Wale is one of the top 50 richest musicians in Ghana as of when writing this article.


You can only the likes of Sarkodie and Okyeame Kwame are richer than him when you talk about the Ghana music industry.


But hey let’s see what kumerica lyrics are about shall we?


While Kumerica seems to be trending on social media as the USK which is an acronym for the United States of Kumerica.


Shatta’s song did little to speak in light of that instead rather exalts his wealth he made over the course of his beautiful career.


The lyrics were frivolous but the beat was top notch which is the only thing I think I like from the track.


Overall I am giving this song a 4.3-star rating due to the fact that it did nothing but talk about his wealth.




If you are a huge fan then you will love Shatta Wale kumerica lyrics, other than that it’s just no-no for me.


Now that doesn’t mean you should listen to the song, you definitely should, I am only saying it’s a turn off for me.


Now it’s your turn!


How would you rate Shatta Wale kumerica lyrics mp3?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to connect with you.


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