Mp3 Download: Shatta Wale Rookie Lyrics

Shatta Wale Rookie Mp3 Download

Look you need to listen to Shatta Wale rookie lyrics but first, download Shatta Wale rookie mp3 from here now with the click of a button. 


Ever wondered what the world would be like without music? 


I have a couple of times and I don’t think it would hold so much flair as it has now. 


Now before you and I get into the lyrics of rookie by Shatta Wale, here is what this post brings.


  • You will be able to follow rookie Shatta Wale lyrics word for word 


  • You will be able to download rookie Shatta Wale mp3 


  • If you love streaming, I know Apple is a good streaming site but you can stream Shatta Wale rookie audio here


Now that you and I are cleared on what rookie lyrics by Shatta Wale bring, come let’s get into it. 


Shatta Wale Rookie Mp3 Download 


If anyone deserves what his career has brought, I would say Wale should be up on that list. 


Now, I don’t know about you but I have to say I am loving Shatta Wale songs these days. 


I have to say I have not been an avid follower of the singer but I am starting to like him. 

Rookie Shatta Wale lyrics

I kind of was listening to Shatta Wale different star mp3 today, the one thing I noticed was how Dancehall as a genre is difficult. 


I really don’t know how musicians survive in this genre honestly yet it has helped blow up Shatta Wale. 


It makes you wonder about the kind of talent that is needed to survive in such a genre. 

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Now here is what I want you to do, click on the sky blue button below to download rookie mp3 by Sarkodie. 

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So what is next? 


I have Shatta Wale rookie lyrics next for you… 


Complete Rookie Lyrics Shatta Wale 


Whenever I wake up in the morning, there is this thing I do all the time. 


Do you know what that is? 


I use music to to start my day and sometimes I find myself listening to Shatta Wale tracks. 


The mentality stability such exercise provides is second to none. 

Shatta Wale Rookie Mp3 Download

My father would say health is wealth, well he is right you know. 


The other day I was scrolling through Sarkdie’s Instagram page and I found him jogging. 


I was like when you are one of the richest artists in the whole of Africa that’s enough to go out and jog. 


A person like me when never chop belleful, how I wan take go jog (I said to myself silently). 


Anyways, here is the lyrics of rookie so enjoy. 



Yo one Don, one man 

One stand , one gun 

One man one stand 

Ah one voice me seh 

Ah wah dem seh? 


Enuh make sense when you hate pon your bredda 

How can we make Africa come together ? 

Some a fight fe power some’ah dem fe de cheddar

Some seh dem better than the other, motherfucker! 


Shatta forever like the wailers  

Yes ! Gwan go check the records 

Never listen wholla dem a jus a story tellers 

Deep thinker brain a spin like repellers 

Wholla dem a script writers telenovelas


Dem careless, me and my team my rebellers 

Man is a Phoenix buh me nah have no feathers 

Put up my pillar and me see seh dem a jealous

We nah break code, getting wise big up the elders 


Wholla dem a rookies see seh dem nah get no booking 

If a nuh video shoot we keep shooting 

Walk pass when thug strike unlooking

Dem seh me vibes make the youth start looting 


Fly pon dem me seh a nuh parachuting 

The aroma make dem know seh Shatta still cooking 

If a nuh the fluffy man go fe the booty 

My outfit a nuh from dem boutique 


Physique lyric wicked 

Me nah pal with no bwoy weh a picky picky 

Man is a Shatta, head hot too sick-ie 

Me nah skin teeth when me walk inna the city 


Memba me is a venom

Watch what you put unno leg on 

Man too cold, yeah man 

When me start war me nah stop like Yemen 

My gees too acidic, lemon




Some bwoy a rookie rookie rookie rookie  yeah 

Some bwoy a rookie rookie rookie  rookie yeah 

Dem never know how far me can go 

Dem never know all the things we know 

They don’t know oo oo



Unno muss lie pon a rocket 

Before you a go see this star 

You never know when me did start 

Memba one day when you seh 

You want to take a picture 


And me seh bwoy get lost 

Becuh my instincts seh me nah fe friend you 

Run go tell the pussy dem weh send you 

Nah go have a pass forever me a your senior 

Dey pon every show counting millions 

See me thing dem proper dapper walk out 

Me know you never like me pussy shut up 

See we lock off every corner 

That a the real definition of a Shatta 


Work like NASA 

Play like Barca 

Do it chakaa like BonChaka

Unno seh unno bad come and utter 

Memba we buss every tyre flatter




Some bwoy a rookie rookie rookie rookie  yeah 

Some bwoy a rookie rookie rookie  rookie yeah 

Dem never know how far me can go 

Dem never know all the things we know 

They don’t know oo oo

Dem never know how far me can go 

Dem never know all the things we know 

They don’t know oo oo


Who Wrote and Produce Shatta Wale Rookie Lyrics 


Who wrote rookie lyrics? rookie Shatta Wale lyrics was written by Shatta Wale. 


Who produced rookie mp3? rookie Shatta Wale mp3 was produced by Beat Boy. 

Shatta Wale Rookie lyrics

Now there is only a few producers that does what Beat Boy does. 


and I have to say though not as big as some of the names here in Africa but hey he is doing just great. 


Below are some of the details you may have missed. 


Song Title: rookie 


Artist: Shatta Wale 


Producer: Beat Boy


Written By: Shatta Wale 


Release Date: 1st Septemebr 2020


Nationality: Ghana 


Review of The Song 


One of the things SMCE is known for is bringing you the lyrics of songs, mp3, and video under one roof. 


Heck, we even go out our way to write a short review for each of our posts. 


Having said that, here is the Shoutmeceleb Entertainment rating guide. 


  • Excellent 5 stars 


  • Very Good 4 stars 


  • Good 3 stars 


  • Fair 2 stars 


  • Poor 1 star 


As one of the best and richest Ghanaian artists, I have to say this was subpar. 


I mean when compared to other tracks I have listened to from this same artists, didn’t just did not cut it. 


I am rating this with 4.7 star because I didn’t really feel it you know. 




Now the fact I didn’t, feel this song could mean it’s my mood. 


but you definitely should listen to it when you have spare time. 


It’s over you now! 


How would you rate Shatta Wale rookie lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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