Mp3 Download: Simi Bites The Dust Lyrics ft Adekunle Gold

Simi ft Adekunle Gold Bites The Dust Lyrics

I am following Simi bite the dust lyrics, you want to listen to this one and you can also download Simi ft Adekunle Gold bites the dust mp3.


Isn’t it crazy when you have these two killing us with their coll voices which is enough to drive any music lover insane?


And now that this Restless EP is out, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to write about it because it’s magical after listening to the whole song.


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Now that you know what to get, how about you and I dive into bite the dust lyrics by Simi.


Simi Bite The Dust Mp3 Download


If you are looking for the perfect husband and wife right now in the Nigerian music industry then Simi and Adekunle Gold should come up.


With their newborn baby and Simi doing Duduke for, it’s obvious 2020 seems just to be starting for these two lovers.

Simi Bites The Dust Lyrics

Adekunle Gold got an album out, Simi has an EP out, overall it’s been wonderful, to say the least.


And the fact that these two is also listed as the top 50 richest musicians in Nigeria just even makes it better.

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So what is next on my sub-headline?


Well, I have the lyrics of bites the dust for you to come on let’s get onto that.


Complete Bites The Dust Lyrics Simi


Simi’s unique voice will never seem to amaze me to say it emphatically, I mean she is unique and one of a kind.


Her songs are purely gem and you really could filter her from the garbage that is out there right now you know.


I was listening to Simi no longer beneficial which is one of the sings from the EP, you need to see the video.

Simi ft Adekunle Gold Bites The Dust Lyrics

Her beauty is remarkable even for someone that just gave birth to a lovely, wonderful, amazing daughter.


This song talks about two insecure lovers, with one setting his partner up with her friend.


Both go back and forth accusing each other, which in my opinion was kinda cute to watch.


Now here is the Simi bites the dust lyrics, do enjoy.


Can you See Me (Simi) now


Ag baby is your baby

It’s 2am and you’re banging my door

Screaming my name and stomping the floor

Girl I gat neighbors pls don’t wake em up

You’re a such a guest liner

Stop acting up

Said I’ve been faithful

But you seemed unsure

Set me up with your friends

You’re insecure

I took your fucking bait

Now you’re surprised

Did this to yourself now you wanna cry

You know I couldn’t keep control

Was tipsy and I couldn’t let go

And that’s how the story unfold

You get what you ask for baby

I should I’ve never done it I know

But you’re the one responsible

So tell me baby



What do you mean that I fuck this up?

What do you mean I betrayed your trust?

I’m not the one, bite the dust

(bite the dust, I’m not the one)




It’s 3am and I’m slamming your door

Why you have to disrespect me for

All I ever did was try but

All you ever do is lie

Oh you say that I set you up

Baby when you no be dog o

You could have said no

But all that it’s water under bridge now (oh yea)

Find somebody else to deceive now (uuuh yea)

It’s kinda hard to believe now (to believe now)

I ever fell for a boy like you

I deserve quality now

And you belong to the street now

(No be your fault oo)

Coz I played myself

Boy When I played with you


What do you mean that I fucked this up?

Yeah you fucked this up

What you mean?

What do I mean?

Like you don’t know what’s up

But I’m not the one, bite the dust


4am shorty is still outside my door

Yea right, What the fuck you take me for??

AG Baby is not your baby

O fuck ara e

Who Produce and Wrote Simi Bites The Dust Lyrics

Who wrote simi ft Adekunle Gold bites the dust lyrics? Bite the dust Simi lyrics was written by Simisola and Adekunle Gold.


Husband and wife stretching the competition in the music industry to just another level on a pandemic festered world.

Simi ft Adekunle Gold Bites The Dust mp3 download

Who produced bites the dust mp3? Bites the dust Simi mp3 was produced by Sess.


Look I don’t know about you but the combination was magical and I love that symphony between these two.


Now here are some details you may have missed…


Song Title: Bite The Dust


Artists: Simi & Adekunle Gold


Producer: Sess


Written By: Adekunle Gold & Simi


Release Date: 2nd October 2020


Nationality: Nigeria


The Reaction of The SONG


Again this feature was by far my best on this EP honest because it showcases the strength of this husband and wife when both collaborate.


The lyrics were good, told the story right to be a point where even an elementary school child could get it.


The production was sleek and a huge kudos to Sess for this wonderful beat.


Overall it is an interesting song and one that deserves my full 5-star rating




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Now if you haven’t listened to this track then I honestly do not know what you are waiting for.


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