Simi ft Adekunle Gold Happy Birthday Lyrics (New Mp3 Download)

Simi Happy Birthday Mp3 Download
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Simi happy birthday lyrics is one hell of a beautiful birthday song and you can download Simi ft Adekunle Gold happy birthday Mp3 here. 


Nigeria is so blessed with musical artists that I am sometimes tempted to say no other African country comes close. 




No disrespect to artists from other countries across Africa because I know there are fine artists all over the continent but Nigeria is music. 

Simi Fun Facts

Okay, just maybe I am tripping so if you are serious about enjoying a good song then here is one for you. 


but before you and I get on to that, here is what you will get from Simi ft Adekunle Gold happy birthday lyrics


  • You will be able to download happy birthday song by Simi 


  • Also, you will be able to stream Simi happy birthday audio Mp3


  • Finally, I have the complete happy birthday by Simi lyrics here for you 


Hopefully, I picked your interest with that, now let’s dive right into happy birthday lyrics by Simi, shall we? 


Who Produced & Wrote Simi Happy Birthday Lyrics 


Who produced this track? Happy birthday Simi lyrics were produced by Vtek. 


Who wrote this track? Simi happy birthday lyrics were written by Simisola Kosoko and Adekunle Kosoko. 

Simi Happy Birthday Lyrics

Adekunle Gold knows how to stand out with his verse in a feature and for me that’s beautiful. 




Many times, it becomes hard to have a favorite musician in Naija especially because there are lots of talent to enjoy. 


I simply just listen to good songs, share their songs and follow them on social media because that’s how I know to help them grow. 


With that said, here are a couple of details you may have missed. 


Song Title: happy birthday 


Artists: Simi feat Adekunle Gold & Deja l


Producer: Vtek 


Written By: Simisola and Adekunle Kosoko


Release Date: 30th May 2021


Nationality: Nigeria 


Simi Happy Birthday Mp3 Download 


Each new day that you and I see is a miracle unearned because we have so many people celebrating their born day. 


Simi and Adekunle Gold are definitely having a good time celebrating baby Simi’s birthday. 

Simi ft Adekunle Gold happy birthday lyrics

Heck, I was listening to Adekunle Gold it is what it is this morning and I was so thrilled and blessed to live in this Era. 


It was a masterpiece and you definitely need to check it out because if you don’t then you are missing something perfect. 


Now here is what I want you to do… 


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So what is next? 


Well, I have Simi ft Adekunle Gold lyrics next for you, so e joy. 


Complete Happy Birthday Lyrics Simi 


Music is how I start my day because one good song in the morning could totally change your whole day. 


For me, there are a lot of good songs I start my day with from genres like RnB to Jazz, to Afrobeat. 


Heck, I listen to Simi duduke about thrice a week because she is very much part of my music routine. 

Simi & Adekunle Gold Daughter

Having said that, Simi’s vocals are the one thing that differentiates her from other musicians in her space. 

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Plus this is one way she has created a very good net worth for herself


Now tell me, what is your favorite line from happy birthday by Simi ft Adekunle Gold and Deja? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Finally, here are the lyrics of happy birthday by Simi. 



I pray for you

O love of my Life

That you would be

My sun my moon my life

Now I testify

You are so much than I ever thought you’d be

Do you see my love


I can make the sun rise in the Westside

I can make you shine bright from the inside

If I have to do it for you

God bless the day you were born

Cos Baby when you show things for my life don start to dey blow

And so I sing this for you



Oh my baby

HAPPY Birthday

Happy Birthday oh

I go dey sing am to you every day

HAPPY Birthday

Happy Birthday oh

I go dey sing am to you everyday everyday everyday



Wetin you want

Say the word

You have my love

Another life

Girl I will be happy to be your daddy and lover again

I have done the work

So that you can fly

Make them choke

If them no like am

My Baby I will be there for you everyday…


Celebration oh my baby it’s your day

Orin hallelluyah lo ma ko everyday

Take your time, do your dance

And do it all day long

Jubilation baby it is your day

Hallelujah lo ma shey everyday

It’s your time

Dance all night



Oh my baby

HAPPY Birthday

Happy Birthday oh

I go dey sing am to you every day

HAPPY Birthday

Happy Birthday oh

I go dey sing am to you everyday everyday everyday


HAPPY Birthday

Happy Birthday oh

I go dey sing am to you every day

HAPPY Birthday

Happy Birthday oh

I go dey sing am to you everyday everyday everyday


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