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Tekno Designer mp3 download

Last updated on March 4th, 2021 at 09:14 pm

I am warming up to Tekno designer lyrics, now if you have not listened to it then download Tekno designer mp3 here easily.


Looking for the top artists in Nigeria who went mainstream without an album?


Well. Tekno very much tops this list as one of the top 30 best artists in the country and the only one without an album until now.

So what album was released recently by Tekno? Well, it’s the Old Romance album which is on fire now.


Now off the album is designers but before you and I get into the designer lyrics by Tekno here is what this post will cover.


  • You should be able to download designer mp3 by Tekno


  • Also, you will be able to stream designer audio


  • You can also watch Tekno designer video here


  • Finally, you will be able to follow designer by Tekno lyrics word for word here


With that out of the way, come let’s hop on the lyrics of the designer by Tekno, let’s see what we can find.


Tekno Designer Mp3 Download


Old Romance album couldn’t have come at a better time, to be honest.


I mean every track on this album was lit and if you have not listened to the whole album then you can do that here.

Designer by Tekno Lyrics
Slim Daddy

Speaking of lit, I also find a particular liking for Tekno Dana, which really hit home.


I have always loved how Tekno understands his audience and give them the type of music they need.


You would agree when I say he knows how to connect with his audience even on social media platforms.


Now here is what I want you to do!

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So what else?


Well, I have the complete lyrics of this track next for you so sit tight and hold on for me.


Complete Lyrics Of The Song


What is this song about? Well, Tekno knows how to take us through his love stories.


And on this audio track, Slim Daddy is obviously giving credit to his woman who he said is loyal.


Designer Tekno lyrics explore the storytelling love themed angle to hit you and me with that obvious melody.

Click the play button to watch designer Tekno video now!

It’s no doubt why he continues to soar in the music industry despite his slow down in 2020 after his vocal issue.


Gladly he is back and is providing quality songs that directly help to increase his net worth.


Having said that, here Tekno designer lyrics so enjoy, will you?



(My girl, my girl)

(My girl, my girl)

(My girl, my girl)

(My girl)

She make me smile every time, when she get on the telephone (yeah yeah yeah)




She no dey into designer

But she no mind to wear them

She no want me behind her

She no wan no man for no problem, no no

If I tell her Gucci she go say no

If I tell her Louis she go say no o

If I tell her Prada she go say no




E No matter the money

My baby no fit give her pussy to nobody

To nobody

To nobody

To nobody

To nobody

To nobody

E No matter the money

My baby no fit give her pussy to nobody

To nobody

To nobody

To nobody

To nobody

To nobody

To nobody

She never give it to nobody

Tekno Designer Lyrics



Some of these bitches are loyal (some of these bitches)

I know my bitch is loyal (I know)

Me tell her say later tonight we gon eat her sushi, ah she go

You ain’t never eat no sushi

She look at me and me act like me busy

And she know, know say we no dey busy


This kind woman sent from heaven, heaven

She’s my woman, know that I love you

And if love was a crime she’d still be my baby




E no matter the money

See my baby no fit give her pussy to nobody

To nobody

To nobody

To nobody

To nobody

To nobody

E No matter the money

My baby no fit give her pussy to nobody

To nobody (oh baby)

To nobody (my baby)

To nobody (baby, tele, tele)

To nobody (my baby)

To nobody (oh baby)

To nobody




She no dey into designer

But she no mind to wear them

She no want me behind her

She no wan no man for no problem

When you are come to an end, I’ll be there

Baby, baby, baby

(Mix Monster)

E no matter the money…


Who Produce And Wrote This Song


Who wrote it? Designer Tekno lyrics was written by Augustine Miles Kelechi.


Who produced it? Designer Tekno mp3 was produced by Zacky.


Alhaji Tekno has grown over the years since his debut in the industry.

Tekno Designer mp3 download

When I wrote about rich singers in the country, imagine my surprise when I found he made the list.


Now let me shock you a little, did you know he is also one of the richest celebs in Africa?


Well, this is of course with regards to music alone and if you think about it, it’s insane.


Especially if you consider the fact that he doesn’t have an album out until his recent project.


Now here are some details you may have missed.


Song Title: Designer


Artist: Tekno


Producer: Zacky


Written By: Augustine Miles Kelechi


Released Date: 2020


Nationality: Nigeria


Reaction To This Song


Before anything, here is the complete rating guide for tracks here on Shoutmeceleb.


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  • Very Good 4 stars


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  • Fair 2 stars


  • Poor 1 star


You can’t help but love Tekno whenever he hits the studio.


Personally, I don’t know about you, but I love the lyrical content and the message it passes.


The production was also super cool, with every instrument hitting right home.


So a big ups to the producer of this track, he deserves all the credit for its success.


Overall, I LOVE this song so I am giving it a 4.9-star rating.




You can’t hate Slim Daddy when he drops a song and the good thing is he touches across several topics.


One example is when he released Better Hope For Africa which at the time spoke about the issues facing the country.


Now if you have not listened to his recent project then you are missing something nice.


Over to you now!


Tell me, how would you rate Tekno designer lyrics?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you.


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