Teni ft Davido For You Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

Teni ft Davido for you mp3

Teni ft Davido for you lyrics is cracking me up with goosebumps and the best thing is you can download Teni for you mp3 here right now. 


A couple of days back my cousin told me he was going to bet that Teni for you lyrics would flop. 


When I asked why he said because there is Davido on it and he just can’t sing anything sensible. 


I was furious! 

Teni Fun Facts

So I asked him did you listen to Davido a better time album?


he said yes and then I asked how is it that you listened to that album and you said Davido can’t sing? 


I crowned the discussion up with “your hatred for one man is legendary” to which he laughed. 


Anyways what will you get from today’s post? 


Here is a list for you…


  • You will be able to stream Teni for you audio mp3 


  • Also, you will be able to watch Teni for you official music video ft Davido here


  • You will also be able to download for you song by Teni 


  • Finally, you will be able to follow for you by Teni lyrics word for word 


Now that you are up to speed, come let’s dive into for you lyrics by Teni shall we? 


Who Produce & Wrote Teni Ft Davido For You Lyrics 


Who produced this track? For you Teni mp3 was produced by Pheelz. 


Who wrote it? For you Teni lyrics were written by David Adeleke Adedeji and Teniola Apata.

Teni ft Davido for you mp3

Davido star power on features is just crazy and am positive you will love this track as he isn’t the best in Nigeria for nothing. 


With that said Teni has been brilliant so far and his career is only soaring. 


Now here are some details you may have missed while listening to this track. 


Song Title: For you 


Artists: Teni featuring Davido 


Producer: Pheelz


Album: Wondaland


Written By: Teniola Apata and David Adedeji Adeleke 


Release Date: 12th February 2021


Nationality: Nigeria 


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