Timaya ft Buju Cold Outside Lyrics (New Video & Review)

Reactions and Review To Cold Outside
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Last updated on December 4th, 2022 at 06:21 pm

Timaya ft Buju cold outside lyrics give you the idea of the strength of upcoming artists and you can enjoy Timaya cold outside on YouTube here. 


Music will always unite the world just the way soccer has united the world for ages. 


Timaya is a legend in the Nigerian music atmosphere especially because of his party jams. 


but this is different, kind of like how I can’t kill myself was different and it became a hit song. 


Look, if want you want to listen to is anything Buju and a mega stars then you will love this song. 


but before you and I dive into Timaya cold outside lyrics, here is everything this post will cover. 


  • You will be able to stream and download cold outside song by Timaya. 


  • Also, you will be able to get my no kiss yansh honest review of this song. 


  • Finally, you will be able to follow the lyrics word for word. 


Having said that, come let’s dive into cold outside lyrics by Timaya while exploring all the elements of this post. 


Reactions and Review To Cold Outside 


I always love to give a shout-out to the producers because everyone has to play his part. 


So a huge shout out to Yung Willis for making such an awesome beat, he is a gem and you can find him here on Twitter. 

Timaya ft Buju cold outside lyrics

Having said that, while listening to the song, I really didn’t understand the video that much. 


So maybe you guys can break it down in the comment section but the production was awesome. 


Cold outside by Timaya lyrics has that touch of I can’t kill myself with a mix of Buju’s vocals. 


Well, the first 15 secs of the video hooked me right in with Buju’s vocals that’s for sure. 

Timaya ft Buju Cold Outside Mp3 Download

It didn’t exactly make me want to dance because it geared towards the chilling side of music but I was nodding the whole time which means I love the beat. 



I replayed this 10 times and I wasn’t bored and it was vibee like other Timaya’s songs. Its mid-tempo relaxation effect resonated with me. 



So my final thoughts: this is a beautiful song much like everything Timaya has released from day one.


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Here is how it ranks on the SMCE rating chart… 


  • 0 – 1.9 flopped 
  • 2.0 – 3.0 almost failed 
  •  4.0 – 5.9 average 
  • 6.0 – 7.9 very good


Timaya ft Buju Cold Outside Song


A couple of days back, I saw the notification to set a reminder for this song while on YouTube. 


I didn’t even think for a second before I clicked on the set reminder button because I love Timaya’s songs. 

Timaya cold outside lyrics

Heck, I still go back to listen to tracks Love, Balance, Don Dada and Chulo Bothers Nobody


After listening to this track I was like okay, Timaya is a different kind of breed in the music game and this is how he has continued to grow his net worth


So while this takes another approach and kinda feels like he isn’t stressing with his craft, I think you will love it nonetheless. 


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I actually thought you will love it so click on the play button to enjoy cold outside by Timaya before we head into the review. 


[download id=”16893″]

Wait, don’t go yet!


Finally come, let’s dive right into cold outside by Timaya ft Buju lyrics, shall we? 


Click on the NEXT BUTTON to follow the lyrics word for word.

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