Mp3 Download: Tiwa Savage FWMM (Fuck With My Mind) Lyrics

Tiwa Savage FWMM Lyrics

Tiwa Savage FWMM lyrics is making me go gaga, guess what? You can download Tiwa Savage FWMM (fuck with my mind) mp3 here now. 


Celia’s Song album is everything classic and spectacular but don’t take my word for it until you listen to this track. 


Now before I bring you the best part of this post, here is what this post will cover. 


  • Follow FWMM by Tiwa Savage lyrics word for word 


  • You will be able to Download FWMM mp3 by Tiwa Savage stress-free 


  • If you love streaming, then you will be able to stream Tiwa Savage FWMM audio 


  • As a bonus, I have a short, sweet and nice review of this track, so make sure you see it below 


Now that you know what you get from FWMM (fuck with my mind) lyrics come let’s get into the details. 


Tiwa Savage FWMM (fuck with my mind) Mp3 Download 


Tiwatope is a very talented musician just to put it mildly without all the hype. 


When her Celia album dropped, the track that caught my attention is FWMM. 

FWMM by Tiwa Savage Lyrics

The second track that sucked me in further is Tiwa Savage ft Naira Marley ole mp3. 


Look you have to listen to that track, I was thrilled at how it was packaged to be frank. 


Are you looking for some of the richest artists in the African continent


Well before counting 50 names, you will find the name of Tiwa Savage right up there. 


No doubt she is an icon, and signing with UMG made sure her net worth shot up too. 

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I have only seen a few female artists that have stood out in this industry so far, Tiwa is number one on my list. 


Now click the sky blue button below to download FWMM by Tiwa Savage mp3. 

Download “FWMM (Fuck With My Mind)” Tiwa-Savage-FWMM.mp3 – Downloaded 77 times –

but wait! 


What is next? 


I have Tiwa Savage FWMM (fuck with my mind) lyrics next for you. 


So come let’s get into that right away, shall we? 


Complete FWMM Lyrics Tiwa Savage 


Each day of life is filled with bliss and the song you listen to could ultimately make or break your day. 


This is why I decided to make my own playlist of songs to get me through each day as it comes. 


I have listened to Tiwa Savage Temptation ft Sam Smith, I have to admit she is good. 

Tiwa Savage FWMM mp3 download

The way Sam Smith pulled off his verse is just beyond me. 


Now did you hit the play button above? If your answer is? No, it could only mean you didn’t get the lyrics as well. 


but no sweating because I just wrote out the lyrics of FWMM for you here. 






Verse 1


Big man you are a biggy man

Your swagg is been around yeah

I don’t mean to pin it on you

So you can keep your money on you you you

Big man man more than tenny zen ex

Never be a minimum card

Fuck with me you in a match

Oh no oh no

Let’s do this thing slow mo

You either come with me

Or i do this shit solo

Am loving this freedom 

So don’t give me reason to leave you

Coz lowkey I don’t need you




Don’t fuck with my mind

Oh baby don’t fuck with my mind

Don’t fuck with my mind (no no)

You don’t wanna fuck with my mind

Fuck with my mind (yeah)


Verse 2


Don’t try me am a bad bitch 

You don’t wann try me

Show me love talk to me nicely

You don’t ever wanna see me get feisty (oh ooo nooo)

You use to get it your way

Baby not today

Did it all and I did it my way (it’s nothing)




Don’t fuck with my mind

Oh baby don’t fuck with my mind

Don’t fuck with my mind (no no)

You don’t wanna fuck with my mind

Fuck with my mind (yeah)






With my mind

Don’t fuck with my mind

Fuck with my mind 

Fuck with my mind


Who Produce and Wrote Tiwa Savage FWMM Lyrics 



Who produced FWMM lyrics? FWMM (fuck with my mind Tiwa Savage lyrics was produced by ?????. 


Who wrote fuck with my mind lyrics? FWMM fuck with my mind Tiwa Savage lyrics was written by Tiwatope. 

Tiwa Savage FWMM Lyrics

As one of the current most wealthy musician in Nigeria right now, Tiwa has really excelled beyond expectations. 


Landing a deal with one of the biggest music production companies in the world is a huge leap forward. 


and this album will only make her more money if you look at it. 


but hey, you probably missed some of these details. 


Here we go… 


Song Title: FWMM 


Artist: Tiwa Savage 


Producer: ?????. 


Written By: Tiwatope Savage 


Release Date: 27th August 2020


Nationality: Nigeria 


Review of The Song 


I have to say I don’t know how she did it because attention use to be one of my favorite tracks


Now, it’s Tiwa Savage FWMM (fuck with my mind lyrics) which is strange but lovely. 


The lyrics of this track details the singer in a messed up relationship and she can’t just understand why she still loves the guy. 


The lyrics were beautifully crafted and overall the production was super sleek. 


I am giving this song a 4.9-star rating and it sits with Koroba on my highest tracklists. 




Tiwa Savage has been phenomenal since his debut more than 7 years ago. 


The fact that she keeps going strong with every strong she drops shows you and me that music is just her thing. 


Over to you now! 


How would you rate Tiwa Savage FWMM (fuck with my mind) lyrics? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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