Yemi Alade Lai Lai Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

Yemi Alade Lai Lai Lyrics

Will Yemi Alade lai lai lyrics be what will lead us into 2020? find out by downloading Yemi Alade lai lai mp3 here now and enjoy the quality sound. 

Yemi Alade Lai Lai Lyrics
Yemi Alade


2019 is almost gone, and with it will some amazing songs of 2019 that were hits. 

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So the question becomes, what will 2020 bring to you and me since 2019 has been filled with lots of good songs? 


The answer is simple! 


2020 holds a better year ahead and better quality music to be played and aired. from each of your favorite artists. 


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In the next 5 minutes of reading this blog post, you will be able to do 5 things that usually bring here. 


Here we go! 


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Who Wrote and Produce Yemi Alade Lai Lai Lyrics 


Lai Lai lyrics Yemi Alade was written by Woman of Steel as titled by her recent album that’s still making waves. 


The  video production was handled by Paul gambit. 


Alade is one of the best female musicians in the country today. 


The only female artist that’s been on a top such consistent level as the singer is Mavin ex-queen Tiwa. 


Savage has always been the only queen that stands on equal footing with Yemi Alade. who in the early part of this year did a song with Rick Ross. 


Contrary to the some of the speculation in months past about Yemi and Tiwa about going to war. the recent action of Savage bringing her upstage has shown there is peace between the two mega 9ja female artists.


It does not end there you know, do you know that Yemi isn’t just a rich musician? 


She is also one of the top rich musicians in Naija today sitting very comfortable on the SMC list. 


but I won’t bore you with that because you can click on the above link to check out the full list. 


Meanwhile, here is a simple and easy way to understand the information I have for you here. 


Song Title: Lai Lai 


Artist: Yemi Alade 


Producer:  Paul gambit


Record Label: Effizzy Music Group


Release Date: 27th of December 2019 


Nationality: Nigerian 


Quickly let’s transcend to the section where you can download this amazing song before I get you. the section where you can watch lai lai by Yemi Alade video. 


Yemi Alade Lai Lai mp3 Download 


The truth is 2019 has been very active for Yemi Alade honestly, as one of the richest African musicians. I was expecting anything short of the spectacular year. 


Having said, the Lagosian had a wonderful and steady loyal fan base since joining the music industry. 


today, you and I can say she among the top 20 artists of the year base on how active she’s been. 


The beauty of SMC is that we combine lyrics, mp3, and video under one roof. 


This way you are getting nothing but the best out from us. because I and my team, we are here to serve you alone. 


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Watch The Video of Lai Lai By Yemi Alade 


Video is currently topping the trends of most consumed digital type of contents. 


and with a world that’s come to embrace more of visuals, you can be. certain this number is only bound to be on the rising. 


This is why everywhere you go today, there’s video content everywhere for almost everything under the sun. 


Thankfully, I have one to entertain you today! 


Here it is, do enjoy it, will you! 

Lyrics of Yemi Alade Lai Lai 


I love quality lyrics and if you want to get to my heart, just make it meaningful. 


I see too much of junk meaningless lyrics these days honestly. 


This has mostly made me miss the likes of Fela who are lyrical genius with a message to pass on. 


Lai Lai Yemi Alade lyrics mostly touch a woman’s stand by her man in all situations. 


It devoid of one of the most complicated issue of all time in Africa which is money and women. 


This song removes every doubt that despite a world filled with money mongers there will always. be that few that cares little to none for your currency. 


A message directly telling men that there are still good women out there in the world today. 


Here is the complete lai lai lyrics Yemi Alade. 


Verse 1


Oh noo

Won l’o ni swaga

But you know I got you

Won l’o wo designer

But you know I got you

Won l’o wa range rover

You know I got you

A’le ma lo Dubai for Summer

But you know I got you


I got you

Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

I got you

Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

I got you

Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

I got you

Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

Titi lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai

Titi lai lai lai lai lai lai


Verse 2


I ain’t got money and a bank l’apo

Or a house in Chicago

Or Chilling like O.B.O

But one day we gonna do it do it do it

Hmm aye o pe meji

Oju kon lagani

Ekuro lala baku ewa Iwo oh Iwo oh

Aye oh pe meji

Oh baby leave story

This life is beautiful when I’m with you





I got you

Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

Said I got you

Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

Yes I got you

Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

Hmm I got you

Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

Titi lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai

Titi lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai

Titi lai lai



I for call your number ko si credit

I don turn  o ti wo debit

Bad bele people say I wouldn’t make it

Lai lai oh Kole ye won


I love you I got you

Ifemi eh (yeahhh oh)




Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

I got you

Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

I got you

Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

We go get money

Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

We born baby

If you stay with me

Baby you and me

We go get money

Titi lai lai lai Titi lai lai

We born baby

If you stay with me

Baby you and me

You and me

Cuz I got you

Oh baby

Cuz I got you


Review of the Song 


Yemi Alade lai lai lyrics perfectly strung together, the wording followed each other neatly. thereby producing the perceived message. 

Yemi Alade Lai Lai Mp3 download

more on that soon! 


Here is Shoutmeceleb rating guide for reviewing our songs… 


  • Excellent – 5 stars 


  • Very Good – 4 stars 


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  • Fair – 2 stars 


  • Poor – 1 star 


As shown in the above-bulleted list, you will see that Excellent is our highest rating with a 5-star rating. and Poor is our lowest with a 1-star rating. 


I know you understand! 


This is why I listen to this song over and over again and it’s just beautiful. 


The video was packed with emotions, the lyrics resonates and the audio was just a masterpiece. 


My rating is base on the quality of the video production to delivery of the lyrics and the sound of the song in general. 


Having said that here is my rating of lai lai lyrics 


Yemi Alade lai lai lyrics, video and mp3 gets 4.5 star rating from me. 


This is actually a good if you consider the base of the song and it’s storyline. while it’s not her usual party song, it’s still a very good song. 




Alade has been phenomenal if you have been keeping track of her wonderful songs. 


This is why you need to click that blue button and listen to the lyrics. 


I bet you will love it because it was just beautifully crafted to resonate with people from all walks of life. 


Over to you now! 


How would you rate the lyrics of lai lai? 


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