Mr Eazi and Lil Kesh net worth 2020
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How much is Mr Eazi and Lil Kesh net worth? Lil Kesh and Mr Eazi net worth is estimated to be more than $1,254,678 as of when this post was published.


If this is an estimate then what is the individual net worth of these two? 


As a matter of fact, today’s post will be focused on Mr Eazi net worth 2020 as well as Lil Kesh net worth 2020. 


but first, you may be wondering what am I going to get from today’s post. 


Net Worth of Mr Eazi
Mr Eazi

and the short answer to that is A LOT… 


Perhaps let me spell out what you will get from today’s post which is about Mr Eazi and Lil Kesh net worth in bullet points.


Here we go! 


  • Mr Eazi brief bio 


  • How did Mr Eazi career start 


  • Album and songs 


  • What is Mr Eazi source of income 


  • How much is Mr Eazi net worth 


  • Lil Kesh brief bio 


  • How did Lil Kesh career start 


  • Album and songs 


  • What is Lil Kesh source of income 


  • How much is Lil Kesh net worth 


  • How much is Mr Eazi and Lil Kesh net worth (Who is richer) 


  • Conclusion 


I want you to know that every figure on display here today is one that’s been thoroughly researched.


What this means is that you can be sure that these figures are accurate and updated regularly. 


Shoutmeceleb Entertainment regular update is due to the fact that celebs net worth can go up and down due to several factors. 


Having said that, I have decided to split this post into two sections so it can be easy for you to digest. 


The first section will detail everything I believe you need to know about Mr Eazi net worth in dollars.


and the second section will detail everything you need to know about Lil Kesh net worth in dollars. 


Plus I have included a table of content with the title “CLICK to JUMP ANYWHERE”


What it does is to help you skip back and forth as you read through. 


Now let’s get into Mr Eazi and Lil Kesh net worth shall we? 


but first, click the button below to play this cool music as you scroll down to read… 


Assuming you just did that now let’s continue… 


Mr Eazi Brief Bio 


If you live in the continent of Africa, there is a huge chance that you may have heard the name Mr Eazi right? 


Well, he is popular so I doubt anyone in Africa may not know him. 

Mr Eazi net worth 2020

but just in case you do not have a clue then I will cover some of the details below. 


Musicians in Africa are also popular in other parts of the world like US, UK e.t.c.


So the popular question most people ask on Google whenever doing a search on musicians is:


Who is B


Who is A


You probably did one of such searches before so you know what I speak of right? 


Well, that’s the beauty of the Internet and the world today. 


By just talking to your phone you can get answers to any question you have in the universe. 


Now speaking of question what about if I ask one right about now. 


Would you be able to answer? 


Here is my question: Why is that you and I forget the real name of musicians? 


Just shoot me a comment in the comment session below. 


MR Eazi is popularly known around the world by his stage name.


but what is the real name of Mr Eazi? 


I will tell you! 


Mr Eazi real name is Oluwatosin Ajibade… 


and he was born in the city of Portharcourt which is the capital of River State in the year 1991 precisely on the 19th of July. 


Mr Eazi is renowned for bringing to spotlight Nigeria musician Joeboy


and since his signing to Banku Music, he has been phenomena earning himself a nomination at the 2019 Headies Award. 


So who is Mr Eazi? 


Mr Eazi is a Nigerian musician, singer-songwriter, and entrepreneur. 


Mr Eazi on his blistering career has won himself a couple of awards since debuting in the industry. 


In 2016, he won the award for the NEXT RATED artist of the year at the 2016 Headies Award


but wait, that’s not all… 


Same year Mr Eazi also won the award for the most promising act to watch at the 2016 NEA. 

Nigeria is known for pushing the narrative of the importance of education to their kids. 


and with this narrative, Oluwatosin decided to further his studies at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.


In Ghana, he studied mechanical engineering before whilst recording music. 


Thanks to Fela Afrobeat has gone mainstream and the world is starting to identify with this genre. 

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I believe the brief detail above tells you all that you needed to know about Mr Eazi. 

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Now let’s talk about how his career started shall we? 


How Did Mr Eazi Career Start 


Over the last two years, I have found one theme to be common among musicians and their humble beginning. 


Do you want to take a guess what that is? 


I bet not! 


Well, I found out that most musicians started their careers either in churches or in school. 


So where does Oluwatosin fall into in my discovery? 


You will find out shortly… 


Mr Eazi musical career started in KNUST where he studied mechanical engineering. 

As a child, Mr Easi listened to record played by his father who is a pilot, but it was not until his university days that his interest in music grew exponentially. 


As a matter of fact, Wikipedia said Eazi had to form a company known as Swagger Entertainment. 


He used this company to book musicians for shows while still studying in KNUST. 


This was how his entrepreneurial journey started, however, his rise to fame didn’t happen until 2013. 


In 2013, Mr Eazi lend vocals to the song My Life which became an instant hit in several universities. 


but It was Effya assisted Skin Tight that shot him off to fame. 


In 2015, Mr Eazi released Skin Tight featuring Ghanaian female artist Effya which was produced by D’Juls. 


This song currently has more than 20 million views on YouTube and here is a screenshot of the video on YT. 


Having said this, you and I should look at his album and mixtapes right about now, right? 


Album and Songs 


So how many albums does Mr Eazi have since debuting in the industry? 


I believe the right question should be how many mixtapes does he have. 


Mr Eazi currently has 3 mixtapes in his entire career which started in 2013. 


His first Mixtape was titled “About to Blow” which was released in 2013. 


About to Blow is a 13 track mixtape with singles such as Bankulize. 


and four years after gaining an international audience with Skin Tight, he released his second Mixtape. 


Mr Eazi second mixtape is titled Life is Easy: From Accra to Ghana vol 1 and It was released in 2017. 


It got some good love from fans and in the following year, he released his 3rd mixtape. 


He titled his 3rd mixtape Life is Eazy: From Lagos to London


Mr Eazi fusion of Ghana Highlife and Nigeria chord progression made sure the 28 years old sound is different from your typical Nigerian sound. 


and here is a list of his mixtapes on bullet points below. 


  • About to blow 2013 


  • Life is Easy: From Accra to Lagos vol 1 2017 


  • Life is Easy: Lagos to London vol 2 2018


The net worth of Mr Eazi saw a rapid climb over the years thanks to the love from several mixtapes. 


Look releasing albums and songs can be as daunting a task as writing honestly. 


because you constantly have to think up new ideas and Google your own lyrics just to be sure you are not spitting the same old shit. 


That’s how tough it gets when you have released several, albums, mixtapes, and singles. 


Having said that, now let’s look at where Mr Eazi makes is income. 


What is Mr Eazi Source of Income 


Mr Eazi is one of the artists I have admired a lot of times for standing out so uniquely with his style of songs. 


Something which he termed a little bit of Ghana and a little bit of Nigeria. 


So how much is Mr Eazi worth and what are the sources of income? 


before I answer this, I have to tell you that if you are still making money from just one source, that’s not good at all. 

You want to diversify your sources of income to keep you safe for years. 


Look I don’t have a degree in finance or anything but as someone who has been gone through financial stress due to having just one source of income, I won’t advise anyone to go down this path. 


Mr Eazi first source of income comes from you and me streaming and ordering his albums. 


and for someone with more than 2 mixtapes out, it is sure money is flying in from different sources. 


but this just happens to be one of several sources I will cover briefly. 


Oluwatosin second source of income so far comes from his entrepreneurial journey. 


He is the CEO of BANKU music, a record label that signs artists and helps them achieve fame. 


and among this list, comes our very own, Joeboy, who has been a tremendous addition to the Nigeria music industry. 


Mr Eazi third source of income stems from being called and booked for shows. 


This is an additional source as it costs more than $1 million to book him for any shows around the country. 


Lastly, Mr Eazi makes money from his endorsement deals with several companies. 


All of these sources of income have so far helped boost Mr Eazi net worth 2020 Forbes


and right about now, what’s Mr Eazi net worth?


I will spit it out already… 


How Much is Mr Eazi Net Worth 2020 


How much is Mr Eazi net worth? Mr Eazi current net worth stands at a whooping 1,600,000 US dollars ($1.6 million). He makes a huge part of his income from his music, but that’s only one source of his income. He also makes money from endorsements, shows and his record label Banku music. 

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Mr Eazi networth: $1.6 million


I have always wondered what I would do with all that money that he has honestly. 


and the very first thought that comes to mind is life on the sea. 


Waking up to that fresh breeze from the ocean every morning is just beautiful don’t you think? 


Also, you may have probably missed some details so here is a nice table for you to catch up. 


Since this post is about Mr Eazi and Lil Kesh net worth, we will unearth everything about Kesh shortly, so stay with me. 


but for now, yeah, that’s all you need to know about Mr Eazi net worth Forbes


Lil Kesh Brief Bio 


Lil Kesh has been quiet since leaving Olamide record label YBNL to run his own record label. 


I believe like every record label, it comes with a bit of work on the owner himself. 


So my guess is this could be one of the major reasons why he has been slow in releasing songs.


However, this has not reduced Lil Kesh’s net worth in Naira. 

Mr Eazi and Lil Kesh net worth 2020

As a matter of fact despite only a few singles, Lil Kesh net worth 2020 Forbes looks pretty good. 


and he has amassed quite a fortune since debuting in the industry. 


with all that money I am sure a cozy life by the beach can’t be off the list right? 




I love living by the beach so it’s more of the reason I talk about it more often if you know what I mean. 


but for now let’s drop that and focus more on his career, humble beginning, and how it all started for him. 


Speaking of which the first question that pops up is who is he right? 


I mean you probably know him as Lil Kesh which obviously is his stage name. 


So what is his real name then considering you and I mostly forget this part? 


Lil Kesh real name is Keshinro Ololade


and he was born in the city of Lagos in the year 1995 March 14th. 


During his rise to fame, Keshinro has scooped and added a couple of awards to his archive. 


and one of these includes his nomination for the Nigerian teen choice award which he won back in 2015.


He has also taken home the award for popular song of the year with his single Shoki. at the Nigeria Entertainment Award (NEA). 


While still signed to Olamide record label YBNL, he was involved in a controversy at the Headies award


What happened was that he got nominated alongside Reekado for the Next Rated artist award. 


but for some reason, it was Reekado Banks that came up on top. 


and Olamide wasn’t happy with this as such the saga that led to a little rift between him and Don Jazzy. 


The pair are good now, but hey the did have already been done. 


Who is he? 


Well, Lil Kesh Keshinro is a Nigerian musician, rapper, and songwriter. 


His preferred language of rap is Yoruba which has thrown him under a couple of criticism. 


Growing up in Bariga which is his place of birth, Lil Kesh enrolled in the University of Lagos where he studied linguistics. 

However, he decided not to pursue his education after he became serious with his career as a musician. 


2020 is another year and one that’s been clouded with uncertainty about the future with regards to the pandemic. 


However, if there is any rapper Nigerian would be looking to bounce back strong after this pandemic, that will be Lil Kesh. 


and now let’s talk about how it all started for the 25 years old shall we? 


How Did Lil Kesh Career Start 


I believe if I am to give you a very short answer to that question it would be “Stressful like everything else in the world”. 


In my experience to become successful in anything, you have to devote time to it. 


I mean a lot of time because that’s the only way you can truly master your skill and craft. 


For example, I was going through my posts on my site when I started writing about 2 years ago. 


and I had to compare my previous writing with this one you are currently reading, and the difference blew me away instantly. 


I mean there is so much you can do that you would not have believed that you could do. 


and the beauty of writing is that, over the years you start seeing positive or negative changes. 

How much is Lil Kesh net worth

but in the end, it would be you who made it happen… 


For Lil Kesh the future he envisions was music and decided to follow that path. even though it meant being a school drop out. 


Lil Kesh career started in Lagos State University where his love for music grew each day. 


and then the very moment came when he was rapping among his pearls in Bariga. 


and with the release of the single Lyrically, Lil Kesh life went for the spin of just an ordinary guy to a celebrity. 


All of these happened in 2012 and by 2015 he was already bagging several awards. 


Lyrically did so well that he quickly found favor from YBNL boss Olamide. 


Olamide signed Lil Kesh and while at the label, he released Shoki. 


Shoki became the national anthem for Nigerians all over the world. 


The remix featured Davido and Olamide and it was also a success. 

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Take a look at the screenshot below, you would see that over the years Shoki has garnered more than 2 million views on YouTube. 


and this use to be the national anthem of my brother’s girlfriend then. 


Anyways let’s dive into his album and songs, shall we? 


As these are some of the things that helped to boost the net worth of Lil Kesh


Album and Songs 


Lil Kesh is currently one of the artists in the country with just one studio album in his entire career. 


Well other than the likes of Tekno Miles who have been in the game for so long yet does not have an album, Keshinro adds to a list of artists with few albums. 


So when I say few, how few do I mean exactly right? 

Net worth of Lil Kesh

Well, Lil Kesh up to date just has one studio album to his credit. and I don’t even know if that’s a good or bad thing. 


but I am beginning to think that it may not just be about the albums you know. 


Yeah, it adds more money to your bank account obviously. but I am starting to realize one could do well without an album. 


Tekno did and has managed several endorsements from the likes of UMG. 


So it’s entirely possible… 


Lil Kesh released his first studio album titled YAGI which is an acronym for Young and Getting it.


This is also the name of his record label, one he established after leaving YBNL.


Although there are claims that it was established as a subsidiary to Olamide YBNL record label. 


Yagi is a 19 track album with tracks like Ishe getting videos. 


Some other tracks from this album include F.S.U. 


Ishe basically is a lyric that talk more about mothers and how his helped him to fame. 


and today, he is happy singing, making his money, and caring for his mama. 


Right to this moment, Ishe currently has more than 1 million views combined on YouTube. 


Now here is a couple of tracks since Lil Kesh debut in the industry. 


  • YAGI 2017 album 


  • Shoki 


  • Lyrically 


  • Nkan Be


Lil Kesh net worth Forbes is what it is today, thanks to some of the tracks above. 


Now I believe is the right time to ask what’s Lil Kesh net worth and where does his money comes from. 


Well, all of these I will answer in the next subheadings. 


What is Lil Kesh Source of Income 


Lil Kesh makes money from a couple of sources thanks to being famous. 


Look if you really want to make money really quickly then get famous, build a following and you are on your way to money. 

I mean that literally… 


One of Lil Kesh sources of income stems from shows. 


In other to book Lil Kesh for shows, you are literally going to pay more than $2000. 


and this is just for shows within the country. 


Outside the country, he will definitely be charging more than what I have mentioned above. 


Lil Kesh’s second source of income comes from his music. 


This means every album released has only one goal and that’s to increase Lil Kesh net worth in dollars. 


Lastly, Lil Kesh makes money from his label imprint YAGI which is a subsidiary of YBNL. 


Now how much is Lil Kesh worth? 


How Much is Lil Kesh Net Worth 2020


How much is Lil Kesh net worth? Lil Kesh current net worth stands at 900,000 US dollars ($900,000). and he makes his money from music, getting invited to shows and from his own record label imprint YAGI which is an acronym for Young and Getting It. 


Lil Kesh networth: $900,000


Look like I said at the beginning of this post these figures may change year in, year out. 


but we update these content quarterly to reveal the current changes some undergone. 


Having said that, here is a table for you to pick little details about Lil Kesh. 


and now that you and I know Mr Eazi and Lil Kesh net worth, let’s find out who is richer shall we? 


How Much is Mr Eazi and Lil Kesh Net Worth (Who is Richer


To be honest this post won’t be entirely complete if I don’t answer the question who is the richest between Mr Eazi and Lil Kesh. 


and that’s what I will do below so come let’s go, shall we? 

Lil Kesh net worth 2020

So Mr Eazi and Lil Kesh net worth who is the richest? Mr Eazi is currently the richest between the two Nigerian artists having a net worth of $1.6 million and Lil Kesh has a net worth of $900,000. 


but what is net worth in the first place? 


Here is a short definition for you: A net worth is asset minus debts. 




There are a lot of sources online today from where you can get the accurate net worth of any musician. 


However, all I ask is that if you do a Google search about Mr Eazi and Lil Kesh net worth then landed here. After reading my post on this topic, I would also suggest you check with other online sources. 


This way you are sure you are getting the right information for your time. 


there you go, all about Lil Kesh and Mr Eazi net worth


It’s up to you now! 


How would you predict Lil Kesh net worth in 2021 and how will you predict Mr Eazi net worth in 2021? 


Will it rise or will it fall considering we already have a very poor first quarter of the year?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you like this post then please share on any of the social media platforms and Follow us here on Facebook. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you… 



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