Mr P and Rudeboy Net Worth 2021 [The Hidden Secret]

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How much is Mr P and Rudeboy worth

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Mr P and Rudeboy net worth who is the richest? Rudeboy and Mr P net worth is greater than the sum of $21,234,678 as of 2020.

Now scroll down below and you will find a table containing the individual net worth of these two brothers.

So what will you get from today’s post? Well in today’s post I will show you Mr P net worth 2021.


Click the play button below as you listen to Rudeboy’s reason with me while you read on.

I will also show you Rudeboy net worth 2021 but I won’t stop there, you will find every detail about their life, kids, cars and wives, and source of wealth below.

So come let’s dive into Mr P and Rudeboy net worth since both are one of the top 50 richest musicians in Africa currently?


Stay with me!


The question of Mr P and Rudeboy who is richer is not looking to die out fan’s mouths soon. You may be surprised, but I said that because now more than ever, the comparison is higher.

Mr P and Rudeboy net worth

Mr P

But before you will ask me Mr P and Rudeboy who is the senior or eldest, Lemme answer that for you.


Mr P is the oldest of the twins. I hope that was very direct for you.


    How Much is Mr P Net Worth 2020

    How much is Mr P net worth 2020? Mr P net worth 2021 Forbes is currently estimated to be 16,500,000 US dollars (16.5 Million). A larger part of Peter Okoye net worth 2021 comes from his music career as part of the ex duo group Psquare.


    Mr P Networth: $16.5 Million


    Note Mr P also makes money from other sources other than music.

    Real Name: Peter Okoye
    Stage Name:Mr P
    Date of Birth:November 18th 1981
    Marital StatusMarried
    Children:Aliona Okoye and Cameron Okoye
    Record Label: PClassic
    State of Origin:Anambra State
    Source of Income:Music, Business, and endorsements
    Net Worth:$16.4 Million

    Mr P net worth has also increased due to these other sources of income.



    One of the major ways he makes money is through shows, whenever he is invited to perform, he gets paid.


    Mr P Net Worth 2020

    Another way he makes money is through endorsement from other big brands like Infinix.



    Since their split back in 2017, Mr P has released several singles that have earned him revenue on Youtube.



    Youtube pays artists on a per thousand-mile impression, so whenever you watch his videos he makes more cash.



    These are some of the ways that Peter Psquare net worth has reached 16.5 million US dollars.



    You have probably heard about ZOOM LIFESTYLE this is a raffle draw company own by Mr P.

    You can read this article to know about raffle draw to have an idea of how he has to expand his asset through Zoom Lifestyle.



    When I converted Mr P net worth in dollars to Mr P net worth in Naira, below is the figure I got.


    Mr P Net Worth in Naira:  N5.868 billion


    and now that you and I know the net worth of Mr P, come let’s look at Paul Okoye net worth 2021.


    How much is Rudeboy Net Worth 2021


    How much is Rudeboy net worth 2020? Rudeboy net worth 2021 Forbes is currently estimated to be 15,400,000 US dollars ($15.4 Million). Much of Rude boy net worth in 2021 comes from his music.


    Rudeboy Networth: $15.4 Million



    When I wrote this article on the top 50 richest musicians in Nigeria Rudeboy and his brother Mr P made the list.

    Real Name: Paul Okoye
    Stage Name:Rudeboy
    Date of Birth:November 18th 1981
    State of Origin:Anambra State
    Marital Status:Married
    ChildrenNathan and Nadia Okoye
    Record Label:Fire Department
    Source of Income:Music and Business
    Net Worth:$15.4 Million


    No doubt both are one of the richest in the country currently alongside legends like 2face.



    Much like Mr P KingRudy also makes money from endorsement deals.


    How much is Mr P and Rudeboy worth

    He also started a clothing line which he uses his kids to model for the brand.



    Another way he makes money is through his audience on Youtube.



    Rudeboy currently has more than 600,000 subscribers on Youtube which helps his music to reach a very large audience.


    Youtube then pays him depending on the views that the video gain.



    These are some of the major sources through which Rudeboy net worth has increased in the last decade.

    After converting Rudeboy net worth in dollars to Rudeboy net worth in Naira, the figure I got is just below.

    Rudeboy Networth in Naira: N5.4 billion



    So now that you know the net worth of Rudeboy come let’s see who  Peter and Paul who is richer?


    Mr P and Rudeboy who is More Richer?

    Mr P is Richer than his twin brother Rudeboy. Mr P net worth 2020 ranges between $15 million to  $16.5 million. and Rudeboy net worth 2020 ranges from $14 million to $15.4 million.


    Rudeboy and Mr P Biography


    Do you know that Mr P and Rudeboy biography are interwoven?


    When you toss a coin, it is either you will catch the head or tail. and frankly when I hold a coin, whether it’s the Naira or dollar coin, I just can’t tell where is the Head and tail.


    Don’t laugh at me yet, I know you feel surprised….  Like, is this guy dumb or something!

    Rudeboy worth

    Well, I am not but be honest with yourself, haven’t you wondered the same thing?


    Like the old ones always said a coin has a head and tail but where is the head and the damn tail? because I can’t find it anywhere since it pretty much looks the same.


    Well, I had to talk about coin because much like this illustration Peter and Paul Okoye are the two sides of one coin.


    So, I can’t talk about Mr P net worth 2020 and not talk about Rudeboy net worth 2020.


    Here is the best part!


    P-Square net worth is always a debate on social media groups like Celebrity Gossips. the reason being that they are both brothers.


    Having said that, I will break the biography of Mr P and Rudeboy into a few subheadings. so that you can scan through the post for some key takeaways.


    Sounds cool Yea?


    You and I should quickly look at some details like where the twins grew up and schooled.


    How old is Mr P and Rudeboy (Peter and Paul Age)


    Rudeboy and Mr P are 39 years old now. The twins were born in 1981 to Mr. and Mrs. Okoye.

    Mr P and Rudeboy history largely talk about just the older brother Jude Okoye who played a huge part during the humble beginnings of the ex Psquare group.


    But, what you probably did not know is that they had a sister who is almost forgotten.


    I realize that if you do not have money or fame then you probably did not exist. no offense if you are broke, please. I am not ashamed of being broke now as I write this but be rest assured I won’t stay broke.


    Like T. Harv Eker one of my mentors would say “money is extremely important in the areas in which it functions and extremely unimportant in the areas where it does not function.


    Button line


    Make money o, lots of it because you have to live a good life void of hardship and poverty. Riches is meant for every man to have by the divine creator of all things.


    You are reading this because it is about Psquare net worth 2020. So, I do not want to digress any further.


    But why did I just speak about money well, it’s because of Peter, Paul, and Jude’s sister Mary Okoye. at least she uses to go by the father’s name before her marriage a few years back.

    Peter and Paul who is the richest

    But have you wondered how she never comes up in the Okoye family drama?


    Personally I like how she stayed away from the family drama that has lingered from 2017 to date.


    Let’s skip her for now!


    Do you where the two ex Glo ambassador grew up?


    If you don’t already then let’s get right into it shall we.


    Where was Mr P Peter and Rudeboy Paul Born


    Paul and Peter were born in Anambra state in the early 80s. Father and mother plus children later relocated to Jos plateau state.


    There, the two brothers went to school, played football and finally graduated into music.


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    While singing and dancing, the two were famous for mimicking Michael Jackson the King of Pop who died in 2009. during the preparation for his last tour “This is It”


    but unfortunately, he died trying to pull that off. to date and even in death, he remains the king of pop.


    Mr P and Rudeboy Musical Career (Early Start)


    The Musical Career of Mr P and Rudeboy started at Murumbu secondary school in Jos.

    Rudeboy and Mr P who is richer

    It was actually where the two started dancing. But though you and I see the two of them doing more of singing these days.


    Back then, it was more dancing. If you can relate with this then you are probably one of the die-hard fans dated back to when they were the MMMPP.




    At Murumbu secondary school Mr P and Rudeboy formed a group alongside friends. Together they danced their way to fame in the late 90s.


    According to Bionetworth:


    In the 90s the two brothers formed a dance group called smooth criminals before going to the University of Abuja to study business administration.


    On graduation, the two decided to perform with names like Da Pees, Double P before settling for Psquare. 


    The group was managed by the CEO of Adroit Nigeria Limited Bayo Odusami. He was popularly called Howie. and did you know that Howie was simply a seasoned concert promoter?


    In 2001 our very own Naija Music Twin won Grab the Mic contest and recorded their first album Last night.


    Here is the interesting part!


    2- 4 months after Psquare released Last Night under Timbuk2, they nominated for KORA awards in SA. but it was Amen Award that the group took home.


    Peter and Paul quickly rose to fame and has 6 albums to their name “Psquare” before splitting. I will talk more about their split below.


    So, this is the Album of Mr. P and Rudeboy back when the two were still Psquare.


    • Last Nite 2001
    • Get Squared 2005
    • Game Over 2007
    • Double Trouble 2014
    • Danger 2009
    • Invasion 2011

    Why Did Psquare split


    The split of Psquare has been a long time coming. But Mr P and Rudeboy split isn’t just a split.


    You remember when the two brothers did Senorita, Omoge Mi, Busy Body, and some others. This is the first album that was released in 2005.


    If you followed them as I did then you will find out that, these two were stars in the making because the two hustled for anything they both had.

    Mr P


    There was no distinguishing who is the best and who isn’t but then suddenly things began to change.


    Thanks to Jude their older brother who decides that as their producer, one is better than the other. as such the music of one was featured more in their albums.


    Now let me ask you this one question:


    How would you feel if we have come this far pushing through everything? only for someone to decide that I am better than you?


    So, because I am better my songs should be featured more. You obviously would be jealous right?


    and what jealousy does is it drives a wedge between families, friends relationships and so on.


    Now kindly relate this to the twins, you will see that it’s not a woman as it is claimed.


    This is not to say that anyone knows the cause of the rift between the group. as most certainly the cause can only be known by Jude, Mr P, and Rudeboy.


    But something near the truth would be woman plus marginalization. One of the twins felt he is being marginalized and that his wife is not accepted in the family.


    How will this help matters?


    Sources confirmed that before their mothers passing, she did not want her son to get married to his wife.

    I can’t even imagine my mother refusing me from marrying a woman I love. I mean she’s happily married so why will you want to stop me.


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    After her passing Jude was determined to hold on to her mother’s wish. But if you can learn anything from this, it would be that a man hates being told what to do.


    Peter got married to his wife after the mother passed on and for the others, it sure felt like a disrespectful act.


    Most especially because the mother ordered such marriage not to take place. and one of the only reasons that were vivid is that Peter’s wife is older than her.


    How crazy is that!


    Like I told you, I still did not think a woman caused the rift but largely due to one being favored than the other.


    But it’s the Internet and different opinions spread and each is from what the writer perceives to be the truth.


    before you an I continue, let’s ask this simple question and provide the answer too.

    Rudeboy and Mr P Solo Career


    Mr P and Rudeboy solo career began after the popular split that shocked their fans around the world.

    Rudeboy Boy and Mr P net worth

    Paul Okoye’s solo career saw him pick the stage name Rudeboy and Peter Okoye’s solo career made him choose Mr P.


    The official split was confirmed by Pulse in 2017. Immediately Mr P solo Career begins with him releasing a single titled Cool it Down.


    and Rudeboy solo career began with songs like Nkenji Keke. They were both well-received however, fans could not stop debating who is the best.


    An act I believe is driving the brothers further apart. Mr P songs and Rudeboy songs are very classic.


    But humans always want the best and this best keeps pitting two brothers against each other. I am not cool with it though but the debate is very entertaining.

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    I mean sometimes you just have to come to terms with the harsh reality of us being human beings.


    Let’s quickly look at Mr. P singles and Rudeboy singles, shall we!


    Mr P Singles


    Here is Mr P solo song as an artist from their breakup in 2017


    Rudeboy Singles


    Here is a list of Rudeboy solo song as an individual artist after the breakup.


    Rudeboy Personal Life


    The personal life of Rudeboy is what it is personal but here are a few things we know though.


    He got married to his wife in 2014.


    He has 3 kids a twin and a boy. Mr. Paul Okoye has a boy and a girl as twins name Nathan and Nadia Okoye.

    Rudeboy Wife and Kids

    Rudeboy Family

    The name of his oldest boy is Andre Okoye and he is 6 years old. The name of his wife is Anita Isama.


    Rudeboy wife and Kids recap


    • Anita Isama (wife)
    • Nathan Okoye – boy (twin)
    • Nadia Okoye – girl (twin)
    • Andre Okoye – (boy)

    Mr P Personal Life


    Peter’s personal life isn’t personal because I like to call him the entertainer. He’s all over the place, Lolz but I mean that in a good way.


    So, here is the few things I know about Mr. P. He is married to his wife and both have 2 kids.


    A boy who is a footballer and a dancer and a girl Aliona Okoye.

    . Mr P used Cameron in his 2018 video shoot Ebaeno.


    The video got over 3 million views on YouTube with many claiming they loved the concept of including his son to the video.


    Mr. P wife and Rudeboy’s wife have a few things in common. and that is the fact each loves their man no doubt.


    Mr P recently made a comment according to daily posts about why he chooses his wife over his two brothers.

    Mr P Wife and Kids

    Lola Omotayo and her 2 kids Cameron and Aliona

    In his words:


    “I do not owe anyone an explanation of why I pick my wife and kids over my brothers. They are my family and if anyone won’t listen to my song because of this then it’s okay”


    . So here’s a quick break down of what we know in bullet points.


    Mr P wife and Kids

    • Lola Omotayo Okoye
    • Cameron son (footballer and dancer)
    • Aliona Okoye


    Houses and Cars


    Mr P and Rudeboy net worth 2019 won’t be complete if I didn’t talk about their fleet of cars.


    But for the sake of this post, I will only show you two of Mr P cars and 2 of Rudeboy cars.


    Does that sound good yea?


    But wait there is even more!


    Here are two of my favorite cars each of them owns.


    Mr P Cars and Houses


    Mr P house in Banana highland costs 1.5 billion Naira which is a luxury.


    I mean have you seen this guy’s fleet of cars? God! money is good honestly. But don’t take my word for it just ask any of the P square brothers.  


    His 2014 Bently costs about 29 million to 30 million Naira, but I won’t bore you with details, just check this video of Mr P cars and Mansion.


    Here is a list of Mr P cars:

    • Range Rover Autobiography- 80 Million Naira
    • 2016 Range Rover- 15 million Naira
    • G-Wagon
    • Bentley 29 Million Naira
    • Jaguar F-type VHS 2014- 15.5 Million Naira


    Rudeboy cars and Houses

    Well, just watch the above brief video to see rude boy cars and houses.


    Here is a bulleted list of Rudeboy cars in 2019

    • BMW X6- 22 Million Naira
    • Wrangler SUV Jeep
    • Range Rover Autobiography- 80 Million Naira
    • Hummer Jeep
    • Cadillac Escalade

    List Of Psquare Awards & Nominations


    This subheading will cover the list of Mr. P and Rudeboy’s list of awards and nominations.


    You and I have come this far but it’s sad that individually both have not been nominated for an award since the Psquare fight.


    Mr P and Rudeboy Awards Back in The Days of Psquare


    I believe you are wondering why their award came last right?

    Mr P and Rudeboy who is richer

    Believe it or not, every award you receive has a cash prize attached to it. So, invariably Mr P and Rudeboy net worth 2020 are affected by these awards despite their split.

    However, let’s take the list of all their awards back from the days of Psquare as a group.

    So here we go!


    MTV Europe Music Awards


    • Best African Act 2013- Nominated
    • Best Group 2015- Nominated
    • Artist of the Decade- Nominated

    MTV Africa Music Awards


    • Best Group 2008- Won
    • Artist of the Year 2008- nominated
    • Best RnB 2008- Nominated
    • 2008 Best Video- nominated
    • 2009 best Group- Won
    • Best Live Performer 2009- Nominated
    • 2014 Best group- Nominated
    • Artist of the Year 2014- Nominated
    • Artist of the Year 2014- nominated


    Headies Award


    • Busy Body Song of the year 2006- Won
    • Artist of the Year- won
    • Best RnB/pop album 2006- Won
    • Album of the Year 2006- won

    City Mag 9th Award Show


    • Best Hip Hop Group 2006- Won

    Nigeria Music Award


    • Get Squared Album of the Year- 2006- Won
    • Best Video of the Year 2006(Get Squared)- Won

    Soul Train Music Award


    • personally Best International Performance- nominated

    Channel O Music Video Award


    • Best Duo or Group 2007- Won
    • Most Gifted Group of the Year 2012- Won
    • Best Duo or Group 2008- Won
    • Most Gifted African (West) Video 2013/Video of the year- Won

    KORA Awards

    • Artiste of the Year 2010- won
    • Most Promising African Group 2003- nominated

    Ghana Music Awards

    • 2013 African Artiste of the Year- nominated
    • 2014 African Artiste of the Year- nominated

    MOBO Awards


    • 2006 nominated Best African Act
    • 2008 nominated Best African Act
    • 2010 nominated Best African Act
    • 2012 nominated Best African Act

    BET Awards

    • Best International Act 2010- nominated

    Lil Perry Production

    • 2010 Producer of the Year- Won


    Mr P and Rudeboy who is the best


    Rudeboy fans say he is the best and Mr. P fans say he is the best. but from a few statistics from Youtube views, I will pick Rudeboy as the better singer. and Mr. P as the better dancer and entertainer.


    Rudeboy in more than one occasion has got his Youtube videos to more than one million views in 3 days. This something Peter is yet to achieve.


    You love music right?


    I know you do if not you will not be here asking Mr P and Rudeboy who is the best. It is because of your love for music that you wish to know who is better.




    When next someone asks you what’s Mr P and Rudeboy’s net worth?


    Just tell him or her that the two are worth billions of Naira. or better still give him a post link to read.


    Recap For P Square net worth 2021


    • Mr P net worth 2021 is $16.4 million which is about 6 billion Naira in Naija currency
    • Rudeboy net worth 2021 is $15 million Naira which is 4.8 billion Naira
    • Both are married, Mr P wife is Lola Omotayo and Rudeboy Wife is Anita Ishama
    • Both have amazing kids… Mr P kids are Cameron and Aliona Okoye
    • Rudeboy Kids are Andre, Nathan and Nadia Okoye
    • Peter Okoye loves cars more than Paul Okoye and both have amazing houses.

    So over to you guys!


    Rudeboy and Mr p who is the richest? this will be the question in 2021, I will be waiting to see who takes the lead then.



    Mp3 Download: Mr P Like Dis Like Dat Lyrics


    What is the Net Worth of Rudeboy

    Rude boy current net worth is 15.4 million US dollars. And this ranks him 7th behind his twin brother on shoutmeceleb Entertainment list of richest musicians in Nigeria.

    How Much is Mr P net Worth

    Mr P current net worth runs into millions of dollar. Specifically Peter Okoye is worth 16.5 million US dollars as at 2020 when this post went live.

    How Much is Psquare Net Worth

    The net worth of Psquare before breakup stands at an average 100 million dollar and this put both brothers as the richest musician in Africa. But after their breakup in 2017, this figure dropped significantly.

    What is Mr P Real Name

    Mr P of ex Psquare duo group birth name is Peter Okoye and he is the eldest to his twin brother Paul Okoye.

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