Mr P and Rudeboy Split: A Road To Possible Generational Beef

Mr P and Rudeboy battle for supremacy
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Last updated on November 25th, 2022 at 08:33 am

Mr P and Rudeboy split came as a shock for many while most of the fans want Psquare back together, the battle for supremacy may stop it from ever happening.

Mr P and Rudeboy battle for supremacy

While the cold truth may be that such a boat has long sailed, it is not bad to be hopeful.


It is not strange to look forward to a time when Nigeria’s greatest twin musicians would cast their differences aside. and usher us the fans into a new era of heroism.


While the fact remains that, the chances of this happening anytime soon are next to never. It is nice to take comfort in hope for that wonderful day.


By the time you finish reading this post you will be able to know;


  • Why the twin Peter and Paul split
  • The Story Behind everything


  • Who is a better entertainer


  • Who is a better singer


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Table of content


  • Why Did Mr P and Rudeboy Split


  • The Story Behind Mr P and Rudeboy Split


  • Mr. P and Rudeboy Fight for Supremacy


  • Mr and Rudeboy who is the best Singer


You probably must have heard about the twin brothers called Mr. P and Rudeboy right?


What you perhaps did not know is that the Psquare split happened a few years back. This post will cover everything from the cause to the why.


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Why Did Mr P and Rudeboy Split?


Peter and Paul of Psquare split because Peter feels marginalized. His claim was Rudeboy songs are featured more in their albums than his songs.


Well, that’s one part of the story but to truly understand the reason behind their split. I will have to cover every other thing you need to know.


In my previous post which can be found here, I hinted about the battle for Supremacy. which is actually the tagline for their infamous split up.


I will get into that shortly but first, let us look at the story behind their breakup.


The Story Behind Mr P and Rudeboy Split


I like to use Disney once upon a time for this story.


So, once upon a time, there lived two brothers Peter and Paul, good musicians that hail from Africa.


In the very beginning, well, you can read about their beginnings here. I dealt with that when I covered Mr P and Rudeboy net worth.

Check this out:


However, let’s continue with the story that got them right where they are now. Like most Disney movies, there’s always a villain right?


Here is the shocking part!


Mine does not have one but don’t be frustrated yet, I will tell you why as you read on.


This two brothers danced their way to fame, released hit tracks like last night, Game Over, busy body, Igbedu, and others.


Won several awards like KORA, Headies, and more.


But the devil is in the story!


A few years before their mom’s passing she ordered one of the twins not to marry his girlfriend.


She probably saw something Mr. P is not seeing. She is passed on and may her gentle soul rest in peace Amen.


When she passed, it didn’t take long for Mr P to get married to his wife Lola Omotayo Okoye.


But Jude Okoye and Rudeboy were so not in support of this marriage.


It got me wondering really hard!


and I had to put myself in the shoes of Mr P to understand how he felt.


How Mr P Thought in the Moment


Here is probably what went on inside Mr.P’s head; don’t forget I am Peter in this example and this is all an assumption.


Jude, you have your wife and kids, Paul you also got married to your wife right?


I supported you two when you are doing your thing and now it’s my turn. and you two are telling me I can’t marry my woman because mom said so?


He must have concluded with F**k, you guys. I will get married to the woman of my choice because I didn’t tell you two what to do.


Peter moved on with his marriage and that left a bitter taste in the mouth of the other brothers.


For Jude and Paul, that’s total disrespect to their mom who just passed on.


they pretend to be cool for a while. but if I know human beings, it will be that, they don’t forgive easily.


The First Misunderstanding Between Paul and Peter


In the summer of 2015, the pair had a little fallout. but you know no man is perfect and chances are things will get back to normal.


But it was fans and fellow countrymen musicians that worked out the beef.


in one of Paul’s statements in 2017 after the release of a single, he wrote on his Twitter handle;


I will not be deceived again!


Mind you when this statement was released the second battle was already on.


Rudeboy’s comment meant he is not happy for having being played by his brother. with claims that he actually owns the single that shot Nigerians off the roof.


So, when I filled in the lines, here is what Rudeboy may have meant with his comment on Twitter.


You deceived me Mr P in the form of the settlement so you could show up in my song.


If you ask me the twins killed that song honestly but here was King Rudy who thinks he made a mistake.


When will this two actually get it that despite their beef, fans still want them together?


Don’t you think it’s high time they start putting us the fans first? I mean I am a huge fan and up to date I still haven’t made peace with their split.


Call me crazy but it’s better, to be honest here. The Battle of Supremacy between Mr P and Rudeboy is killing me.


But wait there’s more!


When the dust finally settled, the two were asked to make a public apology. One did and the other did not…


Do you smell pride already!


One drops his pride and the other hangs him for what?


I don’t know what he was thinking but I do know Mr P must have felt a sting.


If you ask me it’s not easy for a man to drop his pride and make a public apology.


But I will leave you to think about that for a moment and leave a comment with what you think.


How Mr P and Rudeboy Battle of Supremacy Started(Final Blow)


This time, it is no longer a woman but it’s a battle between brothers over money.


My mom said money is the root of all evil and I said;


Money only amplifies who you already are on the inside. Money didn’t do anything and as a matter of fact I love money.


In 2017 before their break up, the 3 brothers had an argument about Jude taking the lion share.


Mr P seems to think that this is not fair and he’s not cool with it.

Split of Mr. P and Rude boy

He is our manager so he should not be taking the lion cut of what we are making.


Rudeboy doesn’t seem to give a hoot about it.


Mr P, on the other hand, wants his older brother to stop being their manager.


again the other twin firmly disagrees, we have come this far together. We can handle our differences but Peter is past handling differences.


I want this man gone and Paul is like no that can’t happen.


A heated argument ensued and Peter threatens to beat up Paul while they were being recorded.


It got me thinking, so because you have muscles, you think you can beat him up, right?


Well, Peter finally got his lawyer to draw up necessary papers, and just like that the split happened.


At first, I said this two are gonna come back together.


but with Mr P recent post when he said he prefers to stick with his wife and kids. than to be with his brothers, I doubt if you and I will be seeing a hug any time soon.


Mr P and Rudeboy Fight for Supremacy


The fight for Supremacy began after Mr P and Rudeboy split. but how exactly?


In a bid to prove who is better between the two, the twin brothers have been steadily trying to undo one another.


Remember when Cool it down-dropped? my o my that song got me thinking of “Psquare Temptation”.


but from nowhere we had Rudeboy’s Nkenji Keke spring up.


I don’t know if you noticed but when one releases his song, the other would also drop his song.


This way they are secretly trying to show us who is better.


While Mr. P thinks he is better, Rudeboy thinks he is better too.


It’s the battle of Supremacy between these two.


Just last month, the two proved my suspicion right. but how you imagine!


When Rudeboy Reason With me video air, 3 days after Mr P one more night video also aired on YouTube.


While the two songs were a hit it was Rudeboy that saw better performance. with king Rudy Reason with me seeing more than 20 million views, while Mr P one more night enjoys 5 million-plus views.


I had to watch the two videos over and over again. but still could not pick who is better between the two.


While Mr P and Rudeboy Battle for Supremacy, I like to think individually, they are both talented in different areas.

The battle for supremacy

No wonder Psquare did better when Mr P and Rudeboy split happened, each of the songs they have released did not last more than 2 months on charts.


But in the days of Psquare, you and I saw how their songs would remain on charts for several months.


One of such cases is with Psquare Do Me. that song topped charts for like a year and till date, it’s still one of my go-to songs. It reminds me of what I am missing.


Mr P and Rudeboy Who is the best Singer


If you are new to the story of how Rude boy and Mr P split, then you probably are not a fan.


So I will make it easy for you but how you will ask.


I will ask to go listen to the days of Psquare like of their songs. this way you will have an insight on who may be the better singer.


When Mr P and Rudeboy Split, their fans divided, some stuck with the dancer. and others with the lead vocalist.


But right from the moment that break up happened, there have been questions like. who is the best between Mr P and Rudeboy?


Here is a quick answer to that question!


In my opinion, the two brothers are really good. like very good that it is hard to pick who is the best between them.


At some point, people thought Peter can’t sing but he proved us wrong. We felt like well, that’s a one-time thing but he did it again.


He was usually relegated to a backup singer which was part of the reason they broke up. Jude featured Rudeboy songs more than Mr P Songs.


But in the end, these two guys can really sing I swear, but it’s Rudeboy for me that’s the better singer.


As for who is the best entertainer between the two, I won’t think twice before going for Mr P.


I have seen how he lights up the stage when he’s performing. the energy and all of it.

Mr P and Rudeboy Split

I find the lyrics of Rudeboy however to be more RnB and Mr P to be more of a Party jam.


My opinion may be wrong though because I didn’t write this to sound like an expert.


I wrote it to get you to see the reason why they both split which ultimately led to the battle of Supremacy.




In the beginning, I told I was going to tell you why like Disney movies, my story doesn’t have a villain.


Here is why;


The Okoye’s are brothers so, their decisions to go their separate ways may be best known to them.


I would not blame anyone of them for their respective decisions. but I understand that blood is thicker than water.


and unless these two wants to create an entire generation of hate, I suggest they both grow up and fix their problems.


Mr P and Rudeboy split got fans to decide which is a better entertainer. and who is a better singer.


I wrote The Battle For Supremacy because the two were secretly trying to prove who is better than who.


But what they are not getting is that we the fans prefer Psquare and not Mr or Rudeboy.


Over to you guys!


In your opinion Rudeboy and Mr P who is the best singer?


Leave a comment below with your answer and please Share with your Facebook friends and on Twitter.


I love you and thanks for reading!


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