Breaking News: Psquare Réconciliation Steal Davido 141 Million Naira Instagram Trend

Psquare reconciliation
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Last updated on November 7th, 2022 at 03:30 pm

The news of Psquare reconciliation rocked me on my bed in the early hours of today and I tell you what December already looks crazy. 


What a day to be alive to witness Psquare reunion, it’s incredible, beautiful, and soul-quenching. 


Psquare reunited was a day made in the heavens and even the angels know that only time was going to delay. 




I am super duper short of words right now but I will look for a way to keep the emotions at bay so I can write. 


Having said that, if you are a Psquare fan then please follow me on Instagram because I am a huge fan as well


It’s been a crazy year for you I know, the hunger, bad economy incompetent politicians, and price skyrocketing, right? 

The Psquare brothers are back

but wait! 


Let’s pretend all that goes away for a minute and just take the moment to enjoy the news flash of Mr P and Rudeboy’s reconciliation. 


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The short version of this post is that The Psquare brothers are back. 


but let’s take a look at how it all went down when the gees connect according to Davido. 


Let’s Travel Back In Time To Refresh Our Memories With Psquare Breakup 


There is no group in Africa that comes close to the Psquare Brothers in terms of singing, dancing, and performance. 


And I have been there all the way from Last Night to Get Squared to Game Over, Double Trouble, Invasion you name it. 

Psquare reunited

Heck, I have even covered every hit song they have here on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment


but then something happened in 2017 that broke the internet literally


Psquare group was disbanded and truly the game became over but who knew the title of their album would become reality. 


I even covered some articles that I wrote about the break-up here on SMCE, you can follow the link below to catch up on it. 


Here We Go:



Solo Career Between The Two Brothers 


Mr. P started his solo career with Cool It Down a song that’s a classic RnB. 


Rudeboy gave us Chizoba, Double Double, Nkenji Keke, Fire, Audio Money, Nowhere To Go, etc. 

Mr. P Prodigal’s album housed tracks Iike Just Like Dat featuring Grammy award winner Mohombi, Poloma featuring Singah. 


So far it’s been crazy and no one believed that Psquare reconciliation would be possible. 


Because I have tried to talk some sense into these guys forget that they are super-wealthy than I am joor (😂😂😂😂). 


but I couldn’t get through, the likes of Davido, 2Baba, big celebs in the industry all tried their best but nothing worked. 


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The beef continued and I am almost fell into depression because these guys were the reason I started dancing. 


I mean I would literally skip classes in school for break dancing lessons and the funny thing is no matter how hard I danced I was just no good. 




Jude Okoye Pulled Off December Surprise 


Mr. P and Rudeboy are one of the top 20 richest musicians in Africa and made the list of top 10 in Nigeria


Heck, when I wrote about some of the best musicians in the African continent, these guys still made the list. 

Psquare reunion

I was equally surprised that even after they broke up they were still on the list of most popular musicians in Africa


That’s got to be crazy right? 


but it is what it is like Adekunle said and neither you nor I can change it. 


The whole world blamed Jude Okoye for taking sides as the Psquare brothers split. 


I mean it was a fair outrage considering they were twins and everyone felt he could have done better. 

But that wasn’t the case.


Every day it’s one insult or the other on the Jude Okoye so I am sure he couldn’t take it anymore. 


Because let’s face it, he was the original brain behind the formation of Psquare, and who knew he would be the only one to bring them back. 


Well, I knew he would for some farfetched reasons but that’s not important. 


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Here is a video on Rudeboy Instagram and Mr P Instagram celebrating as Psquare reconciled. 


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What a day to be alive, my joy can’t be contained at the moment so who knows I might write more on this but for now enjoy. 


If you want to listen to their previous songs then I suggest you start here


It’s over to you now! 


Did you ever believe that Psquare reconciliation would ever happen


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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