music Promotion strategies
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I have made this music promotion in Africa infographic to give you an idea of some of the best ways with which you can promote your songs.


This infographic will show word for word the various ways you can market your song in Africa taking into account some popular marketing strategies.

How To Market My Song In Africa

So you asked the question “how to market my song in Africa”? One of the easiest to market your song in Nigeria is by using uploading your music to YouTube. the first thing you need to do is create a YouTube account, set up your music brand logo, and channel art, then link your social media accounts and websites once you are done you can start getting your music heard by more people.


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If you want to take this another step further then leverage YouTube advertising to help you reach more people fast and easily while you build your following as well.


For more steps on how to promote your song in Nigeria, check this infographic that I made for you.

Copy of Music Promotion in Nigeria by Mone Emmanuel

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music promotion strategies

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