Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile Net Worth
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Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile net worth who is richer have you ever wondered? today you will find out who is the richest between Zlatan and Naira Marley.


Look, Nigeria have some great upcoming musicians and among these names is Zlatan and Naira Marley. 


This is why today I decided to do a post on Zlatan and Naira Marley net worth 2020.


As you may have known, both are good friends, with lots of love and respect for their hustles. 


Naira Marley net worth no doubt has risen from what it used to be from the beginning right? 

Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile Net Worth
Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile


Well, the same must have also happened to Zlatan Ibile net worth 2020. 


but wait, before you and I dive in deep, let’s see what you will be getting from today’s post… 


Here we go! 

  • How much is Naira Marley net worth 2020 


  • How much is Zlatan net worth 2020


  • Who is the richest between Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile


  • Naira Marley brief bio 


  • Who is he 


  • How did his career start 


  • What is his source of income 


  • Zlatan Ibile brief bio 


  • Who is he 


  • How did his career start 


  • What is his source of income 


  • Conclusion 


Look, it took me like a week plus to get every information I have put on this post. 


So you can be sure it’s one of the most complete posts out there on Zlatan and Naira Marley net worth in 2020.


As a matter of fact, this post about Naira Marley and Zlatan net worth in 2020 will cover all you need to know. 


I also need you to know that the figures you will see which in this post is what we arrived at. After cross-referencing data from different websites.


These figures may fluctuate year in and year out… 


What this means is Zlatan’s net worth may change and Naira Marley’s net worth may also change because. as the year comes and goes so does net worth rise and fall. 


Having said let’s dive in now, shall we? 


How Much is Naira Marley Net Worth 2020


You have often asked the question how much is Naira Marley worth right? 


This is where you get the answer to your question which I hope to satisfy that curiosity that landed you here on SMCE. 


What is the net worth of Naira Marley? Naira Marley is currently worth 150,000 US dollars ($150,000). but when I converted Naira Marley net worth in dollar to Marley net worth in Naira, I got a whooping N54,000,000 (N54 Million). 


and here is a couple of details you may have missed while reading… 


  • Real Name: Azeez Fashola
  • Stage Name: Naira Marley 
  • Date of Birth: May 9th, 1994
  • Occupation: Musician 
  • Source of Wealth: Shows, Music, and record label 


Naira Marley Networth: $150,000 (N54 Million) 


Now that you and I know what Naira Marley net worth Forbes is, quickly let’s find out what the net worth of Zlatan Ibile is too shall we? 



How Much is Zlatan Net Worth 2020 


Look there are big names in the industry that earn quite a substantial amount of money than Zlatan. 

and that’s totally okay, right? 

Zlatan net worth 2020

At some point, the likes of Davido were not worth what they are worth today. 


Life eventually has to start from somewhere and pick it up from there. 


What is the net worth of Zlatan Ibile? Zlatan is currently worth 120,000 US dollars ($120,000). but when I converted Zlatan Ibile net worth in dollar to Zlatan net worth in Naira, I got a whooping N43,000,000 (N43 Million). 


and here is a couple of details you may have missed along the line… 


  • Real Name: Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael 
  • Stage Name: Zlatan Ibile
  • Date of Birth: December 9th, 1994
  • Occupation: Musician 
  • Source of Wealth: Shows, Music, and record label 


Zlatan Ibile Networth: $150,000 (N43 Million) 


Now that you and I know Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile net worth, let’s see who is the richer between the two… 

Who is The Richest Between Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile


How much is Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile net worth? Zlatan and Naira Marley have a combined net worth of 270,000 US dollars ($270,000). but Naira Marley has a net worth of $150,000 and Zlatan has a total net worth of $120,000. 


The ultimate question becomes:


Who is the richest between Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile? As of 2020 Naira Marley is currently the richest between the two Nigeria musicians. Naira Marley’s current net worth is estimated at $150,000 while Zlatan Ibile’s current net worth is estimated at $120,000.

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but what is net worth? 


Net worth is the value of all the assets that a person owns and minus all the debt that same person owns. 

Naira Marley Brief Bio 


Do you remember when Naira Marley first debuted in the music industry with Is a Goal? 


I remember that song cheering up Nigerians during the African Cup of nations. 


He was literally this new face who then looked really promising. 


Net Worth of Naira Marley
Azeez Fashola

Oh, then came 2019 with the famous song I am a Yahoo Boy… 


I am positive if he knew that song was going to bring some serious troubles, he does probably have stayed away. 


but hey Am I a Yahoo Boy was also the song that brought Naira Marley fame in the music industry. 


For now let’s skip all that, I just needed to jog your memory a little bit… 


I have noticed that these days, it’s so easy so forget about a singer’s real name. 


I really don’t know why that is but I am guessing it has everything to do with fame. 


Take a look 2face for instance, it’s only a few people that know his real name right? 


and I can bet that the few that know his name would still do some Google search to come up with the complete name. 


Here is a quote from me:


Fame has a way of making people forget your real name if you are a musician


but wait! 


What is the real name of Naira Marley? 


The real name of Naira Marley is Azeez Fashola


Naira was born in the year 1994 precisely May 9th in the city of Lagos


While Lagos has been known for a decade to be the home of greener pasture, my uncle might have a different story about the land. 


After staying in the city for so many years only to come back home more broke than me. 

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I don’t know what happened but it sure as hell wasn’t the best place for him I guess. 


If you are looking for an upcoming artist who is always making the headline, then he is the one. 


A couple of days back he said:


“It is better to have a big bum in Nigeria than to have any educational qualifications” 


and some of his fans couldn’t agree more seeing the state that the country is currently in. 

So to answer your question who is Naira Marley? 


Naira Marley is a Nigerian singer and a songwriter who mixes Afrobeat and Afropop to produce most of his songs. 


Thanks to the King of Afrobeat, it’s taking over the world as you and I know it. 


The only downside would be that he is not alive to rip all the fruit of his labor. 


but if you want to mention names that have taken Afrobeat global then names like Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Davido shouldn’t skip your mouth. 


Having said that, 


In early adolescence, the singer moved to Peckham in South London. 


There he was enrolled in Porlock Hall but then went to Walworth school to finish his secondary school education. 

At Peckham Academy, the singer graduated with Distinction and. then further studied business law at Crossways College. 


Honestly, I wouldn’t have picked him for someone brilliant but. with a Distinction in business, you have to give him some credit however small. 


I know you are wondering how this guy started his musical career right? 


Well, I am getting into that next because I am confident all of these. factored into why Naira Marley net worth has grown to what it is today. 


How Did is Career Start 


My kid brother Austin, he believes that the quickest way to get famous is to become a celebrity. 


but what do you think? 


Just leave me a comment below in the comment section letting me know what you think about that. 


Personally I would tell you that is the quickest way to become famous… 


because all you have to do is get a smartphone, shoot a video then share it on your social handle and boom if you are lucky it goes viral. 


Your fame just started…


It is literally that easy honestly… 


Initially, Naira was said to have the desire of becoming a Master of the Ceremony (MC). but then one thing led to the other and that dream crash-landed. 


At least that’s how Wikipedia puts it… 


So what really happened?

Naira Marley Net Worth 2020

Okay, I will tell you… 


His close friend happened! 


Initially like I said above, Naira only wanted to become a Voice Over artist and an MC. 


but somewhere along the line, he discovered that he could sing. 


Naira’s close friend then told him hey you can sing so why not pursue a career in music. 


Marley decided to listen and this led to the release of his 2015 EP Gotta Dance


That didn’t really do that well but the right moment came in 2018. 


In 2018 Naira Marley released the single It’s a goal… 


That is the song that shot him above the roof into the land of FAME… 

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Is a goal quickly rose up the rank to become the song you and I danced to during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. 

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Although we crashed out at the hands of Argentina, it still was a memorable journey if you ask me. 


Is a goal quickly racked more than a million views on YouTube…


Check out this screenshot below… 

and while speaking of songs let’s look at some of his tracks and albums shall we? 


Album and Songs 


Okay, Naira Marley has really had some popular songs. 


I seldomly post his songs on but I have to say his fan base is loyal to the core. 


So how many albums does he have? 


Well, Naira Marley has more of an EP and one of such EPs is his 2015 Gotta Dance. 


and in 2019 when he released Lord of Lamba (LOL). 


The album included hit songs like Soapy which later claim an award at the 2020 Sound City MVP award night. 


and if you have listened to one of his crazy songs then I suggest you try Tesumole out… 


You will be thrilled at his artistry and insane dance steps.


You should also check out his all-time crazy song Soapy, a song that got even key men in Nigeria politics dancing. 


Having said that here is a list of his EPs


  • Gotta Dance 


  • LOL


Okay I know you are feeling it but quickly let’s transition to something else… 




Well, next is you and I checking what his sources of income are… 


What is the Source of Income of Naira Marley 


Naira Marley is a musician and as a singer and songwriter, he makes money from his songs. 


These days musicians monetize their YouTube videos, this, in turn, is an additional source of income for Naira. 


Though may not be substantial, all of this has helped to increase Naira Marley net worth 2020 Forbes. 


and since this post is about the net worth of Naira Marley, it makes sense to consider every additional source of income whether small or big. 


Naira Marley also makes money from grazing shows with his presence. 

and he charges between N500,000to N900,000 to grace shows with his presence. 


He is also making money by signing an artist to his new record label Marlians Empire. 


Now is the time you ask me how much is he worth right? 


Zlatan Ibile Brief Bio 


Okay, you know how I said that Naira Marley is one of the names that will be represented as an upcoming artist? 


Well, Zlatan won’t be an exception to this rule of thumb. 


Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael

Look Naija is talented and with that talent comes the money for celebrities like Zlatan Ibile. 


If you would learn to stay focus and visualize your goal every day with the mindset of an achiever then your dream will come to life. 


My mom told me that while I was 15 years old at the time. 


Truth is it took me a lot more time to truly understand what she meant with those words. 


but eventually, when I deciphered it, it made all the sense in the world to me. 


I kid you not, those were some simple sentences strung together. 


It was simple yet profound… 


Look, success isn’t a day’s game and it takes someone that really envision succeeding to truly succeed. 


Having said that, what does Naira Marley and Zlatan have in common? 

I would say it is the dream to succeed in a world where only a very few understands the principle of success. 


but hey let’s talk more about Zlatan now rather than fill your head with quotes from my mom. 


So what is the real name of Zlatan? 


I asked because I am a little bit certain that you probably don’t know. 


I am not shocked though, celebrities get their real name forgotten on the second page of Google. 




Zlatan Ibile is Popular known in Nigeria by his stage name Zlatan. 


but what if you and I as the fans don’t know his real name? 


It’s crazy, right? 

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because you probably thinking okay how is it that I won’t know the real name of someone I follow… 


but you don’t know it so I will tell you… 


Mind you I am not saying everyone doesn’t know his name but the majority of us don’t. 


and it’s the fact… 


Anyways the real name of Zlatan is Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael. 


He was born on the 19th of December 1994 in the city of Lagos but originated from Ekiti State. 


Zlatan took to his Twitter handle to express distaste after the announcement of another 2 weeks extension of #stayathome fight against coronavirus. 


He captions his tweets with emoji of tears and then it Another 2 weeks? 


It’s no news that Africa has been predicted to have the worse hit should a cure fail to surface anytime soon. 


and Nigeria’s case of the virus continues to rise as the days turn into weeks and weeks into months. 

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but hey I still haven’t told you who he is right? 


Zlatan Ibile also Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael is a Nigerian musician, singer-songwriter, stage performer and a recording artist. 


The genre where he has found his strongest suit is hip hop under which he released a Davido featured track.


If I would be honest then it should be now… 


Look I have never thought that his career will see the light of day considering the. likes of Olamide has been there as the street king for years since rapper DaGrin passed on. 

Zlatan Ibile Net Worth 2020

but imagine my surprise when his career sprung and he was been rated to be the next in line to take over from Olamide. 


Yeah, he is got some real rap skill but I reel think it lacks some tenacity no offense to his fans. 


So where did he school you may ask right? 


Like you and me, Zlatan completed his primary and secondary education in Lagos State. 


and decided to study business administration at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. 


Whilst admitted, the 25 years old singer and songwriter put in the work and later graduated with a degree in Business Administration. 


but wait! 


You are more interested in how his career started right so I will get on to it quickly. 


As all of that tied up into what helped increase the Zlatan net worth 2020 Forbes. 


Let’s get into that, shall we? 


How Did His Career Start 


Music has been a way for so many stars like MJ to truly express how they felt. 


and for Zlatan, his career kicked off at the age of 11 years but it was in 2017 that things began turning really bright for the singer. 


Zlatan debut at the Nigerian music industry came in the track My Body. 


My Body featured vocals from Nigeria Street King Olamide and the song quickly went viral after Davido danced to it. 


but the real big moment that spun the singer’s life and pushed him to fame was. when he did Zanku, which is an acronym for Zlatan Abeg No Kill Us. 


Zanku further featured a Dance called Leg Work which quickly garnered interest around Africa. 


In the US so many were literally Googling what is Zanku… 

Zanku really stirred Zlatan’s career into a new light because with it came big names in the industry befriending 1994 born. 


In 2018 Zlatan featured Davido in the song Osanle and it was another hit… 


He finally sealed his place in the music industry when he was featured on Burnaboy Kill Dem Sha… 


and in 2019 he earned his first 2 nominations at the Headies only to lose the award to another upcoming artist Rema. 


As usual fans of the singer did not take the loss to well as such. took to social media to claim that the award was manipulated. 


but hey the did has been done right? 


Heck, I would have given that award to Fireboy DML. 


Anyways come on, let’s take a look at his album and songs, shall we? 


Album and Songs 


Some of the songs you will find under this subheading helped propelled and also increase Zlatan Ibile net worth Forbes. 


I mean several hit singles, several hit features, it could only lead to more cash to his bank account, right? 


Zlatan feature on Chinko Ekun Able God was every spectacular from start to finish. 


It became an imprint on the minds of Nigeria when everywhere you go you see the Shaku Shaku dance. 


However, this trend was brought to end after Zlatan invented the now so popular dance step Zanku Leg Work. 


A Dance invented to promote his single Zanku which eventually shot him into the spotlight. 


Having said that, here is Zlatan Ibile album and singles…


  • Osanle 


  • My body 


  • Zanku 


Now I believe you may want to ask me what is his source of income right? 


What is the Source of Income of Zlatan Ibile 


Most musicians make their money from their songs, right? 


Well, Zlatan is no different, a huge amount of his income comes from his music. 


He also recently set up his own record label with hopes to sign artists from every part of the country. 


If that’s any success, this will again increase Zlatan net worth 2020


Ibile also makes money from shows and during my research for this blog post, I realize he charges between N400,000 to N800,000 for shows. 





Well, I certainly hope you got more than you could have asked for right? 



You have been asking to know the difference and who is richer between the two artists. 



and this is why I took my time to do this research and bring it to you. 



However, it is important you realize that these figures will change from time to time. 



and I will continue to update this post to reflect Zlatan Ibile and Naira Marley networth (current one). 



Over to you! 



How do you predict Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile net worth in 2021? 



Will it increase or will it drop? 



Use the comment box to drop your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 



If you like this post then please hit the share button and share it on Facebook. 



You can also follow us here on Facebook and thanks for reading cheers… 



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