NLE Choppa and NBA YoungBoy
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Nba youngboy and Nle Choppa net worth who is richer? Nle Choppa and Nba Youngboy net worth is currently estimated to be 6,300,000 US dollars ($6.3 million).


Since this is the combined fortune of these two young and talented musicians what is their individual wealth then? 


Well, the rest part of this post will answer Nle Choppa net worth 2020 as well as help you answer any questions you have about Nba Youngboy net worth 2020.


Now I also took it a step further to bring you the complete biographies of these two superstars. 


but I did not end there, you will discover how both their career started as well as their lifestyle. 


but before you and I get into Nba Youngboy and Nle Choppa net worth proper here is all the knowledge you will get from today’s post. 

NLE Choppa and NBA YoungBoy

Here we go… 


  • How much is Nle Choppa and Nba Youngboy net worth 


  • Who is the richest between Nle Choppa and Nba Youngboy 


  • What is Nba Youngboy and Nle Choppa source of wealth 


  • Nle Choppa and Nba Youngboy biography 


  • How did Nle Choppa and Nba Youngboy career start 


  • Frequently asked questions about Nle Choppa and Nba Youngboy 


  • Conclusion 


Now that you know what you will enjoy from this post on Nba Youngboy and Nle Choppa net worth please hop in let’s go for a ride. 


How Much is Nle Choppa and Nba Youngboy Net Worth 


During the research phase for this blog post, I discovered that both rappers are worth a lot. 


However, this does not mean both made it into the list of top wealthy musicians in the world

net worth of NBA Youngboy 2020

Richest musicians in the world list is made for the extreme-extreme millionaires in the industry. 


So I want you to know that as a result of my research every figure you will see on the net worth of Nle Choppa 2020 is near correct likewise Nba Youngboy net worth 2020


Since you and I have an understanding, I have decided to break this part of the post into two subheadings. 


The first section will discuss in-depth Nle Choppa net worth 2020. 


Subsequently, the second subheading will touch on Nba Youngboy net worth 2020. 


Quickly, here is the bullet point to help you understand what is coming up next. 


  • How much is Nle Choppa net worth 2020 


  • How much is Nba Youngboy net worth 2020


How Much is Nle Choppa Net Worth 2020 


How much is Nle Choppa net worth 2020? Nle Choppa net worth 2020 Forbes is estimated to be a smashing 500,000 US dollars ($500,000). The net worth Nle Choppa has amassed comes from his songs, mixtapes, and more. 


NLE Choppa Networth: $400,000 


Now I know what you are thinking, is that his only source of income? 

NLE Choppa Worth 2020

and the answer to that question is NO that’s not his only source of income. 


In the latter part of this post I will discuss further his sources of cash but for now, stay with me. 


Look I know if you compare his total asset to the likes of Kevin Gates, he is worth less right? 


but he is just 18 years of age and by the times he gets to where Kevin Gates is he would be worth more. 


Having said that, quickly let’s take a look at Nle Choppa cars and houses, shall we? 


Nle Choppa Cars and House


Music is sensational but above all is the money that comes with this profession. 


Honestly, if I have the voice I swear I will turn up on that mic because I know there is money to be made. 


I mean I have always wanted to see the largest swimming pool in the world. 


With the kind of money musicians have any type of life is possible but I hate the gangsta part. 

Net Worth NLE Choppa 2020

I feel very uneasy when I hear a black guy murdered another black guy you know. 


Here is two more things I like about the life of a musician… 


I like how they are always looked upon as a figure of inspiration and most importantly how they can be a voice of change. 


YNR Choppa got some pretty amazing cars that I would swear are some of my dream cars. 


Now imagine cruising on a Maybach, I mean I have only been able to drive one in my dreams. 




Okay, now, here is a list of Nle Choppa cars…. 


  • BMW


  • Mercedes Benz


  • Maybach 


According to this YouTube video, all Nle Choppa cars list is worth about $400,000. 


His BMW cost a whopping $70,000 which he loves to cruise on very often. 


Similarly, NLE Choppa also owns a Mercedes Benz which it’s asking price starts at $150,000 to $250,000. 


The price of his Mercedes Benz makes it one of the rapper’s most costly cars in his garage. 


Lastly, he owns a Maybach which has a starting price that ranges from $100,000 to $180,000.

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All Nle Choppa cars cost a total of $400,000 combined. 


So what about his house? 


Well, the good news is this guy is not paying a pin for any house currently. 


This is so because he is currently 17 years of age due to turn 18 by November 2020. 


As a result of this, he is currently living with his mom who both seems to love each other very much. 


His mom’s house is estimated to be worth significantly less but hey she is an entrepreneur. 


Music has really helped to increase Forbes Nle Choppa net worth right? 


Well, certainly it has and just like you, I am glad he is enjoying every moment. 


Quickly let’s look at Forbes NBA Youngboy net worth, shall we? 


How Much is NBA Youngboy Net Worth 2020 


How much is NBA Youngboy net worth 2020? Nba Youngboy net worth 2020 Forbes is currently estimated to be 6,000,000 US dollars ($6 million). A huge part of his income comes from music, songs, and shows. 


NBA YoungBoy Networth: $6 Million 


Look money is good and in all thy getting make money… 

NBA Youngboy 2020

When compared to the likes of Lil Reese he is super-rich. 


Here is a quick question for you… 


What will you do if you have $6 million sitting in your bank account? 


What is that one thing you believe you would do first before anything else? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will love to hear from you. 


The old ones say money answers all things right? 


Well, let’s see how Nba Youngboy spent some of his money right? 


In this next subheading, you and I will be looking at Nba Youngboy cars and houses


Here we go… 


NBA YoungBoy Cars and Houses 


When you have $6 million resting in your bank account, so much can be possible. 


I mean you could do things like throw party, give out cash, heck even buy yourself some nice diamonds. 


So let’s see how YoungBoy spent some of those millions in his bank account. 

NBA Youngboy net worth 2020

but first here is a list of Nba YoungBoy cars below… 


  • Maybach 


  • Mclaren


  • Chevrolet 


  • Rolls Royce 


In recent years YoungBoy has really made a name for himself with his style of rap. 


I mean the guy lunched an all-out 1 million dollars on his car collections. 


He bought a Rolls Royce which started at the asking price of $300,000 to $650,000. 


Just take a minute to let that money sink in for a bit before I get on to the next car price. 


Nba Young Boy also bought himself a Chevrolet which started at an asking price of $85,000.


It’s safe to say that this certainly the cheapest car he owns in his fleet of vehicles. 


others of his cars cost way more than his Chevrolet, right? 


He also bought Maybach, but clearly there is a difference between his and that of NLE. 


NBA YoungBoy Maybach car cost a whopping $250,000, that’s $150,000 more than what NLE Maybach cost. 


In addition, Youngboy bought himself a nice looking Mclaren which has an asking price of $192,000 to $450,000.


Now there may be other cars in his garage but these were the ones that caught my attention. 


Having said that what about Nba Younboy house? 


Well, this one is also huge so to speak, I mean picture yourself living in a customized house. 


How do you feel about that? 


Well, Nba Youngboy is currently living in a $666,000 mansion in Louisiana. 


The house belong to deceased NBA player John Hot Rod Williams


To be fair I have no idea if he bought the house or he is on rent but hey even rent in such a house with a basketball court and a lawn tennis court with 6 bedrooms will be worth a fortune. 


As you may have noticed already Nba YoungBoy is living a really luxurious life. 


and you can chalk it down to the huge amount of his musical prowess. 


Who is The Richest Between NLE Choppa and NBA YoungBoy 


NLE Choppa and NBA YoungBoy who is richer? From the figure above NLE Choppa net worth Forbes is currently estimated at $300,000. 


Meanwhile, NBA YoungBoy net worth Forbes is currently estimated to be $6 million. 


To sum it up, the figures above show that NBA YoungBoy is currently richer than NLE Choppa


NLE Choppa on the other hand currently trails YoungBoy by a massive $5.5 million. 


I believe I have been able to clarify the big question you have always had on NBA YoungBoy and NLE Choppa who is richer right? 


The good news is both artists currently enjoying their wealth and I suppose working on future projects moreover, you now know Nba YoungBoy and NLE Choppa net worth


So quickly come let’s look at their sources of income just as I have promised you earlier. 


What is NLE Choppa and NBA YoungBoy Source of Income 


Last year my very good friend KD asked me to come down to Malaysia to have fun. 


but then I was way busy so, I couldn’t make it to Malaysia for the fun party. 

NLE Choppa Net Worth 2020

When he showed me photos of how they enjoyed their time together somewhere in a serene Island, I became angry at myself for missing out. 


He loves to call me brother because he and I have come a long way together. 


So you know what he told me? 


He said brother, in all that you do make sure you make money from more than one source. 

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So for the next section of this post, I will show you the sources of Nba YoungBoy net worth. 


but wait that’s not all, I will also show you the sources of Nle Choppa net worth. 


Come on! 


  • What is NBA YoungBoy source of income 


  • What is NLE Choppa source of income 


What is NBA YoungBoy Source of Income 


I remember this one time in primary school, my teacher asked one of my classmates how many sources of income should a person have?


She said 1!


Then my teacher asked the whole class if we agree with her on her answer. 


We all shouted YES! 

NLE Choppa and NBA YoungBoy net worth

She looked at the whole class for some minutes and she said one day, you guys will have the right answer. 


Fast forward more than 20 years later, I now know what she meant when she said one day we were going to have the right answer. 


Now that I do, I know the answer is multiple source of income. 


With that out of the way let’s take a look at NBA Young Boy source of money. 


  • Spotify 


  • YouTube 


  • Apple 


  • Endorsement


  • Show booking 


  • Album, singles and mixtape 


Whenever a musician releases a song you could upload it to platforms like Spotify where it gets streamed. 


Youngboy first source of income comes from Spotify. 


On Spotify, his songs are streamed more than 15 million times every month. 


He currently makes more than $300,000 monthly from his Spotify music stream alone. 


Now let’s move on to YouTube, another of his source of income is YouTube. 


YouTube gives musicians a $3 RPM, now over the years, Nba YoungBoy has garnered more than 200,000,000 views on YT. 


On YouTube alone he has made more than $365,000. 


Now let’s move on to his first source of income which is his music and songs. 


In 2018, he released his first studio album after signing a joint record deal with Atlantic records


Although the 360 deal means his label gets to share in all of his profits. 


but hey all of the above sources have done one thing and that’s help to increase Nba YoungBoy net worth 2020


Quickly let’s get on to Nle Choppa source of cash, shall we? 


What is NLE Choppa Source of Income 


I mean for a guy bearly 18 years of age to have more than $250,000 in his bank account is insanely unbelievable right? 


Well, that’s the beauty of being a musician, you get to enjoy so many things once you get famous. 


The truth is in this modern world it becomes increasingly easy for singers to succeed. 

NBA Youngboy and NLE Choppa net worth

You can chalk it down to the age of social media, right? 


Back in the day, you and I didn’t have any social media to help promote songs. 


These days things are a lot different and more advance than in the 90s.


With that said here are the sources of Nle Choppa net worth 2020.


  • YouTube 


  • Songs 


  • Endorsement 


  • Apple 


  • Spotify 


I have to say both stars share a similar income source. 


This is because both are musicians and as such it’s why they have a similar source of income. 


The first source of income of Choppa is his music, songs, mixtape, and album. 


He currently has just one studio album titled Top Shota which was released under Warner. 


It was marketed in digital format and it received a positive review from fans worldwide. 


His second source of income comes from show bookings. 


Nle currently charges between $3,000 to $4,500 to be booked for shows in the USA. 


Now for shows outside the USA this figure could more than double. 


Similarly, NLE also makes money from endorsement deals after that is his Instagram following. 


He could decide to start promoting sponsorship posts from brands that seek to use his following to reach a wider audience. 


Nle Choppa makes money from Apple, YouTube, and Spotify just like NBA Young Boy. 


All of these sources have helped to increase Nle Choppa worth


So when next you get asked how much is NLE Choppa worth, just the person $300,00.


Now that you and I have additional information On Nba Youngboy and Nle Choppa net worth, come let’s take a look at both their biography. 


NLE Choppa and NBA YoungBoy Biography 


Have you ever taken the time to write down your own biography? 


If your answer is yes then chances are you must love to stay with the pen I guess right? 


In my case, I just love to write my biography whenever I wake up in the morning. 


My reason for doing this is because I want the world to know how I made it. 


You should try it sometimes too, it’s magical when you discover how your life unfolds every day. 


With that out of the way, did you know that the last time my woman read my diary she was so happy? 


but her happiness was fuelled by the fact that she saw herself in my story. 


Anyways that is that… 


I have decided to split this part of the post into two subheadings. 


The first to touch Nle biography and the second subheading to touch on Nba YoungBoy biography. 


  • NLE Choppa biography 


  • NBA YoungBoy biography 


NLE Choppa Biography 


Look if you are a fan, chances are you don’t know the real name of your favorite celeb. 


Consequently, celebs don’t know one name of their fans except maybe during a random giveaway. 

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Personally I don’t fault either side because I guess a man has enough trouble to deal with already day by day to remember real names. 

So what is the real name of NLE Choppa? The real name of Nle Choppa is Bryson Lashun Potts. 


Bryson Lashun Potts was born in Memphis Tennessee in the year 2002 precisely November 1st. 


NLE attended Cordova High School and started freestyling at the tender age of 14. 


So who is NLE Choppa? Nle Choppa is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. 


His break out single was certified platinum by RIAA when the single sold 1 million units. 


but wait is that all? 


Certainly not, he was born to a Jamaican mother and an African American father. 


His mother is an entrepreneur and NLE currently lives with her despite the fame. 


This has helped the teenager cut a huge burden of paying rent. 


but wait how did it all start for 2002 born? 


Let’s get into that shall we? 


How Did NLE Choppa Career Start 


There is always that humble story that took from no dollar to thousands of dollars right?


It’s okay if you are not there yet but you have to keep working on your hustle. 


With time everything will fall into place just like these musicians. 


The beauty of the story to fame is that every single person’s story is different. 


So how did NLE Choppa career start? 


Well, his career started at the tender age of 14, during this time he was in Cordova High School. 


It all initially started by freestyling with friends in high school. 


but then he went to Juvenile detention, although he never spoke about what landed them him there. 


He however said that was the huge transformation for his own life because while in detention, he realizes he wanted something more meaningful for his life. 


This was the road to fame for the singer who released several mixtapes prior to fame. 


The big moment came when he released his first song No Love The Anthem. 


His mother has been the manager since his son showed interest for rap and singing. 


Personally I love how the mother manages his son making sure he keeps his master’s recording owning the rights despite signing to UnitedMasters. 


NLE Choppa currently has an upcoming album slated for August and released under Warmer. 


be sure to look out for the album, I am positive you will like it. 


NBA YoungBoy Biography 


I was in a conversation a couple of days back and I told my friend that the young generation will soon take over. 


I mean back in the day you and I listen to the likes of Eminem, Ludacris, Jay Z. 


We still do but come on the younger generation is on fire with their constant hits. 

So what is the real name of NBA YoungBoy? 


The real name of NBA Young Boy is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. 


He was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana in the year 1999 October 20th. 


He grew up under his maternal grandmother due to his father being sentenced to 55 years imprisonment. 


During his teen, he decided to focus more music which helped reached the decisions that he wants to be a rapper and songwriter. 


So who is NBA Young Boy? NBA YoungBoy is an American rapper, singer, songwriter who gained fame after until death call my name album made it’s way to platinum. 


YoungBoy dropped out of school while he was in 9th grade to focus solely on his career as a rapper. 


but how did his career start? 


You and I will discuss this further below so stay with me will you? 


How did NBA YoungBoy Career Start 


Firstly I have to say YoungBoy has been phenomenal since debuting in the American music industry. 


I mean your first studio album doing platinum is crazily hot honestly for a first album. 


If you haven’t checked it out then please follow this link to check it out


I trust you will be satisfied with what you will be served, and just for any reason I was wrong then I leave me a message on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment Facebook Page here


The message should be “you lied when you said NBA Youngboy album is hot but it wasn’t”. 


I promise I will leave it on the page for the next 6 months. 


Youngboy career started after he decided to buy a microphone from Walmart to produce his mixtapes. 


He signed a deal with Atlanta Records under which he released several mixtapes. 


but the big moment came when he released Outside Today. 


Outside Today charted at number 31 on Billboard hot 100 which was the breakout single from his debut studio album. 


In 2018, he released his first studio album titled Until Death Call My Name. 


The success of the album further made him more famous in the USA. 


In 2019, he released AI YoungBoy 2, which became his first chart-topper, peaking at number one on the Billboard 200



On the other hand, in the same 2019, he became the most streamed artist across all genres. 



This was because of his consistency dropping songs on YouTube which was insane. 



His humble beginning has so far made him over $5 million as of when writing this blog post. 





I love how NLE Choppa net worth has grown over the years from a less than a dollar to rich teen. 


NBA YoungBoy net worth has also seen a tremendous improvement since his debut. 


I decided to do this post to show you who is the richest of these two youngsters. 


Now it’s over to you! 


In conclusion, how would you predict the growth of NBA Youngboy and NLE Choppa net worth in 2021? 


Leave me a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you love this post then please hit the share button and follow us here on YouTube. 


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