Nic Kerdiles and Girlfirend
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How much is is Nic Kerdiles worth? Nic Kerdiles net worth is said to fall between 2,000,000 and 3,000,000 US dollars ($2 million to $3 million). 


Now here is what I want you to do, scroll down look at the table below to discover the total net worth of Nic Kerdiles


I have to tell you that this post covers more details about Nic Kerdiles net worth 2022 so stick around for a bit. 


Did you know he has been having a bit of trouble with Savannah Chrisley? 


Now, wait! that’s just the tip of the iceberg, here is what this whole post about Nicolas Kerdiles net worth 2022 will detail. 


  • How much is Nic Kerdiles net worth 2022 


  • Nic Kerdiles cars and houses 


  • What is Nic Kerdiles source of wealth 


  • Nic Kerdiles biography 


  • How did Nic Kerdiles career start 


  • Frequently Asked Questions 


  • Conclusion 


Now before you and I dive into this part of the post properly, please note that these figures are not absolutely correct. 

However, they are close to correct because the net worth of celebrities fluctuates every now and then. 


And now that you and I have an understanding come let’s expand on each of the above subheadings. 


How Much is Nic Kerdiles Net Worth 2022 


How much is Nic Kerdiles net worth 2022? Nic Kerdiles net worth 2022 Forbes is estimated to be the total figure of 2,000,000 US dollars ($2 million). The net worth Nic Kerdiles has amassed is due to his amazing hockey career. 


Nic Kerdiles Networth: $2 Million 


Kerdiles has been phenomenal since debuting on the America Hockey League. 

[table id=46 /]

Before I continue, here is a table that details everything you need to know about Nicolas Kerdiles worth in 2022. 


This has helped to build and ramped up the net worth you see above. 


Nic Kerdiles net worth 2020
Nick Kerdiles

but hockey is not his only source of income and I will get into his possible other sources of income much later. 


Nicolas Kerdiles net worth is small when compared to other professional hockey players like Miller Ryan. 


but hey this is not a battle for who is the richest hockey player in the world right? 


I doubt if he would make a top 10 list of richest hockey players in the world but hey just my thoughts. 


Now come let’s see the kind of life that’s possible with such net worth of this star right? 

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Nic Kerdiles Cars and Houses 


Celebrities enjoy wealth unmatched by any other profession in the industry right now. 


Not even doctors receive as much money as professional basketball ballplayers or heck even football players. 


As a teenager whenever I was watching soccer on the TV with my dad, my mom would scream (Honey I don’t know what you are enjoying from this). 


My dad would reply look these people have more money than I can dream of and I am amazed. 

My mom then would say there is no way my boy is playing this awful game with people just running around and chasing this round thing. 


The last I checked when my mom heard how much the richest footballers in the world were paid, he wanted me to play, only then it was too late. 


I think she just didn’t like sports in general… 


Having said that sportsmen men in some of the most popular sports in the world make good money. 


Hockey players make good money but not as high as basketball and soccer. 


So what are some of the things Nic got with his share of dollars? 


Well, Nic Kerdiles cars come to mind when you and I talk about that. 


He currently has a car that costs him between $30,000 to $50,000 dollars. 


His second car is said to be worth between $50,000 to $65,000. 


What about Nic Kerdiles house in Nashville? 


Well, Nic Kerdiles currently owns a home in Nashville Tennessee said to be worth between $100,000 and $150,000.


Plus you could say his awesome skill in closing deals as a real estate agent has helped him secure this home. 


and now that you know a little about Nic Kerdiles net worth, his cars and houses let’s move to his income sources. 


What is Nic Kerdiles Source of Wealth 


As a public figure, it’s usually not strange for the life of celebrities to be constantly scrutinize.


Now I don’t think this is actually a good thing because people deserve privacy whether famous or nonfamous. 


but sadly the way the news industry works is by digging out some of these details and make it available for the public. 

Nic Kerdiles wealth

With that said, a celebrity’s income sources may vary. 


For example Bill Gates has more than one source of income with Microsoft being very high on that list. 


This stood as a basis for funding his other sources of income such as vaccine production. 


You could say no wonder he is currently one of the richest men in today’s world right? 


Well Nic also decided to follow the part of having more than one source of income. 


These are… 


  • Ice Hockey 


  • Real Estate


Let’s expand a little on this, shall we? 


Nic Kerdiles net worth of Forbes is what it is now because of his career in Ice Hockey. 


He played ice hockey for the while it lasted winning some really good awards in the process. 


I will bring those awards to your notice in the latter section of this post. 

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Nick Kerdiles driving

This was Nic primary source of income before moving on to his second business. 


Nic Kerdiles’ second source of income is his real estate business. 


He is currently a real estate agent who broker the best deals and sales of houses for clients in the USA. 


Here is a photograph of one of the deals he closed for couples who were looking for a comfortable home in Nashville. 


All of these sources of income have helped to increase Forbes Nic Kerdiles net worth 2022. 


Now come let’s look at his brief biography, height, Zodiac sign, age, weight, and more below. 


Nic Kerdiles Biography 


In all my life as a human being, the common theme I have noticed is that history can only remember you if you did something great. 


Now, something great in this context could be something terribly horrible or something very good. 


Take for example, you and I still talk about the man that created the Internet today because he did something exceptional. 

Nic Kerdiles worth

Another example is Michael Jackson, his greatness precedes him because he is the only musician in history that united the world. 


As for Nic, he probably goes down as one of the hockey professionals who is the first Orange County raised played in the National Hockey League. 


Now, what is the real name of Nic Kerdiles? Nic real name is Nicolas Kerdiles. 


He was born in Irvine Southern California in the year 1994 January 11th. 


Nick attended the University of Wisconsin where he was a major influence on the success of the team. 


In 2013 Kerdiles was awarded and honored with the WCHA Most Valuable Player in the tournament award. 


The same 2013 be picked the WCH All tournament best player award. 


One of the most popular questions you get asked in Google is what is Nic Kerdiles height? Nic Kerdiles is 1.88 meters tall. 


What type of body does Nic Kerdiles have? He has an athletic body which helped him to stay as a professional hockey player. 


So how old is Nic Kerdiles now? Nic Kerdiles was born in Southern California in the year 1994 on January 11th. He is currently 26 years of age as of 2020. 


So who is Nic Kerdiles? Nic Kerdiles is an entrepreneur American professional Ice Hockey player who in 2012 made the Anaheim Ducks Ice Hockey team. 


Now let’s get to the part where you and I discuss how his career started right? 


How Did Nic Kerdiles Career Start 


Nic Kerdiles career started at the very tender age of 6. During this time he moved with his parents to Irvine California. 


While in Irvine he started learning how to play Ice Hockey which led to his first international in 2007.


His debut was with Los Angeles minor ice hockey team at the 2007 Quebec International Peewee Hockey Tournament. 


His skill showed, which brought him to the spotlight, and then at the University of Wisconsin, he joined the Wisconsin Badgers. 

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Nic Kerdiles and Girlfirend

While with the Wisconsin Badgers, his exceptional talent and team spirit won him the award for WCHA men’s most talented player. 


In the latter stage of his NCAA career, he decided to drop his NCAA eligibility to sign a 3-year contract with Anaheim Ducks. 


Nic however did not make his professional debut until the Calder Cup playoffs where he played for the Ducks subsidiary team Norfolk Admirals. 


During the end of his contract with the Ducks, he was later resigned to a one-year two-way contract which according to Wikipedia is worth more than $560,000. 


Nic started his real estate agency “Nic Kerdiles Realtor” in 2019 where he sells finished houses to interested buyers. 


Nicolas Kerdiles Personal Life 


Nic is currently dating Chrisley but earlier this year they made the round into websites like the Mirror UK. 


This was because while they were dating Nic got engaged to Savannah but things went sideways when the wedding was called off. 


According to Chrisley Savannah she decided to call off the wedding because she felt things were moving to fast. 


So in essence she hasn’t made up her mind to want to settle down with Nic during a podcast section. 


In a podcast session, she discloses that she spoke to Nic about it who was very understanding of her situation. 


Although there are reports that both may have broken up but just trying to keep out the media. 


However this is not the case when I decided to dig a little bit and found out that Nic Kerdiles on his about page wrote that he is still dating Chrisley Savannah. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


In this part of the post, you and I will answer some questions on Nic Kerdiles. 


So here we go… 


How much does NIC kerdiles make?


How much does Nic Kerdiles make? Nic signed a contract with Winnipeg Jets worth $650,000 and while he playing ice hockey, he made an annual salary of $650,000.


What team does Nic Kerdiles Play For?


What team does Nic Kerdiles play for? Nicolas Kerdiles played for Winnipeg jets, he also signed a deal with Anaheim Ducks where he made his professional debut with Anaheim affiliated team.


Is Nic Kerdiles French?


Is Nic Kerdiles French? Nic Kerdiles has a french ancestral roots. His father Michel is French while his mother is a Canadian french woman.


What is Nic Kerdiles middle name?


What is Nic Kerdiles middle name? Nicolas Kerdiles does not have a middle name he is simply known as Nic Kerdiles.




Nic Kerdiles net worth looks solid at the moment but what 2021 holds for the hockey star is any body’s guess. 


Plus shining your night through dark times has made California born a star in the making. 


Now here is a quick question for you since you read up to the end and I want you to give an honest prediction. 


How would you predict Nicolas Kerdiles net worth in 2023? 


Do you think it is going to rise or do you think it’s going to fall to a bare minimum? 


Whatever your thoughts are please leave me a comment below with it and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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