Nick Cannon shades Diddy Over Dating 22 Years Old

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Nick Cannon Shades Diddy

Last updated on May 7th, 2020 at 03:05 pm

Nick Cannon shades P diddy in a recent interview where the 38 years old actor and TV personality. said I’d feel like I failed her.

Nick Cannon Shades Diddy


What’s up guys today it’s another story about P Diddy and Lori Harvey dating. which has been putting internet on a frenzy for quite some time now.



2 weeks back I published a post about Puff Daddy and Lori Harvey dating rumors. and today Nick Cannon is also hearing his view.



But wait what do we know already?



In the past couple of months, it’s been one news or the other about Lori and Diddy dating.



The Game also took to his social media account to air his thoughts on these issues.



Here is what The Game said:



But wait you all know The Game right?


If you don’t then do a simple google search like this:



” Who is The Game “



I bet Google is your friend in this regards because its where half of the world’s search is done.



Personally, I love P diddy a lot because what this guy stood for in music.



Another icon is Jay Z and Kanye West. I mean Jay Z is even the world’s first richest black rapper.



P Diddy Previous Dates



Sean Combs has had lot’s of strong women in his life and one of such women is Kim Potter.



Although she is late now (may her soul rest in peace) she was quite the strongest of them all.



Diddy also dated Cassie Ventura before both splits in mid-2018. ever since then, Cassie has moved on with her life and even got engaged.



I mean this list goes on, and you can only imagine how crazy that could feel.



I mean being branded as not being able to stick with one woman. over the course of Sean Combs life, you can say he has dated more than 6 women.



3 happens to have given him children, you can read this post on P Diddy children.



Now the latest woman rumored to be in Diddy’s life is way younger than you can imagine.



No wonder Nick Cannon shades Diddy in a recent post by CapitalXtra.



The irony here though is Nick has been married to Mariah Carey for a long long time.

Although the pair went their separate ways after a split in 2014 and back together in 2015. before a final split in 2016, fans may think this guy might be crazy throwing shades at Diddy 49.



Mariah Carey was married to Nick for 6 years before the marriage ended. but is Nick right about what he may have said about Diddy?



Mind you, Mariah Carey is 11 years older than Nick Cannon when both were married.


P Diddy

You can argue that Diddy is way older than Lori Harvey who is the stepdaughter of Steve Harvey.



Lori Harvey is 22 years old now P Diddy is 49 years old. If you do simple math, you do see Diddy is 27 years older than Lori.



Why Nick Cannon Shades P Diddy



A simple answer to this question may because P Diddy’s son Justin dated Lori.



oh my gosh!



Now, this is getting awkward right?



Justin and Lori were rumored to be dating before both broke up. and up till now, Justin didn’t speak a word about his date with Lori.



Now, this can either mean both were just friends and never really had anything going.






It could be that Diddy has been in the lineup all along with but then again. this is all conspiracy theories without Diddy or Lori saying anything.



Here are Nick Cannon words to be particular!



“She’s what? Twenty-three?” before Vlad interjects, saying Lori is actually 22. “And he’s 49. Twenty-two and 49. Aw, man!” exclaims Cannon.

Lori Harvey


“I don’t have a problem with that, but I would heartbroken if that was my own daughter,” he says, “To each his own.”



He adds, “But I would feel like I failed as a father if I’m sitting across the table with a dude the same age as me that’s dating my daughter. I would feel like I failed.”









Lori and Diddy haven’t said anything about their relationship yet. but you and I sure know that the lives of celebs is crazy.



I mean celebrities are the true definition of a crazy lifestyle. especially with media like us nosing around.



over to you guys!



What do you think about Nick Cannon throwing shades at Diddy?



Leave a comment below, because I want to hear your opinion on this.



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