Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi net worth
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Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi net worth who is the richest? Zozibini Tunzi and Olivia Culpo net worth is currently estimated to be $4,150,000. 


Now as you may have noticed, that’s the combined net worth of these two celebs. 


If this is their combined net worth then what is the individual net worth of Zozibini Tunzi and what is the individual net worth of Olivia Culpo right? 


Well if you have ever asked this question then you are in luck. 




You are in luck because in today’s post I will cover Zozibini Tunzi net worth 2020


I will also cover Olivia Culpo net worth 2020 so that you are well armed with how much both stars are worth. 

Olivia Culpo net worth
Olivia Frances Culpo


Having said let’s talk about what you should expect from today’s post which is about Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi net worth. 


Here is what to expect:


  • How much is Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi net worth 


  • Who is the richest between Olivia Culpo and Zozi Tunzi 


  • What is Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi source of income 


  • Olivia Culpo and Zozibini brief bio


  • How did Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi career start 


  • Conclusion 


Quick Note: Look above or below this paragraph you will see a button titled “Click to Jump Anywhere“. Use it to skip to any part of this post that holds the information you seek. 


I want you to know that the figures you will see. here on Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi net worth are subject to fluctuations. 


but I and my team here on Shoutmeceleb.com update this post to reflect what these celebrities are worth in current time. 

With that out of the way, now let’s dive deeper into. Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi net worth shall we? 


I have decided to cover every tiny detail about. both celebrities, this way you have everything you need in one place. 


How Much is Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi Net Worth 


During when this beauty pageant was held, a couple of my Shoutmeceleb Entertainment visitors searched for keywords like what is Zozibini net worth? 


These searches came from majorly South Africa and then from the US I had searches like what is Olivia Culpo net worth. 


This is why I decided I would write a comprehensive post touching both stars and showing you who is the richest between the two Miss Universe titleholders. 


In other to bring this to fruition, I will break this into two subheadings which will be… 


  • How much is Zozibini net worth 2020 


  • How much is Olivia Culpo net worth 2020 


How Much is Zozibini Tunzi Net Worth 2020


How much is Zozibini Tunzi net worth? Zozibini Tunzi is currently worth 150,000 US dollars ($150,000). A larger part of her net worth was made as the winner of Miss South Africa beauty pageant as well as the Miss Universe beauty pageant held in Atlanta Georgia. 


Tunzi also has other streams of income coming as a result of the position she holds in society. 


For so many, she is a figure to be looked upon as a source of inspiration by the younger generation. 


Yeah, there are some models like Naomi Campbell who hold a larger net worth. but for someone like Zozi who just found fame. 

Her net worth puts her at a relatively good edge over other models aspiring to make a name for themselves. 


When I converted Zozibini Tunzi net worth in dollars to Zozibini Tunzi net worth in Rands, here is what I got 2,632,650 ZAR. 


Zozi Tunzi net worth in Rands is a whopping 2,632,650 ZAR.


Zozibini Tunzi networth: $150,000 or 2,632,650 ZAR


How Much is Olivia Culpo Net Worth 2020 


How much is Olivia Culpo net worth? Olivia Frances Culpo currently has a net worth of 4,000,000 US dollars ($4 million). She makes a larger part of Income from acting in TV series as well as movies and as a model, this is an additional source of income. 


Although her crown was 8 years ago, Olivia still very much has that effect and name of a one time Miss Universe added to her gallery of titles. 

How much is Olivia Culpo net worth

The wealth of Olivia Culpo would only look to grow more due to her presence in Hollywood. 


As you may have known, Hollywood is one of the biggest industry any actor or actress would dream of. and Culpo is already living her dreams. 


Olivia Culpo networth: $4,000,000


Quickly let’s look at who is the richest between Zozi and Culpo shall we? 


Who is The Richest Between Zozibini Tunzi and Olivia Culpo 


Oliver Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi net worth who is richer? Olivia Culpo income is estimated to be $4,000,000 while Zozibini income is estimated to be $150,000. The above figure shows that Olivia Frances Culpo is currently the richest of the two models in 2020,


Zozibini Tunzi trails Olivia  Culpo with $3,850,000 and this could be as a result of the fact that. Olivia also found ways to diversify her income when compared to Zozi.

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One of the ways Olivia Culpo has managed to diversify her income is by going into acting. Taking up roles in several movies has done well to help boost Olivia Culpo’s source of livelihood.


As for Zozi, 2020 pandemic may have further dwindled her chances of capitalizing. On the fact that she is a public face now which could have really reeled in a ton of money.


Quickly let’s see what is their source of income, shall we? 


What is Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi Source of Income 


Look when trying to figure out how much a person is worth it’s important to look at the source of income. 


Take for example you are a singer, or producer, or heck even an engineer. 


Now what that means is you make your income by either singing, producing, acting, or doing your engineering jobs. 


Ultimately whatever source of income you have will be used to determine your net worth right? 


but then what is net worth? 


Net Worth according to The Simple Dollar can be defined as all of a person’s assets minus his or her debts. 


For example, you have an asset that amounts to 100 million US dollars. 


Your net worth can be calculated using the simple formula net worth – debts. 


If you are clear with that simple illustration then let’s look at how these two stars make their money. 


In other for that to be possible, I have divided this into subheading. 


The first will talk about Olivia Culpo’s source of income and the second will see you and I discuss Zozibini Tunzi source of income. 


  • What is Olivia Culpo source of income 


  • What is Zozibini source of income 


The reason I love to subheading my post is because it would save you a lot of time. 


It makes for easy reading and brings you every information you want in a clear and easy to digest manner. 


What is Olivia Culpo Source of Income 


I love how Olivia diversified her sources of income to be honest. 


If you know me then you probably know how I stress that no one should have one source of income. 


This is because you can only do or achieve little with a single source of income. 


I had to learn the hard way and after I did, I never wanted anyone to go through what I went through. 


Plus when you think about it, is it not better to have two sources of income both making you $2000 monthly than having just one making you the same money? 


One can argue that they do rather prefer one source making all that money, but in my opinion, it’s not safe. 

because it’s like putting all of your eggs in one basket, you must have heard of that adage I believe. 


Olivia Frances Culpo’s first source of income comes from her profession as a model. 


As a model, big brands will need her to walk the walkway with some of their brand’s products. 


Now once an agreement is reached for Culpo to walk the walkway then her bank account would be breathing new dollars. 


Her second source of income comes from being a social media influencer. 


This means due to her following on social media, she can get sponsored posts to her social media following. 


Her 3rd source of income comes from acting… 


As an actress, Culpo has featured in more than 10 movies and TV series. 


Each of these features is guaranteed to make nothing less than 30,000 US dollars. 


If all of these sources of income do anything, it will be that it has helped increase Forbes Olivia Culpo net worth.


Now, what is NEXT? 


Well, I have Zozibini’s source of income next… 


What is Zozibini Tunzi Source of Income 


I was taking this class on YouTube which centered on thoughts and manifestation. 


Basically it’s the law of attraction or better still cause and effect


If you don’t know what the law of attraction means then I suggest you read this post here. to have some of the fundamental insights on what its all about. 


Once I learned that the universe was subject to my emotions and thoughts, I began thinking differently. 


I remember this one time I manifested a deep need I had some time in 2019. and that was when it became really profound for me to dig deeper. 


Whatever you have in your life right now is what you attracted to it. 


And the same can be said for Zozibini, whatever she had, she manifested through positive thoughts and consistent work to be better. 

Zozibini Tunzi net worth 2020

So what is her sources of income? 


Well, Zozibini holds two titles one is Miss South Africa and the other is Miss Universe. 


Now, these two titles have yearly money or income it brings to the table.


Take for instance, immediately she won Miss SA, she became a millionaire in Rands. 


and as for her Miss Universe title according to Sowetan, she is worth more than $100,000 yearly. 


Her second source of income comes from her huge following on social media. 


With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Zozibini could well make more than $1000 for each sponsored post on her page. 


Her 3rd source of income includes being invited for shows and her modeling for big brands all over the world. 


All of her sources of income have one potential and that is is to boost Forbes Zozibini Tunzi net worth. 


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The wealth of Zozibini Tunzi can only look to rise with her fame as the years go by. 


Now I believe this is where you ask me these two questions… 


How much is Zozibini Tunzi worth or how much is Olivia Culpo worth? 


I hope I answered your questions above to the best of my ability because. after all, this post is about Zozi Tunzi’s net worth as well as Olivia Frances Culpo’s net worth, right? 




Come on let’s get into it… 


Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi Brief Bio


As a kid growing up my dream was always to become a celebrity so famous that. my name would be heard in every corner of the world. 


The way I dreamt of achieving this goal was by becoming a footballer, you know like CR7


No doubt he is currently one of the most famous athletes that the world has ever known right? 


What I didn’t know was how stressful and time consuming it really would be to become famous. 


Once I learned that being famous meant my life was in constant scrutiny, I didn’t want it anymore. 


Moreso I am glad that things didn’t work out with my footballing goal. because it would have been devastating, at least that’s what I think it would be. 


So in this section of this post, I will touch on the brief bio of Zozibini as well as that of Olivia Culpo. 


As a matter of fact, I have decided to break this into two subheadings. 


Stay with me! 


The first subheading will address Olivia Culpo’s brief bio. and the second subheading will talk about Zozibini Tunzi’s brief bio. 


  • Olivia Culpo brief bio 


  • Zozibini Tunzi brief bio


Now let’s unearth some cool stuff, shall we? 


Olivia Culpo Brief Bio


I was talking to my childhood friend a couple of years back and he asked me what was it like. throwing away your dream to become a footballer? 


I took a deep breath and told him that not everything is Black and White in the world. 


I really would not have thought that becoming a celebrity would ever feel so wrong. 


I mean the constant camera, people digging into your private life looking for one story to tell. 

Olivia Culpo net worth 2020

It just didn’t sit well with me as such it became the reason I did not go down that path anymore. 


For someone like Olivia Culpo, well she did handle her fame well enough to the point where it’s now her source of income. 


So what is Olivia Culpo’s full name? 


Here we go! 


The full name of Olivia is Olivia Frances Culpo. 


She was born in Cranston Rhodes Island to Mr. Peter and Mrs. Susan Culpo in the year 1992 May 8th. 


So who is she right? 


She is many things lolz! 


Olivia Frances Culpo is an American model, fashion, reality TV, and Social media personality. 


She also branched into acting once she saw fame as a former beauty pageant titleholder. 


Pre-fame Olivia Culpo attended St. Mary Academy  Bay View where she graduated from high school. 


She decided to further her education at Boston University, however, she did no complete her uni studies. 

Culpo has a thing for Cello and this took her to Brevard Music Center, in Brevard, North Caroline where she studied for two summers. 


She has played Cello in her hometown as well as the Rhodes Island All-State Orchestra. 


The acting career of Culpo has seen her made appearances in several movies and TV shows. 


One of the most notable is her role in the 2018 movie Hope where she played Christina. 


Now that we have a brief bio on Culpo, let’s see what Zozibini Tunzi brief bio looks like shall we? 


Zozibini Tunzi Brief Bio


My mother told me about the beauty of South African women back when I was a kid. 


She told me that, look, son, their men can be sometimes hard to cope with but trust me they are good people. 


We had this conversation several years ago and then when the xenophobic attack on other Africans started. I was quick to remind my mom to tell me what is actually good about South Africans. 


Then she said a lot of things are good about South Africans. and that she didn’t teach me to hold people by their foolish attitude but to see good in a place where no one else would. 

How much is Zozibini Tunzi net worth

Guess what! 


In my quest to see the good in people, I decided to listen to an interview about Zozibini Tunzi. 


I tell you I couldn’t believe how beautiful her soul really is, the good fight and the awareness. she brings to the table was just words beyond amazing. 


So what is her real name? 


The real name of Tunzi is Zozibini Tunzi.


She was born in Tsolo Eastern Cape Town of South Africa in the year 1993 September 18th. 


She is the daughter of Lungisa Tunzi and Philiswa Nopadu both of South African origin. 


In Africa education is a priority for the mothers and fathers that did not get any. 


For the ones that did attain some form of education, the knowledge was too good not to expose their kids to. 


As for Zozibini, she studied at Cape Peninsula University of Technology where she graduated with a Diploma. 


She later furthered her education in the same university studying Public Relations. 


After completing her studies and graduating with a bachelor of Technology degree, she decided to work with Ogilvy as an intern. 


You already know about Zozibini net worth Forbes or Olivia Culpo net worth Forbes, but i want to take you to further down. 


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So stay with me, please! 


You and I need to add all the tiny details together so we can finally make sense of Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi net worth. 


How Did Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi Career Start 


You know how you are in this circle of acquaintances and suddenly the big question of career comes upright? 


This is the part of the question that gets pretty embarrassing for so many especially if you don’t have one. 

Olivia Culpo and Zozibini Tunzi net worth
Photo of Zozibini Tunzi and Olivia Culpo

This faithful day, I was invited by a close acquaintance to grab a couple of beer. 


I try to come up with excuses but this guy, well he knows how to be pretty convincing. 


We went and the ultimate career question came up, look some of these guys were driving Range Rover Vogue. and I didn’t even have a bicycle. 


You could imagine how devastated I felt when the question was raised. I didn’t want to contribute because I was jobless. 


finally, when I came out and was honest with myself, I could tell by the looks on their faces. I was being pitied, but then I told them I didn’t need to be pitied. 


Long story short we became very good friends and none looked down on me. 


Being jobless can be embarrassing but staying jobless can be a person’s fault. Because there are so many ways to make money these days


Having said that, in this part of this post, I will talk about how these two started their career. 


In other to make it a very simple and easy read, I have decided to break down into subheading. 


  • How did Olivia Culpo career start 


  • How did Zozibini Tunzi career start 


How Did Olivia Culpo Career Start 


I have known so many people who dreamt of achieving fame on an international level. 


While luck runs out on many such dreams, this is not the case for Olivia Culpo. 


Olivia has used her fame to get some quality exposure to the world between 2012 till date. 


My friend KD would say, brother, if there is anything you could do in this life, it is for you to travel. 


Once you do, your mentality about the world around you would change for the better. 

So how did it all start for Culpo? 


Well, her rise to fame started after Olivia Culpo represented United State at the Miss Universe held in Las Vegas


In the finale, she won the crown for Miss Universe in 2012. making her the 8th US representative to have won the title. 


This was the defining moment that short Frances Culpo to fame and made her the first Rhodes Islander to win the crown. 


While this was the beginning of her fame, it certainly wasn’t the end. 


The title of Miss Universe opened several other doors which helped to increase Olivia Culpo net worth 2020 Forbes. 


This includes her role in TV series, movies as well as walking the Sherri Hill fashion show held at Trump Tower in NYC. 


After landing several roles in Hollywood, it became clear that Olivia has sealed her place. both as an actress, a model and TV personality. 


Well, now that you know how it started for Olivia, let’s take a snipping look at Tunzi shall we? 


How Did Zozibini Tunzi Career Start


I love South Africa for its black culture, it reminds me why. Africa should never trade her culture for that of the West. 


Don’t get me wrong, there is beauty to be upheld in the Western culture but African culture for me is something I am proud of. 


This even led to some type of debate back in the day when I was in high school. 


At the end of the debate, I could remember my teacher looking at me with so much satisfaction. 


She couldn’t believe I would defend the African culture with such energy. 


In the end, she told me that every culture is unique, you should do well to always remember that. 


With that out of the way, how did Zozibini’s career start? 


Zozibini beauty pageant career started in 2017 after she auditioned for Miss South Africa. 


Although she made the 26-panel list but failed to make the 12-panel list. 


She reignited the flame that once took her up the stage in 2017 in 2018. 


She auditioned again and again and first made the 26-panel list, then the 10-panel list. 

net worth of Zozibini Tunzi

After the audition for the 10-panel list, Zozibini made the 5-panel list until it was down to 2 finalists. 


Zozibini was crowned the winner by Tamaryn Green who was her predecessor. 


This victory came with some good rewards, which ultimately increased Zozibini Tunzi net worth 2020 Forbes. 


She got an amazing house a car and 1 million Rand to use during her reign as Miss SA. 


Post winning Miss SA, Zozibini represented South Africa at the Miss Universe beauty pageant. 


She took home the crown in 2019 as Miss Universe and became the 3rd South African to have taken home this crown. 


but wait that’s not all! 


2019 became the first year that all four major US pageant was won by Black Women. 


This was the defining moment in her career, winning two beauty pageants consecutively. 




I was asked recently what was the easiest way to make money today by a group of friends.


My response was that I believe if you inspire people as. a celebrity, this could be one of the easiest ways to make money in the world today.


The world is changing really quickly and people need a form of inspiration to go along with it.


Now people want to be part of something great and bigger. Thus as humans, we look up to popular figures to draw this inspiration from today.


And right about if I am going to give you a really good example, I believe that will be Zozibini and Olivia.


Anyways, there you have it, Zozibini and Olivia Culpo net worth 2020.


Tell me what was your one key takeaway from this post, leave me a comment below.


Thanks for reading and cheers.


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