Shoutmeceleb Vacation Challenge

One of the reasons people don't go for a vacation is lack of funds. which is why shoutmeceleb Entertainment organises a vacation contest eliminating every possible reason that can stop you from enjoying the life you truly deserve. Here is what you will get from this vacation contest...

Start up Capital

The only way to become rich and have financial freedom is by owning your own business so, as a winner of this online giveaway, you get a chance to walk home with a $1000 worth of start up capital.

Free Flight Ticket

Imagine yourself boarding that amazing flight to go for a vacation, it is super amazing right? this is why you must take part in this 30 days contest because not only do you get a start up capital, you also get a free ticket to spend 3 days and 3 nights on some really beautiful places. so click the button below now to register for the life changing experience.

Feel True Happiness

Do you know that if you do the things that truly makes you happy, you receive more abundance from the universe? I bet you did not know this which is why the last stage in this challenge will make sure you connect with winners like yourself. you are probably surprised right but don't be and yes there will be 5 winners like yourself boarding that plane to have a wonderful vacation and it is your chance to connect..... Join challenge Now

What Participant are Saying

Hear what past winners and participant are saying about our online vacation challenge!
Adetolu Busayo

Adetolu Busayo

Business Owner

When my friend told me about this, I was very skeptical and like this is absolute scam but then I didn't have anything to lose because it's not costing me $20. Imagine my surprise when skeptical me became the winner, truly it was a magical experience and thank you and I would have tried again but past winners can't join the contest.

Michael Okoturoh

Michael Okoturoh


What you are doing is truly outstanding, most especially because I am one of those that benefited from SMC challenge. The fact that i invested part of my capital into my fashion business says it all that this is the real deal. Thank you the whole of Shoutmeceleb Team for putting together something this unique.

Tamara Ebisinde

Tamara Ebisinde


Thank you for giving me the memories of a lifetime. I mean the other winners were so warm and funfilled, and also thank you for adding beach time and shopping to the list of activities we did because it was mad fun. One more thing please make it possible for past winner to be able to participate again.

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