Tekno and Patoranking net worth
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Ever wonder how much is Patoranking and Tekno net worth or who is the richest? I will reveal how much each is worth, their age, biography, family & worth.

Patoranking Daughter Wilmer

Today, you will find out how much Patoranking and Tekno is worth. I have also taken the liberty to add their biography, net worth, age, family, and more. 


A few weeks back, I published a post about Tekno’s net worth and biography.


But since this post is a direct comparison between Tekno and Patoranking’s net worth, I would start with Nnaemeka Okorie.


But wait there is more!


Why Patoranking and Tekno’s net worth is Comparable


Naija music is fast evolving into the global Music market with Wizkid and Davido at the hem.


But I guess you can also include names like Tiwa Savage and Burna Boy.


These four super artists have taken Nigerian music into the international market. And best of all is the fact that there is more raw talent to come.


One of the most compared Nigerian musicians in terms of net worth is Wizkid and Davido.


And mostly the fallout duo Mr P and Rudeboy after their split about 2 years ago.


Well, you can argue that split is for the best, but if you dare take up such an argument with my kid brother, honestly, you would lose.


Having said that, Patoranking and Tekno’s net worth felt like the right comparison.


Because these two wouldn’t do well against the likes of Davido and Wizkid.


Heck, I am positive these two didn’t make the list of the first top 50 richest musicians in Nigeria.


If you want to talk about a top 50 richest list, then certainly that’s possible. You would agree, right?

Patoranking and Tekno net Worth 2019

Here is the reason these two are comparable…


Both have a net worth that, when added together, is nothing compared to the net worth of Davido.


Considering Davido is currently the richest musician in Nigeria, let’s put Patoranking and Tekno’s net worth head to head with Wizkid’s net worth.


But wait!


Wizkid is worth 6X Tekno and Patoranking’s net worth combined…


Imagine the gap in figures!


So now that you know, I wish to treat Patoranking net worth first.


But for that to happen I will take you on a Disney cruise ship that will detail Patoranking history.


Let’s dive in now, shall we?


Patoranking Net Worth and Biography


I love telling stories because, much like the world we live in, everything begins with a story.


I mean this is how scholars back in the 14th century told stories that have been passed on for generations.


Guess what I am writing about Patoranking’s biography and net worth now right?


There is the possibility that my kids will see this post on Google if I rank on the first page of SERPS.


If I did rank then I just told them the history of Nnaemeka Okorie.


Imagine, isn’t that beautiful how a story is in every part of our daily existence and some of us do not even know this.


Let me tell you a story about Patoranking, his age, family, personal life, music, endorsement, and awards.


Just sit your ass on this Disney cruise ship and enjoy the cruise as you and I go deeper.


Who is Patoranking


Patoranking is a Nigerian (also Naija or 9ja) musician, dancer, and singer-songwriter of the genre reggae dancehall.


You are probably wondering What’s a dancehall genre?


I won’t dig into it because that’s definitely a topic of its own. But here is what I will do for you…


You may read more about Dancehall with this amazing resource here.


The one thing I have noticed about Musicians is how easy it is to forget their real name.


In this vein what is Patoranking real name?


The real name of Patoranking is Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie born on the 27th of May 1990.


So, how old is Patoranking now?


Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie is 29 years old now.


Where is Patoranking from?


Patoranking hails from Onitsha, a local government in Ebonyi State, which is one of the 36 States in Nigeria.


Nigeria, on the other hand, is a country in West Africa and you may have known, that Africa is one of the 7 Continent in the world.


Where was Patoranking Born?


Patoranking place of birth is Ijegun Egba Satellite Town in Lagos State.


I remember when I was still very much a kid, and I stayed with my mom’s sister who her husband is from Lagos State.


During Christmas, my aunt’s husband would be like pack up, we are all spending Xmas in Lagos.


For some weird reason, I would sit out the journey.

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But it was mostly because I hated sitting for long hours.


Nowadays, I could go to Lagos on a flight because it’s way quicker.


Lagos is the home of music in Nigeria; I mean, if you need to succeed with music as a career, then you must go to Lagos.


It’s the center of excellence, plus the structures are super amazing, although Nigeria could do more to improve.


Where Did Patoranking School


Growing up in Lagos could only mean you also schooled in Lagos, right?




So what School did Patoranking attend while growing up in Lagos?


Patoranking attended Citizen Comprehensive College Epe Lagos and later enrolled in Jibril Martin Memorial Grammar School Iponri.


Let me tell you a little story about myself and don’t worry I get back into. Patoranking and Tekno net worth, just hear my story first.

Patoranking net worth and Biography

While growing up as a kid I have never liked school that’s full honesty there.


When it was time for school I would run to the back of my dad’s house and hide there.


Everyone would start looking for me, but there’s this brother of mine that would come for me.


to be honest here:


I don’t know how he manages to find me, but he always finds me, and it was pissing.


Fast forward many years later, I became a graduate, but up till now, I still hate school.


But don’t hate school because if you do as I did, you will fail.


Back to Patoranking…


After secondary school, Nnaemeka Okorie started music as a street jam carnival dancer.


Patoranking Early Life


In the last paragraph, I talked about how he started Patrick started out as a street jam dancer, right?


Well, let me talk a little about that…


You see the life you want doesn’t really come cheap or easy. 


99% of the time, you would have to work for it because it was written that you would reap what you sow.


The 1% of left off that 99 percent is the anomaly that’s happened in life.


What I mean by that statement is that it’s only 1% of the world’s population that gets such wealth without working.


Makes sense, yes?


My point is if you are serious about increasing your net worth, then you would have to work hard.


If you combine hard work with smart work well, it won’t take you years to achieve your goals.


Here is what I love about Patoranking!


He abandoned his family in search of greener pastures, and when he did get it, he came back.


For Patoranking net worth 2024 to be increased, he made sacrifices.


Nothing can be worse than leaving your family in order to provide for them.


How Patoranking Musical career started


Patrick Nnaemeka was named Patoranking by a Jamaican reggae singer.


Here is what he said in his own words:


My stage name Patoranking was given to me by a Jamaican one day when I went to the Alpha Beach in Lagos.


I like calling him ranking, you know because it reminds me of my kid brother’s ex-Pat.


They had this amazing fling, and you could almost swear they were both made for each other.


But but but…


You know how that ends!


Before fame, Patoranking was doing underground music according to Wikipedia.


Some of the musicians he did his underground music with include the likes of Xproject, and Konga amongst others.


I still remember the song Girlie O for so long have been waiting o.


Did you know that’s the one song that brought him to the spotlight?


But just before that, Patoranking signed a record deal with Igberaga Records back in 2010.


He released Up in The Club with the record label before Timaya took him under his wings to coach him a little.


Although you can say, it’s more of a relationship between Timaya and Patoranking.


If you have time, you should check my post on Timaya’s net worth and biography.


Alubarika is the song that strengthens the decision of Timaya to take him under his wings.


But I think it’s because Timaya got to witness firsthand hand raw talent of Pato in the Alubarika collaboration.


Please know Timaya did not sign Patoranking to Dem Mama records.


Patoranking Album and Singles


The key influencers of Patoranking music reggae dancehall are Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Fela Kuti, and Mashek Fashek.


There are others but the above names are iconic in the history of African music.


After the release of Alubarika in 2013 which obviously featured Timaya. I would love to say the sky was pregnant for Nnaemeka Okorie.


The following year which is February 5th, 2014 Girlie O was released. It was produced by Wizzy Pro as the video was shot in London, UK, by Moe Musa.


In May same year, Tiwa Savage contacted Patoranking for the remix of Girlie O.


The video was brilliant, and Tiwatope Savage’s vocals blended with the originality. of the song was kept perfect.


Daniella Whine and My Woman My Everything


You see, Patoranking left Dem Mama Records after gaining a little momentum and signed with Foston Music.


Then in 2015, the singer and songwriter signed a distribution deal with VP records


Alubarika, which means “God’s blessings,” told the brief story of his life with Aje Films. Coordinating the video shoot, you could say 2015 saw the shine of Patoranking net worth.


Most especially because of the release of Daniella Whine and My Woman My Everything.


I can’t even overemphasize that enough because of how successful those two songs were.

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If I remember correctly, the two were born and listed in MTV Base Naija’s top 10.


Daniella Whine eventually peaked at number 4 while My Woman peaked at number 2.


Patoranking God Over Everything Album 2015


The genius and master of this album made it sell nationwide.


As much as I would love to give the credit it deserves, you can say the features turned better.

How much is Patoranking Worth in 2019 (1)

It’s obviously a plus because the album featured lots of bigger boys in the Nigeria industry.


Here a Patoranking God over everything album features:


  • Olamide


  • 2Face


  • Phyno


  • Wizkid


  • Sarkodie


Patoranking God over Everything album clinches the number 4 spot on the Billboard reggae album chart.


I couldn’t have imagined a better year for the star.


Here are the tracks or, better still the List Of songs from the Patoranking God over Everything album:


1. Patoranking

2. G.O.E

3. Cheating

4. Money (feat. Phyno)

5. Killing Me

6. This Kind Luv (feat. Wizkid)

7. Writing on the Wall

8. Forever

9. No Kissing baby (feat. Sarkodie)

10. Mama Aboyo (feat. Olamide)

11. Stammerer

12. Love Town

13. Hale Hale

14. Beautiful

15. Daniella Whine (feat. Elephant Man & Konshens)

16. Ayinde (feat. Wasiu Ayinde Marshall)


Patoranking Wilmer Album 2019


In 2019 I saw how supportive Nigerian musicians were to each other.


I say this vividly because of how so many Naija musicians showed up for the Patoranking 2019 Wilmer Album listening party.


Watch this video clip from YouTube to see for yourself.


Here is the video, and Tiwa Savage, who is arguably one of the richest musicians in Africa, graced the occasion.


But just in case you don’t believe me, here is a post I made about Tiwa Savage’s net worth and biography.


Warm yourself up with that because some of the features on his first album were all richer than himself.


But this is not to demean rankings, workability, and the effort put in to create such a successful album.


Here is a feature list of musicians in the Nigerian music industry that are richer than Patoranking.


These guys are all top dogs if you ask me, so a comparison with them doesn’t make sense.





You can read each of those resources So you can see why he wouldn’t do well against those likes.


Having said that, Here is the List Of songs from Patoranking Wilmer’s Album.


  1. Wilmer (feat. Bera)
  2. Feelings
  3. Temperature
  4. Nakupenda (feat. Nyashinski)
  5. Black 
  6. Zéro Problémé (feat. Dadju)
  7. Lenge Lenge
  8. Turn Up (feat. Donae’o)
  9. Champion
  10. Go Crazy
  11. Open Fire (feat. Busiswa) 
  12. Confirm (feat. Davido)


Before we transition into Patoranking’s personal life, let me answer this question here.


What was Patoranking first song


Patoranking first song is Alubarika, a song that tells the story of their entire life before fame. The video of the song was shot by Aje Films, and it Features vocals from Timaya. The meaning of Alubarika, according to Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie, is “God’s Blessings”.


Patoranking Family and Personal Life


Funny how I titled this post Patoranking and Tekno net worth. when it only seems I have been going on about Patoranking net worth, but don’t worry, Tekno’s moment will come later on.

How is Tekno and Patoranking net worth

According to Information NG, Patoranking left his family, consisting of his Kid, sister, and brother, to provide for them.


I honestly couldn’t even imagine what this guy had to grow through; I mean the heartbreak.


I had such a moment in my life when I literally couldn’t handle the hospital bills of my mom.


I felt devastated because I was watching her suffer, and I couldn’t help.


Thankfully, God sent someone with a good heart, and my mom’s hospital bills were cleared.


She’s been okay ever since, just in case you are wondering.


I mean, this story is from 9 years ago, and thankfully it’s all good now.


Here is what Patoranking said:


I had to leave my family, brother, and sister, so I could provide for them.


Sound’s like a breadwinner to me; the best is the humility with which he did it.


Here are Patoranking brother’s and sister’s names;


  • Raphael Okorie


  • Sharon Okorie


Many stories were made the first time Patoranking posted a photo of him and his kid brother online.


I mean, many were thinking, woo, this is Patoranking, son.


He also shared photos of cute family time with his kid brother and sister on Social Media.


This brings you and me to questions like…


Is Patoranking Married


Patoranking is not yet married but is in a relationship with English citizen Leila. Patoranking and Leila’s relationship saw the birth of their first daughter, Wilmer Okorie, whom the 29-year-old named his 2019 album after.


Becoming a father can make you a better man, according to Jim Iyke, who has a net worth of 30 million dollars.


And one of the richest Nollywood actors in Nigeria presently.


Okay, now let’s talk about how much this guy is worth in Naira and in dollars.


How Much is Patoranking Worth


It’s sometimes trickier to know how much Patoranking net worth but here it is; Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie has a net worth of one million US dollars ($1 million). This figure includes his cars, houses, and precious stones if any, minus from his debts.


But to truly appreciate the above information I will dive into his cars and houses in details.


P.S: the below subheading will also reveal how much Patoranking charges per show.


What is Patoranking Net Worth


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It’s sometimes trickier to know how much is Patoranking net worth but here it is; Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie has a net worth of one million US dollars ($1 million). This figure includes his cars, houses, and precious stones, if any, minus from his debts.


How Much Does Patoranking Charge Per Show


Patoranking charges between six hundred thousand Naira (N600,000) to appear in a show within Nigeria, but it’s a whole different price outside Nigeria. the singer charges between 800,000 to 1,000,000,000 for shows outside the country.


Patoranking Cars and Houses


Here is a question for you, and I want you to answer it honestly because I want you to be fair to yourself.


Here is my question:


Why do you want to be wealthy so badly that even in your sleeping and waking up that’s the only thing you can think?

Tekno and Patoranking net worth

Drop a comment below stating your reason and why you want to succeed badly.


For me, my dream of becoming successful is to provide for those who are in need and offer value to people.


And one of the ways I have decided to create a platform where the poor and middle class. Could compete for a chance to win start-up capital for small-scale businesses and also go on vacations.


Having told you my reasons, I hope this helps you express yourself in the comment session.


Becoming a celebrity could mean being open to living the life you truly deserve.


And such life includes enjoying things like beautiful houses, and cars, going on vacations, and more.


You can say with 1 million dollars, you can have the perfect life many can’t dare to even think about.


Patoranking owns a house in Elite Metro Garden in Lekki Lagos.


According to sources, Okorie house cost more than 50 million Naira. 


Also, Schoolings.com says the house cost a precise N60 million. Although I cannot confirm this price but close to the singer told SMCE that the price ranges between 50 million to 70 million Naira.


Owning an apartment in Lekki means you get to wake up, sleep, and wake up with rich every day.


The only place that is so far more beautiful than Lekki is Banana Island and the ongoing construction of Eko Atlantic City.


It’s predicted to be one of the finest cities in the country, even more, finer than the capital of the country.


How Many Cars Does Patoranking Have?


Here is a list of Patoranking cars;


  • Range Rover SUV 2014


  • Red Porsche


  • Mercedes Benz G Wagon


Patoranking Endorsement Deals


Another thing musicians enjoy about being a celebrity is opening doors to several endorsement deals from small and big brands alike.


Here is the list of Patoranking endorsement deals;


  • Signed an endorsement deal with Lagos Marathon for an undisclosed fee


  • Brand ambassador to Skyy Vodka: deal reportedly worth more than 5 million naira


  • Signed endorsement deal with Malivelihood for an undisclosed fee


  • Brand ambassador with Airtel




Adding silverware to your name is another huge thing as a musician.


I mean, Burna Boy, in 2019 alone, swoop lots of awards from the success of 2018 songs like Ye.


You could say that it took a while to come in, but it did, and that’s what is most important, provided you are consistent.


Here is a list of Patoranking awards;

Google List of Patorankin award

  1. 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards
  2. Vodafone Ghana Music Awards
  3. Ben TV
  4. 2014 Channel O Music Video Awards
  5. TooXlusive Online Music Awards
  6. MTV Africa Music Awards
  7. The Headies 2014
  9. Sound City Award for the best video of the year


It’s time to talk about the net worth of Tekno, and he had to come last because I have written about it before.


This way, I don’t have to repeat the same things I wrote in that article here.


So here is what I have decided to do for you instead.


Do you see how I took my time to structure Patoranking and Tekno’s net worth? I have also structured the article of Alhaji Tekno like that.


So here is a Link to Tekno’s net worth and biography.


The post covers everything you need to know about his net worth, cars, and how he fought to get into music after damaging his Vocal Cords.


How Much is Patoranking and Tekno’s net worth


Patoranking net worth in 2024 is 1 million US dollars ($1 million), including all his assets such as cars, houses and landed properties. Tekno’s net worth in 2024, on the other hand, is worth $2.5 million, including his assets, cars, houses, and precious stones.


Now that you know how much each is worth!


Now let’s move to answer one more already obvious question, which is;


Patoranking and Tekno’s net worth who is the richest


Tekno and Patoranking’s net worth is the richest; Tekno is the richest between him and Patoranking. Patoranking has a net worth of 1 million dollars, while Tekno, aka Slim Daddy, is worth 2.5 million dollars.


Tekno and Patoranking 23 Practical  Secret To Success


  1. Learn


  1. Take action


  1. Don’t wait for success go after it


  1. add value to peoples life


  1. Be positive


  1. Control your mind


  1. Persevere


  1. Work Hard


  1. Work Smart


  1. Believe in Yourself


  1. Focus on your goals


  1. Never listen to negative people


  1. Give


  1. Appreciate what you have while working for more


  1. Nothing is Impossible


  1. Ask for Help


  1. Save


  1. Invest


  1. Install Productive Habit


  1. Rid Your Life of Non-supportive Habit


  1. Aspire for greatness


  1. Be someone different


  1. Surround yourself with positive-minded people




One of the reasons I love to compare musicians against each other. is because I love to see who fairs better in terms of wealth.


Does money run the world?


Imagine living in a world where you don’t have money, and there’s a likely chance you are unhappy.


Because you can’t help anyone, do not get me wrong, money isn’t everything but is extremely important in the areas where it functions.


Having said that!


What is your opinion about this post comparing Patoranking and Tekno’s net worth?


Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you because I can grow this way. And keep you, my audience satisfied always with each blog post I drop.


Thanks for reading, and cheers!


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