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Plies and Kevin Gates net worth who is richer? Kevin Gates and Plies net worth has a current combine net worth above $14,1235,674.


Now that’s Plies and Kevin Gates net worth combined but the real question becomes what is their individual net worth? 


Well, the rest part of this post will be dedicated to answering Kevin Gates net worth 2020 as well as Plies net worth 2020. 


but before you and I dive deeper I have used bullet points to show you every aspect of this post I will cover. 


Kevin Gates Net worth 2020
Kevin Gates on Suit

Here we go! 


  • How much is Kevin Gates and Plies net worth 


  • Who is the richest between Plies and Kevin Gates 


  • What is Plies and Kevin Gates source of wealth 


  • Kevin Gates and Plies brief biography 


  • Frequently asked questions about Kevin Gates and Plies 


  • Conclusion 


While this post will cover Plies and Kevin Gates net worth, I want you to know I will dive into things like their biography too. 


and now that you know what to expect from this post, let’s dive straight into it. 


How Much is Kevin Gates and Plies Net Worth 


If you have lived as long as I have then chances are you can see the world for what it really is now right? 


What is the world really about then? 

Plies and Kevin

Well, a short answer will be money, power, fame and greed, and they all work hand in hand. 


Do you still remember that the BIBLE said the LOVE of money is the root of all EVIL? 


Well you can argue that all you want but it doesn’t change the facts and the facts are the facts. 


When you look at the world today, you see the greed, love of money, and power all around you. 


So what will you do? Make money, become famous, have power and be greedy? 


Well, I live you to answer that! 


and while you are pondering on that, I have decided to split this section into subheadings. 


I believe it will make for easier reading and skimming for you. 


The first subheading will touch on the net worth of Kevin Gates in dollars 


and the second subheading will hand you the net worth of Plies in dollars. 


Knowing that, here is a bullet point for you… 


  • How much is Kevin Gates net worth 2020 


  • How much is Plies net worth 2020


How Much is Kevin Gates Net Worth 2020


How much is Kevin Gates net worth in 2020? Kevin Gates net worth 2020 Forbes is currently estimated to be the sum of 1,000,000 ($1 million). Kevin Gates worth reached the million-dollar milestone after the success of his last year Album I’m Him. 


Kevin Gates Networth: $1 Million 


Look you know musicians have a diversified source of income right? 

Plies and Kevin Gates Net worth
Kevin Gates and his daughter


Well we will cover all of that in some part of this post but for now just stay with me. 


Kevin Gates net worth 2020 makes him unworthy of being mention on the list of richest musicians in the world


This is because when I was compiling that list, what I realize was that it is majorly made of billionaires and millionaires in the 100s of million-dollar range. 


As a matter of fact, during my research I realize that the lowest net worth of the top 50 richest musicians in the world is above $100 million. 

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Anyways you can click on the pink link above to read that full article. 


Having said that, look Kevin Gates is richer than the likes of BlocBoy JB in 2020 so there is that. 


Now let’s talk about how Kevin Gates live a bit… 


Kevin Gates Cars & Houses 


If you have known and followed Kevin Gates for quite some time then you already know how he lives right? 


but let’s have a quick look at what his lifestyle is like today. 


For someone with just $1 million dollars net worth, he sure has an expensive taste. 

Net worth of Kevin Gates 2020
Kevin Gates on shopping

Kevin Gates car collections include a Porsche 911 which cost more than $180,000. 


He also bought his wife a G Wagon that cost $200,000.


The purpose for this is to take his kids to and fro from school since he is a family man. 


He bought a Corvette car that goes from zero to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds with a thousand horsepower engine. 


Now I don’t know about you but I will be too scared to ride in such a supercar honestly. 


Kevin Gates house cost more than $5 million according to sources and YouTube videos that made this estimate. 

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Here is a list of Kevin Gates cars… 


  • Porsche $195,000


  • Corvette $200,000


  • G Wagon $200,000


I am predicting Kevin Gates net worth Forbes to rise in 2021. 


The net worth Kevin Gates has amassed over the years have helped the him live the luxurious life he wants. 


So when next you are struggling to convince someone on how much is Kevin Gates worth just refer them to this article. 


Now let’s look at how much is Plies worth in 2020 before I bring you to who is the richest between these two. 


How Much is Plies Net Worth 2020


How much is Plies net worth in 2020? Plies net worth 2020 Forbes is currently estimated to be a mouth-watering sum of 14,000,000 ($14 million). A larger part of his money has been made from his albums and songs as well as royalties. 


Plies Networth: $14 Million 


Look Plies net worth 2020 is what it is because this musician has learn to diversify his source of income. 

Plies worth
Plies having Launch at home

Don’t worry more on that later but know that when compared to the likes of Playboi Carti or Lil Yachty these two trail Plies by almost $6 million and $5 million respectively. 


Personally I think if you become famous, there’s an endless opportunity for you to make cash. 

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Now you could even do this in your sleep if you could automate the process a little. 


Having said that, let’s look at Plies cars and houses, shall we? 


Plies Cars and House


As a celebrity, it has become normal to splash the cash and live a life of fortune wrapped around expensive things. 


and Plies is the definition of expensive and rare stuff in the collection. 


Plies own a Chrome Pontiac grand Pix which costs $47,000.


He also owns a 1968 Pontiac Le Mans, and Bentley Continental which cost a whopping $275,000.


The rapper also bought himself Maserati Quathrope which cost the sum of $100,000.


Well, speaking of his house, Plies house cost between $5 million to $10 million. 


Now this guy also bought some expensive watch which is crazily pricy but that’s what you enjoy as a celeb. 


Now much like Kevin Gates, I am also predicting that Plies net worth will soar in 2021. 


But I will be here waiting to see how Plies net worth Forbes will increase whether its through businesses or album release. 


Now that you know how much Plies and Kevin Gates net worth is, let’s see who is richer shall we? 


Who is The Richest Between Plies and Kevin Gates 


Kevin Gates and Plies net worth who is richer? As of 2020 Kevin Gates net worth is estimated to be 1,000,000 US dollars ($1 million) while Plies net worth is estimated to 14,000,000 US dollars ($14 million). 


The above figures show a huge difference between Plies and Kevin Gates net worth. 


and the figures listed above shows that Kevin trails Plies by a massive $13 million


Now if Kevin is planning on racing with Plies, I won’t advise on that but then again he is an entrepreneur. 


So who knows he could wave a magic wand and equal those figures in no time you know. 


but I believe it’s going to take more than 3.6 years to this that’s if he goes by making an extra 3.5 million dollars each year. 


both artists currently enjoying the luxury life that comes with being a celebrity. and hell yeah I want that kind of life too. 


That’s if you are still thinking asking me of course… lolz. 


What is Plies and Kevin Gates Source of Wealth 


People receive formal education every now and then but I believe they are not schooled enough on the importance of a diversified source of income. 


If you ask any of the 50 richest billionaires in the world today I am positive they will hammer home the importance. 

Kevin Gates and Plies net worth

but don’t take my word for just take your time to listen to the likes of Jeff Bezos.


I am positive you will learn a lot of business ideas from that one man frankly. 


Look the surest way for you to become a billionaire real quick is by solving problems. 


The more problem you solve the more money you can make and I don’t think it can be anymore simpler than that really. 


Having said that I will divide this part of the post into two… 


The first to talk about Plies income source and the second to drill home Kevin Gates source of income. 


Here we go… 


  • What is Plies source of income 


  • What is Kevin Gates source of income 


What is Plies Source of Income 


One of the most common traits you should emulate from billionaires is their attitude towards success. 


How they see the world and respond to things in the world, and I have to tell you it’s phenomenal. 


I was listening to Zuckerberg when he came down to Africa sometime in 2016, an amazing guy with an amazing attitude toward success. 

Plies net worth 2020
Plies fun time with the camera

Here is a quote from him… 


I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress. 


Now, what are the sources of Plies wealth


Here is your answer! 


  • Album, and songs 


  • YouTube 


  • Endorsement 


  • Performance/Shows 


His first source of income comes from his album and songs. 

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As a matter of fact, this created his other source of income so you can say Plies primary source of income is music. 


Now let’s get to his second source of income, shall we? 


Plies second source of income comes from his social media following especially YouTube. 


He currently has more than 800K subscribers on YouTube and he gets paid by Google. 


Now, this may range from a couple of thousand dollars to even millions of dollars. 


It’s mostly dependent on the number of views garnered in a single month. 


Plies endorsement deals have come from different brands in the last 5 years. 


Plies brand endorsement deals make him more than a million-dollar annually. 


His last source of income stems from his stage performances. 


This means whenever he gets invited to perform on shows, he gets paid for his performances. 


All of these sources have helped to increase Forbes Plies net worth 2020.


What is Kevin Gates Source of Income 


Kevin has been phenomenal since his debut in the American music industry wouldn’t you say? 


I bet he has, I mean I like the guy plus seeing how he is changed over the years, and maintaining a strict diet is crazy. 


This minute he was fat and the next he is becoming the guy with almost all the six-packs in the world. 

Kevin Gates



Okay, I think I just exaggerated the six-pack thing but come on the guy looks totally cute. 


So what are the source of Kevin Gates income? 


Well, he shares almost the same source of income with Plies but his entrepreneurial mindset sets him apart. 


Gates’s income sources are… 


  • Music 


  • Business 


  • Performance 


  • YouTube and Social media 


Gates first source of income is his songs and albums that he released over the course of his career. 


He gets paid royalties from his previous works which have helped to boost his net worth. 


His second source of income comes from his several businesses. 


He currently owns a $90,000 Rothweiler which he makes $10K on every stud. 


Kevin’s 3rd source of money is his social media following like YouTube. 


Essentially whenever he uploads a new song and you view it, he makes money from Youtube Ads. 


He also makes money from platforms such as Apple, and SoundCloud. 


Finally, Kevin Gates makes money from stage performances, whenever he is asked to grace the stage, he gets paid for this. 


All of these sources have helped solidify Forbes Kevin Gates net worth 2020


Now the net worth Kevin Gates has makes him richer than a lot of upcoming acts but not enough to be richer than the likes of Yo Gotti


Well, now that you know more about Plies and Kevin Gates net worth, let’s find out about their biography, shall we? 


Plies and Kevin Gate Biography 


Whenever I am invited to speak, there is this unusual question I asked the audience. 


and it is what is your story? 


If today is your last day on planet earth, what would people remember you for? 


The likes of Bill Gates will be remembered for Microsoft right? 


What will you be remembered for? 


If you answer this question honestly I believe it can help you realize areas of your life you need to start prioritizing. 


Having said that, I will split this part of this post into two sections… 


The first will tell us more about Plies biography and his career start. 


and the second subheading should well handle Kevin Gates biography and career start. 


  • Plies biography 


  • Kevin Gates biography 


Plies Biography 


As a musicians its a very common theme for your fans to forget your real name. 


I have noticed this several times when we conducted a poll asking 100 fans of Nigerian singer Davido to answer the question of what is the real name of Davido. 


Now it was interesting to find what that study revealed. 

net worth of Plies 2020

85% of the people that took the poll got their answers wrong. 


We rinsed and repeat the process for other musicians and it was crazy. 


My point is 90% of fans will get the name of their favorite musician partially wrong or totally wrong. 


With that said what is the real name of Plies


The real name of Plies is Algernod Lanier Washington. 


and he was born in Fort Myers Florida, United States of America in the year 1976 July 1st. 


Algernod attended Miami University before transferring to the University of Central Florida. 


While in high school, he was popular for playing in the football team, and according to Wikipedia, he was crowned the Homecoming King of Fort Myers Senior High School. 


After dropping out of the University of Central Florida, Plies decided to pursue a career in music. 


His career in music helped to brew a different kind of man who became rich and earn himself a couple of nominations in the grammies. 


Between 2007 to 2011, Plies has been nominated for several awards. 


Although he failed to take home the Grammy which has been his highest nomination to date. 


So who is Plies? He is an American rapper who his single Shawty and Hypnotised brought to fame in 2007 while signed to Slide n Split Records. 


but wait how did his career start? 


How Did Plies Career Start 


Initially, you could say Plies was never interested in the rap game. 

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but shortly afterward that changed after his stepbrother Ronnel included a verse of Plies on a single done by one of the artists they had signed to Big Gates Records. 


The track was promoted and quickly got him a deal with Slip n Slide Records. 


Plies currently has more than 3 studio albums in his entire career. 


Here is Plies discography… 


  • The Real Testament (2007)
  • Definition of Real (2008)
  • Da REAList (2008)
  • Goon Affiliated (2010)
  • The Real Testament 2 (2020)


Plies The Real Testament album was released in 2007. 


It featured hit singles like Hypnotise and Shawty both of which were instant hits. 


Hypnotised reached number 3 billboard rap track and Shawty peaked at 9 on hip hop rap chart. 


A couple of days after, RIAA certified the album GOLD for selling 500,000 copies. 


In 2008 he released his second studio work titled The Definition of Real. 


The definition of real had lead single Bust it Baby pt 2 which featured Neyo. 


Bust it Baby was also a second especially if you consider the fact that it reached number 2 on Billboard hip hop rap and R&B/Hip Hop single. 


After releasing DaRealist in 2008, he waited till 2010 to release another album. 


This time he titled the album Goon Affiliated which of course got some love from his fans too. 


Plies most recent project of 2020 is The Real Testament 2.


All of this album and mixtapes have helped to increase the net worth of Plies 2020.


Now let’s take a look at Kevin Gates bio… 


Kevin Gates Biography 


You probably know him by his stage name Kevin Gates already because that’s what I have used constantly on this post. 


So it clearly doesn’t take a genius to figure that out by now. 


but what is the real name of Kevin Gates


Well, the real name of Gates is Kevin Jerome Gilyard. 

He was born to an African American father and Puerto Rico mother in the year 1986 February 5th. 


Most black kids have troubles upbringing and Kevin was no exception. 


Kevin Gates attended Baton Rouge Community College briefly before he decided to pursue his musical career. 


and he currently has two studio album and several mixtapes credited to his career archive. 


So who is Kevin Gates? Kevin Gates is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. 


His works have been highly praised by many in the American music industry. 


but how did his career start? 


How Did Kevin Gates Career Start 


It feels good to sometimes look back in time, you know why? 


because it is a constant reminder that you once didn’t have anything but the story is different now. 


This can be true especially if you are like Kevin who is worth 7 figures. 


Gates career started in 2007 while he was signed to Dead Jam records. 


He released his first mixtape Pick of Da Litter in 2007 with collaboration from Webbie and Lil Boosie. 


Kevin Gates career came to a pause after he spent almost 3 years in prison but he was released early. 


He resumed singing which earned him the signing with Young Money record label. 


Oh might I add that it was the management part of the label? 


In 2016 Kevin released his daughter titled album Islah which means TO MAKE BETTER. 


Islah had 4 tracks, by the end of the first week, Islah had sold more 100,000 copies. 


Kevin Gates Islah album reached number two on billboard hot 200 charts and Really which is one of the track from the album did so well. 


His second studio album I’m Him was released in 2019. 


Kevin Gates’s career has been one that’s been littered with success, however, despite his success, he hasn’t been nominated in any of the big award stages yet. 


Still, a couple of years before he peaks at his career but all the above songs album has helped increase the net worth of Kevin Gates 2020


Quickly let’s take some question you have alway asked about Plies and Kevin Gates shall we? 


Frequently Asked Questions About Plies and Kevin Gates 


In this section of this post, I will answer some of the popular questions you may have about these two celebs. 


Let’s go! 


How Much Does Kevin Gates Make a Show


How much does Kevin Gates make a show? Kevin Gates charges between $100.000 to grace the stage with his esteem presence. He makes between $300,000 to $700,000 plus on an annual basis from shows alone.


Who is Kevin Gates Signed To


Who is Kevin Gates signed to? Kevin Gates is currently own his own record label Dead Game Records, he also signed with Bread Winner record and Atlantic records.


What Ethnicity is Kevin Gates


What ethnicity is Kevin Gates? Kevin Jerome Gilyard was born on February 5, 1986, to a Puerto Rican mother and an African American father. He and his family relocated to Baton Rouge soon after his birth.


What Degree Does Plies Have


What degree does Plies have? Plies attended Miami University and was transferred to the university of central Florid where he dropped out of school to pursue his career in music. He also attended Fort Meyers High School.


Where Does Plies Live Now


Where does Plies live now? He is currently living in Wesley Chapel.


How Old is Plies Now


How old is Plies now? Plies was born in the year 1976 on the 1st of July. He is currently 44 years old now.




It’s been one hell of a career for these two American superstars, right? 


Well, that may be the case but there has been more than a lot of benefit for their hard work. 


I Mean Kevin Gates net worth in 2020 is currently $1 million and Plies net worth $14 million. 


Such figures are worth all the troubles…


Now it’s over to you! 


How would you predict Kevin Gates and Plies net worth in 2021? 


Leave me a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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