Post Malone Cooped Up (New Video Out)

Post Malone ft Roddy Ricch cooped up mp3 download
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Last updated on November 25th, 2022 at 02:11 pm

Post Malone cooped up mp3 download feels like a new breather for a song that has done over 12 million views on YouTube already.


The best gift though is that once Post Malone ft Roddy Ricch cooped up mp3 download into your phone, the joy slowly creeps in.


I mean the replay value was everything I had hoped it would be because of how Roddy Ricch entered the song.


Well, If you have not listened to Post Malone ft Roddy Ricch cooped up lyrics, I have to say you are missing, a lot.

Post Malone cooped up mp3 download

here is the deal!


Follow the lyrics through the above link and if you still don’t like this song, leave a comment below telling me WHY.


Now before I get into the small details, here is what I want you to do…


Click HERE now to download Post Malone cooped up mp3 song.

Assuming you are done, the question becomes who wrote and produced this song?


Post Malone ft Roddy Ricch cooped up mp3 was produced by Louis Bell. He is simply wonderful with how the beat came together.


Heck, you need to be the master of your craft to make all that come together that beautifully.


Malone and Roddy were amazing on this track together but frankly, I was never expecting anything less spectacular.


The video came together neatly even though it wasn’t exactly one of those high-budget videos.


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I am mostly thrilled by what YouTube viewers were saying regarding the video.

Screenshot (82)

Here are some of their thoughts…


Brandy Crystal Said: Post go in soo hard on this! The only reason this ain’t got more views than Island boys is cuz he ain’t just using AUTH ENT ICV IEWS dawwwt cawwwm jawwwn to get their hits up to go HAM-like them Island boys dun did.


Mafia City Said: This guy’s a genius i mean the songs he writes. So inspiring and touching. He has gotten me through tough times. There is no one who hasn’t had their Rainy days without listening to his songs. Thanks, man!


Michael Said: After hearing this whole project, which is easily Post’s most personal/vulnerable album, this track is the perfect follow-up to Reputation. It’s almost like the first track represents a sad reality and what a star may truly feel internal, only for Post to get back into character and “entertain us” with the 2nd track, as it’s what fans want.


So there you have it, thoughts of people that have watched the video.


So it’s over to you now!


Since this post is about Post Malone cooped mp3 download, I am eager to hear your thoughts.


How will you rate this new song?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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