Power Book 2 Season 2 Episode 8 Drug Related (New Mp4 Download)

Power book 2 season 2 episode 8 MP4 Download

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Power book 2 season 2 episode 8 drug related has got to be the most important episode so far and you will be able to get it here. 


SMCE Propellerads

Look, I will get right to the big spoiler and it is that professor Carrie Milgram has been sent to thy kingdom come by Monet. 


Although, I felt for her because she really was trying to catch the real killer and that was the right thing to do. 


but in the Powerverse good intentions will get you killed sooner rather than later without the IQ to protect yourself. 


Having said that, come let’s breeze through Power book 2 ghost season 2 episode 8 recap


  • Prosecutor Sullivan hits Davies & Riq with an unexpected blow 


  • Davies threatens to let Tariq rot in prison 


  • Power book 2 season 2 episode 8 mp4 download 


  • Tariq goes all ghost on Mecca 


  • Diana tears Monet apart with decades-old lies 


  • Conclusion 


Okay, so I have all that lined out for you, let’s jump into the meat and juice of the details, shall we? 


Prosecutor Sullivan Hits Davies & Riq With An Unexpected Blow 


Okay, I will be honest with you Miss. Sullivan actually won this round and you have to give it to her. 


In the courtroom, Miss Sullivan argues that Tariq is an educated privileged kid with social-economical advantages but chose to take the dark road. 


According to her, the courtroom will see Tariq as a kid but Tariq’s youth indicates his propensity for violence. 


She tried to sway people in the courtroom by appealing to their emotions and you and I know that if you are a master at evoking emotions then you rule the world. 

Prosecutor Sullivan Hits Davies & Riq With An Unexpected Blow

After getting her points across, she said that the justice system is not perfect but that Riq needs to be stopped. 


Davis wasn’t having any of it and made counterpoints in the opposite direction.


McLean argues that his client is a straight-A student and he recently tried to gain custody of his little sister but that prosecutor Sullivan ruined it. 


This was a very interesting approach because we humans are very emotional about family and kids-related issues. 


This seemed to tilt the card in his favor as he doubled down on vilifying his opposition.

Power Jenny Sullivan played by Paton Ashbrook

Stating that prosecutor Sullivan only arrested Tariq on circumstantial evidence which has helped to ruin Riq’s opportunity to be with his kid sister. 


but Sullivan came prepared and pulled a surprise on Tariq and Davis by stating that she has a recording that proves the protagonist had motives of ending professor Jabari. 


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Clearly, McLean was surprised and argued the defense had no prior knowledge of this tape as such his client deserves to face his accuser and that he (McLean) has the right to prepare cross-examination. 


The court was adjourned and I can tell you she really caught Davis off guard and it’s fair that she won this round.


Davis Threatens To Let Tariq Rot in Prison 


The judge adjourned the case and allowed Miss Sullivan to turn the tape in upon reconvening of the court while also allowing McLean the opportunity to roast anyone that will take the stand to authenticate the tape. 


Outside the court, Tariq meets his father’s lawyer who told him that he needs to save himself first before saving his sister. 

Power Davis Mclean played by Method Man

Riq had to find out that Ghost senior had planned for a way to keep his little sister safe and change her last name to keep her safe. 


The lawyer made Tariq understand that this will only take effect if Saint Patrick’s bloodline is wiped out by whoever holds a grudge after his passing.


After the conversation, Davis walked in and told Tariq that things aren’t looking good but that he is on it. 


However, he wants his money because a lawyer can only continue to be of service so long as he gets paid. 

Power book 2 season 2 episode 8

McLean gave Riq a deadline of the next day to bring his money and I like how he said “let’s put a time on”. 


Now before you and I dive deeper, I want you to get Power book 2 season 2 episode 8 full download below. 


Power Book 2 Season 2 Episode 8 Mp4 Download 


Since this is a power book 2 season 2 episode 8 review, I won’t get into all the small details. 


You would be able to put everything into context after you watch the complete episode 8.


So I thought I would do you a solid by bringing it to you at least to quench all that anticipation. 

So here is what I want you to do now… 


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Mow, come let’s see how Ghost junior plans to take Mecca on, shall we?


Tariq Goes All Ghost On Mecca


Is Tariq really playing with fire trying to cross Mecca? 


I mean the guy has a military background and is a badass in the game so what will happen? 


Well, I don’t know yet so come let’s get into some of it, shall we? 

Power Mecca played by Daniel Sunjata

Tariq is in a tight spot because he needs money to pay his lawyer to keep him out of jail and his clientele over at Courseconnect are furious that the product ain’t coming. 


So Tariq devises a means to achieve both and he needed the help of the Tejada families to pull it off. 


So Riq calls Monet who is worried about how Lorenzo has caught her out of the business and as a result can’t pay to keep Cane’s ass out of prison. 


He brainstorms with Cane and once she saw the call from Tariq, she agreed to meet up which Cane wasn’t exactly in favor of. 


During the meeting, Tariq brings his whole crew and mapped out a plan to clean Mecca’s product. 

Power Cane

Cane thinks it is suicide but Tariq remains firm opening that they need product which made Monet and Kane come around. 


Tariq laid the plan out by telling everyone present that they would clean Mecca’s stash and make it look like the DTG did which really made Monet smile. 


Once he was done explaining the plan, Monet asked him why he thought he would be able to pull it off. 


Ghost junior replied that it is because he is not doing it all on his own which was a brilliant answer if you ask me because it gives credit and trust to everyone’s ability present.


Monet’s role was to distract Lorenzo and Riq to distract Diana while Dru only joined because he wanted to clip Guap. 

Power Effy

Everything went according to plan which you will find when streaming Power book 2 season 2 episode 8 online free. 


Last but not the least, The Tejada family have their own hardship to deal with and Dianna made sure of it.


Diana Tears Monet Apart With Decades-Old Lies 


After Tariq’s successful plan, the Tejada family sat down at night for dinner and everyone was asked about their day. 


It turns out that everyone was lying about where they were before Monet snapped at Diana. 

Power Monet played by Mary J Blige

Meanwhile, Diana was already armed with her own missile since her mother decided to come for her head in the presence of her dad Lorenzo, she didn’t hold back. 


She unleashes hell and tells the whole family how Monet has been lying about Zek being her nephew. 


Diana told Zeke that Monet was her mother and he is 23 years old which made him the oldest son of Monet.


Lorenzo couldn’t believe his eyes as in his rage mixed with tears asked Monet to leave.

Power Diana

Monet lost his family and decided to go look for Zek at professor Carrie Milgram’s place but unfortunately met his absence. 


Monet would do everything to keep Zek as his boy hence he told Carrie that so long Zek still had Carrie to come home to, he would never come back to her as a result, she ended Carrie’s life. 


By the time Zek got to Milgram’s apartment, he found her body hanging from the ceiling. 




So there you have the complete Power book 2 season 2 episode 8 mp4 download as well as a complete recap. 


So here is my final thought, I really think this was a good episode, to be honest. 


Tariq has a team that is ready to die for him but I think he isn’t anything like Ghost yet (the father I mean). 


Tariq is currently reactionary, waiting for the problem to surface before having a solution. 


It also highlighted how smart Tariq’s father Ghost senior really is and how he is 10-15 moves ahead. 


I think Tariq saw a glimpse of how smart his father really is when the lawyer told him about his father’s plan for his little sister.


That’s something he would have to improve on, anticipating the different shapes and forms problems from his world could take and prepare beforehand as Ghost senior did throughout the series.


It’s over to you now


How would you rate this Power book 2 season 2 episode 8 recap? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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