Power Book 2 Season 2 Episode 9 A Fair Fight (New Mp4 Download & Review)

Power book 2 season 2 episode 9 a fair fight

Power book 2 season 2 episode 9 a fair fight is out and you can download power book 2 season 2 episode 9 mp4 here today. 


but just before you and I breeze into how you would be able to get it, come let’s run through Power book 2 season 2 episode 9 recap. 


Note: I would be talking about the key highlights that set up Power book 2 season 2 episode 10 finale. 


And now that you and I have straightened that out, here is Power book ll season 2 episode 9 highlights. 


  • Tariq meets his demons 


  • Dru & Diana robs Tariq 


  • Power book 2 season 2 episode 9 mp4 download 


  • Brayden offered a deal to snitch


  • Cane talks Brayden into ending Lauren 


  • Lauren meets her end 


  • Conclusion


Now come let’s breeze through all of the bullet points together, shall we? 


Tariq Meets His Demons 


The one thing about drug dealing is that you are not allowed to have a conscience because when you do, you get sloppy. 


The consequence of conscience is that you either end up dead or you get someone killed. 

Tariq Saint Patrick

I watched this play out in movies all the time so you can take it as a half-truth because there is no way I believe that. 


Having said that, Tariq slept and was having a dream where he is being hunted by all the people that have died because of him. 


This scene brought back some of the original characters from the power universe speaking of Proctor, Laila, and Reina.


Although I could argue that they were a result of their own decisions which should put cause and effect into the full-blown display. 


Tariq made them understand that it wasn’t his fault until Reina showed up and Tariq felt guilt. 


It’s actually the first time he has apologized to Reina for being the cause of her death. 


The scene was capped off by Riq getting a call from hell from his father Ghost senior but before he could answer, he snapped out of the bad dream. 


Dru & Diana Robs Tariq 


When I wrote about Power book 2 season 2 episode 8 here, Dru was part of the crew that hit Mecca and stole his stash but then Dru is robbing the same stash they had stolen previously. 


Click on the red link above to watch that episode if you haven’t already because it will quickly bring you up to speed. 

Dru & Diana Robs Tariq

Having said that, Dru came clean with his father Lorenzo after the former was told by Cane that there is no more product because Mecca was robbed. 


Dru told his father that he knew what happened to the product which had Lorenzo fuming. 


To make up for their mistakes, Lo asked Dru to get it all back and Diana helped with that tricking Riq with fake tears in the process.


Once she got the secret password to the place where Tariq hides all his stash, Dru and Diana cleaned it all out and gave it to Lorenzo. 


However, Lorenzo still wasn’t happy with Diana because she blew everything out which has caused the family some hard time. 


If you ask me, it felt like Lorenzo wasn’t happy that the truth came out which means he would have been better off not knowing. 


It’s crazy how we could really feel resentment towards people for telling us the truth. 




Humans, I really can’t understand honestly… 


Well, still on it, now it’s time to watch Power book 2 season 2 episode 9 trailer, and get it on your iPhone or whatever you reading this with. 


Power Book 2 Season 2 Episode 9 Mp4 Download 


Okay, so before I go any further, I want you to have this because you will need it to put everything I have written into perspective. 


but before you do, I suggest you also watch Power book 2 season 2 episode 7 here and then breeze through episode 8.

If you have done that already then heck, by all means, enjoy this full Episode while you are here. 


And why at it, make sure to leave a comment on your theories about episode 10. 


Finally, here is Power season 2 episode 9 mp4 download, do enjoy it and leave your comment below with your thoughts. 


Power Book 2 Season Mp4 Download Here Now


Now come let’s dive in deeper, shall we?


Brayden Offered A Deal To Snitch 


Prosecutor Sullivan got handed her a** in court after Richard Tate her last card took side with Tariq and refuse to rat him out. 


In exchange, Tate got the photo of Swiney which will set his career back on track. 

Power book 2 season 2 episode 9 mp4 download

In humiliation, Sullivan’s last card at a comeback is Brayden. 


It turns out that Lauren has Brayden and Cane on tape and Sullivan is using it to negotiate a deal for Brayden if he gives her Cane or Tariq. 


However, Brayden wouldn’t snitch and he looks ready to ride and die for Tariq to the end. 


However, since he is refusing to play balls that means his brother who is a big mouth and spilled the whole Tariq/Brayden operation would take the stand in his place. 


Brayden’s lawyer was smart to cut both brothers a deal of immunity should either one of them agree to take the stand and testify.


The rest is history as you and I both wait for episode 10 to come and make of it what we have been fed. 


For now, come let’s dive into more Power book 2 season 2 episode 9 full take, shall we? 


Cane Talks Brayden Into Ending Lauren 


In the Powerverse you really need to be very good at getting what you want by whatever means necessary. 


So in this scene, Brayden learns that Lauren has him and Cane on wire and it was Effie that broke the details to Cane. 

Cane talks Brayden into ending Lauren 

Sadly Tariq talks about how Brayden and Cane were caught on Lauren’s wire with Effie. 


Tariq argues Lauren’s innocence with Effie while trying to do everything to protect her which Effie was against because, from her stance, she is the person that got Riq in this mess. 


Since Riq is eager to save Lauren, Effie was eager to get rid of Lauren because that would mean he gets Tariq out of danger and maybe a chance at a happy life with him. 


As such, she turns to Cane for help indirectly to get rid of Lauren, and Cane in turn muscles Brayden into ending Lauren. 


Brayden wasn’t comfortable with the task but had to swallow it after Cane told him he would be coming for his life should he fail to end Lauren. 


Lauren Meets Her End 


Power book 2 season 2 full episode 9 ends with Riq asking Brayden for help to safely transport Lauren to safety. 


Unknowing to him that could be the end of him seeing his blondie. 

Lauren meets her end

Brayden agrees, picks up Lauren, and drove him far out of town to where he could get rid of her as instructed by Cane. 


but then his humanity kicks in after seeing Lauren sobbing while begging for her life. 


He got soft, handed her some cash, and told her to not contact family or friends but then Effie drives in. 


She took Lauren off Brayden, dealt her some slap, and asked her to get into the car while telling Lauren that he and Tariq trust differently. 




Power book ll season 2 episode 9 ended with Effie taking the bed beside Tariq looking pretty shaken up by her actions. 


From the looks on her face, I think she ended Lauren in other to save Tariq but that’s a big IF… 


Because if she didn’t think that through and Tariq figures it out which he would then Riq might be coming for Effie’s head. 


This is because Tariq’s conscience knows that he dragged Lauren into his world and would want to right that wrong. 


It’s over to you now! 


How would you rate Power book 2 season 2 episode a fair fight? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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