Psquare Brothers Reconciliaton: A Dream Far Away From Reach

Paul and Peter of Psquare

Last updated on September 18th, 2021 at 04:57 pm

Psquare brothers reconciliation would forever be a faraway dream but even dreams are within reach if we work together. 


I remember the days when you and I would listen to Psquare thrilling us with beautiful sounds like busy body, beautiful onyinye, do me, and lots more. 


Sadly, that ended in 2017 after both brothers break up to start their solo career. 


Contrary to the agenda which Nigerians has pushed over the years, the truth came out when Mr. P released his solo album. 


The album was titled The Prodigal which housed a lot of beautiful songs like Paloma which has done over 1 million on YouTube


Remember you and I said Peter Okoye cannot sing but with the release of his album that narrative changed.


More on that later down this post… 


but first here is everything this post will talk about… 


  • Psquare humble beginning before fame 


  • Psquare Post 2000 break up 


  • Peter and Paul solo career 


  • Celebs call for Psquare brothers reconciliation after tragic event 


  • Conclusion 


Mr P had to prove that he can sing, dance, act while also being an entrepreneur growing over three businesses in a span of 3 years. 


So why did I take you back a little? 


Well, it is simple, it is because before we can move on, you and I first have to talk about the past. 


Now come let’s take a look at the fuzz on social media and why a lot of celebs have taken the time to request reconciliation between the two brothers. 


Psquare Humble Beginning Before Fame 


When you love a good song then chances are you are a fan of Psquare. 




Peter and Paul made us dance our guts out back in the 2000s with different hit songs. 

Psquare Paul Okoye

The beginning for every Psquare fan was beautiful because you saw magic first hand. 


I remember dancing to Get Squared which is one of my favorite breakdance songs back in the day. 




I and my childhood friend KD would literally breakdance, learning every move. 


Those days are long gone now but they were memorable and fun whenever I take a trip down memory lane. 


Psquare rise to fame began in Jos where they danced and wow every birthday, marriage attendees in the beautiful city. 


Thanks to Timbuktu, their dream came to pass, released a couple of songs prior like Last Night. 


In 2003 both brothers were nominated for the KORA award and won. 


Paul and Peter continued to wow us in the music industry and across Africa as a whole bagging shows after shows which help increase their net worth


Heck, I still listen to songs like No One Like You, that’s a classic like 2Baba’s African queen. 


but enough said already, now come let’s look at their break up, shall we? 


Psquare Post 2000 Break Up


The 2010s were blossoming for the duo until family issues begin to make their career hazy. 


But before this happened, we were privilege to get entertained by songs like the beautiful onyinye remix featuring Rick Ross

Peter Okoye of Psquare

We also rocked to personally and bank alert which was all national anthem in the country. 


So what happened considering everything was going fine? 


Well, two things happened according to sources on the internet and from what Shoutmeceleb Entertainment gathered from one of Rudeboy’s interviews


It turns out that women became an issue between the brothers as well as who gets more songs featured on their album. 


This obviously became the reason for their popular breakup in 2017 which you can read all about here


Peter And Paul Solo Career 


When the news of the breakup happened fans all over Africa were devastated. 


Heck, I am one of the many that still have not recovered from the breakup because I adored anything Psquare. 

Psquare brothers reconciliation

but as the years went by you and I were greeted with the harsh reality and that’s that Psquare may never come back. 


As we warm up to this new reality their songs in their respective solo career kept us still vibing with hope. 


However, we fans never made the split easier on them with the constant comparison of who was better. 


Mr P’s solo career began with Cool It Down and follow it up with songs like For My Head, One More Night, My Way, Karma, and finally his album. 


As for Rudeboy, he started his solo career with tracks like Fire Fire, Chizoba, Nkenji Keke, Audio Money, Take it, Woman, and Reason With Me


So far it’s been a beautiful ride but something good came from the breakup even though I don’t like it. 


It showed us the fans that both brothers were indeed talented to the bone marrow. 

Paul Okoye of Psquare

The breakup gave us two distinct sounds to listen to but was also beautiful and captivating take for example Grow Old from Mr. P album was unexpected. 


The song was so good that I was unable to stop my addiction to it but then Rudeboy also dropped Focus as a promotional single for the album. 


After listening to both brothers, I realized they are blessed and their solo career has been fantastic. 


but wait there is more


Here is a quick question for you…


Would you love to see the Psquare Brothers back together? 


Shoot me a below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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Celebs Call For Psquare Brothers Reconciliation After Tragic Event 


Chances are you must have known by now that Sound Sultan has passed on early this month, right? 


He died of cancer and his death saw the reconciliation of 2face, Black Face, and Faze who were our love in the 90s under the group Platashun Boyz. 

Mr P of Psquare

The burial ceremony saw lots of celebs call upon the two brothers to put their differences aside and hug them out like adults. 


Heck even on the Instagram handle, we posted this on the screenshot below. 

Celebs like Uche Maduagwu called on the brothers to bury the hatchet so they can stand a chance of winning the Grammy. 


But wait there is more


Uche wasn’t the only Celeb that called on the brothers to bury the hatchet. 


Baba Dee, Ayo Animashaun, and Empress Njamah also took to their respective social media profiles to call for peace between the brothers. 


Here is a screenshot from Empress Njamah Instagram handle. 

Whether the two brothers will listen to the voice of peace or continue down a path that will lead their kids into holding grudges once they come of age remains the unknown. 




The Psquare Brothers are some of the richest musicians in Nigeria with wealth and assets going over $30 million combined. 


but even with all that money peace has been far from them because they act like babies holding grudges despite being twins. 


Yeah, you read that right because I needed it to sound harsh. 


Every single one of you have been calling for peace yet they have left u feeling like you don’t matter. 


I want peace between the brothers because the madness has gone on for too long and I fear for the kids so they don’t inherit a grudge they knew nothing about. 


It’s over to you now


Do you want to see the Psquare brothers reconciliation? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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