Puff Daddy Ex-girlfriend Kim Potter Died in California

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Last updated on December 10th, 2019 at 01:47 pm

puff daddy ex-girlfriend, model and actress died this morning in her apartment. Kim potter who was last seen together with his family during her son’s movie premiere ” Holiday Calendar “.
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Kim Potter Puff daddy’s Ex

Although the relationship between puff daddy and his ex Kim potter had hit rock bottom in years. The two still have a very strong bond with regards to the 3 kids she gave P Diddy.

Kim Potter and Puff Daddy Kids

Puff daddy’s rep confirmed the passing of Kim potter this morning. The actress had previously put a call to her doctor that her health wasn’t getting better. Kim potter had twin girls Jessie James, D’lila and a son Christian combs for puff daddy.
Puff daddy and her ex-girlfriend split in 2007 but that was after the birth of her twin girls born in 2006 and her son in 1998. Diddy and Kim were co-parents and witness a fair share of good moments before her passing. puff daddy was very cooperative and angry at the same time over the passing of his ex.
Kim potter also had a son Quincy whom she had in another relationship. puff daddy made sure he cared for Quincy all through his life. Quincy who is 27 years old now has a career in music and acting.
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Source: [ Eonline ]

Puff Daddy Ex and Her Pneumonia

Puff daddy ex-battled pneumonia before her death. The actress died at the age of 47. Kim had earlier complained of her condition not getting better. It is too early to determine the cause of death but cops claim there don’t seem to be any foul play anywhere.

Kim Potter

There is no news if her pneumonia was exactly the cause of her death. but for the fact that she has been sick from pneumonia for quite some time, all possible leads must be considered.
Puff daddy according to Eonline will fly Kim back to Los Angeles and Lil Kim will too in other to be with family. puff daddy’s ex Kim before she died in an interview said. In an interview, Kim shared in her own words how close their family would remain even after the breakup.
We may be apart, but we’ll always be together as a family,” she once shared with OK! magazine. “It’s not a situation where two people break up and they can’t stand each other. We’re still friends so it makes for an easy breakup.

How Did Kim Potter Die

How Kim Potter died still remains unknown. All the autopsy gathered remained unclear on what could have caused her death. but the police department said they suspect nothing out of the ordinary.
Kim Potter’s death did come as a shocker for Sean after he opened his mouth to confess how much he missed the model and actress. The cause of Kim potter’s death is maybe an attribute of Pneumonia as it threatens more life even.
Rihanna made a tweet on her pass and the tweet read
We lost a real one today, beautiful inside and out. So many will be affected by this, some won’t even know why…but the whole world was graced by the vibrance in your spirit.
Until cops will be able to reveal to everyone Kim Potter’s cause of the death, we at Shoutmeceleb sympathize with the family of the aggrieved. Rest on Kim Potter.
Quick Cap
  • Puff Daddy ex-girlfriend died in her Apartment
  • Cops do not suspect foul play
  •  Kim potter diagnosed with Pneumonia
  • Cause of death not yet known when this post was made.

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