Reekado Banks Rora Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

Reekardo Banks rora lyrics

Reekado Banks rora lyrics still give me the chills and today you can download Reekado Banks rora mp3 here today free without any stress. 


I am particularly interested in Reekado Bank since his Mavin days. 


After Tiwa Savage, I can honestly say he is one of the most talented signings Mavin Records may ever have. 


but hey! 


What will you get from today’s post? 

Reekado Banks rora lyrics
Reekardo Banks

A rather simple answer will be something like A LOT. 


Here is all you will be getting from today’s post. 


  • You will be able to follow rora by Reekado Banks lyrics word for word


  • I have embedded Reekado Banks rora audio here for you to stream


  • If you like videos then you will love more Reekado Banks rora video


  • and what if you wish to download rora mp3 by Reekado Banks? I have it here for you too


  • Finally, I will do a review of this song here for you 


Attention: scroll down then click on the blue button to download rora song by Reekado Banks. 


Now that you know what to expect, come on hop on let’s go for a ride. 


Who Wrote and Produce Reekado Banks Rora Lyrics 


Often times you can just do a simple Google search for things like the subheading above. 


So I had to make sure you can get whatever you are looking for… 


So who wrote the lyrics of rora? 


Rora lyrics was written by no other than ex Mavin Record superstar Reekado Banks. 


and yes the production was handled by King Tuzi & Altims. 


Reekardo Banks has been more amazing since gracing us with his presence in the music industry. 


I have listened to songs like Put in Pressure and I am just like, well this guy is the real deal. 

Reekardo Banks rora mp3 download

So many artists come and go but you can say Reekado has been phenomenal since coming on right? 


True especially if you consider the fact that he is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria currently


Yeah, he is ranked relatively low like somewhere in the top 40, but hey it’s still worth the mention. 


and while I was talking about all this, you could have missed all of this below… 


Song Title: Rora 


Artist: Reekado Banks 


Producer: King Tuzi & Altims


Written by: Reekado Banks


Release Date: October 2019 


Nationality: Nigeria 


Reekado Banks Rora Mp3 Download 


I love this guy because he gives some really hot quality lyrics you would agree right? 


You have probably listened to songs like Easy o Jeje right? 


Now in one word describe that song for me… 


You can use the comment session for that, all you have to do is scroll down.. 


As a matter of fact, I use this as one of the criteria for rating songs on 


Personally I would say Nigeria has a lot of talented musicians but many of their lyrics are crap. 


Now, this does not mean I don’t listen to some, I do really but it is crazy when about 80% of a country’s lyrics are vague don’t you think? 


It’s my opinion though and I know you are entitled to yours. 


I have been jamming to Rora lyrics Reekado Banks because of the love I have for the song. 


This is why I won’t bother you by much but rather I would ask you to download rora by Reekado Banks mp3 below. 

Download “Rora” Reekardo-Banks.mp3 – Downloaded 375 times –

Video of The Song 


Okay look, I can’t spell it out to you enough but video is really crushing it currently. 


According to Neil Patel, one of my mentors on SEO, video content is only going to keep rising. 


and this is why I decided I would also get into it. 


So if you want to see some of the videos, you can follow the Shoutmeceleb YouTube channel for that… 


Also, I just love how Nigerian singers are embracing this trend. 


It does show we are not as backward as the world thinks right? 


Well, chances are if you enjoy the Rora mp3 that you just streamed above then you will find the video even way better. 


Here is Rora video by Reekado Banks… 


Watch and enjoy it. 

Complete Lyrics of the Song


For some reason, I can’t overemphasize how into quality lyrics I am honestly. 


I find myself trying to pick every word one after the other so long it’s leaving a singer’s lips. 


So did you stream Rora above or did you watch the video of rora? 


If yes wasn’t it interesting? 


Did you understand the Reekado Banks rora lyrics? 


Well if your answer is no then worry not I have the lyrics written out for you… 


This way you can follow the lyrics word for word like I promise you at the start of this post. 


Here is Rora Reekardo Banks lyrics… 






Baby this your yansh na shitor

If u gree mo ma Latan

Part 2 ati part 1

Part 2 lati pa won

I go fit to change your catwalk

And change your life join

Every day, na to enjoy

Open and close like a laptop o




Moni ko tito o, Rora o 8x


Verse 1


Eledumare give u face in addition to bum bum bum bum…

I no go lie your body gbesss, mo ni lati Toyan toyan toyan…

Anytime you holla

Make I come thru

I go tell my guys dem I no Dey come soon

Kpakalamishi, make my eye chook

Many girl get but na you I wan do


Jesu!, Oh Reeky oh Reeky yo Reekado!

Jesu! Hey Ahey



Baby this your yansh na shitor

If u gree mo ma Latan

Part 2 ati part 1

Part 2 lati pa won

I go fit to change your catwalk

And change your life join

Every day, na to enjoy

Open and close like a laptop o




Moni ko tito, Rora o 8x




Verse 2


Yo yo yo

Baby gimme snow motion

In my room

I go give u promotion

Everything is allowed

Baby say everything is allowed

Me I say Reeky baby na man o

She tell me say na me go kpai for her hand oo


Jesu!, Oh Reeky oh Reeky yo Reekado!

Jesu! Hey Ahey


Je ki ibadi e lo le, ko ma rooo 4x


Moni ko tito, rora 4x


Review of The Song Rora 


This is the very first song of Reekardo banks I have on SMCE. so I don’t know if the reviews will be positive or negative. 


but you should very much enjoy it because I love this guy and everything he stands for musically. 


Here is our rating guide… 


  • Excellent 5 stars 


  • Very Good 4 stars 


  • Good 3 stars 


  • Fair 2 stars


  • Poor 1 star 


So how would you rate this song? 


Comment below! 


For me after carefully listening to this song, I have to say I love it… 


The lyrics were good and it’s just not disappointing at all. 


Plus a huge shout out to the producer for doing such a wonderful job. 


I mean let’s look at it this way, it takes someone who is good at his craft to produce a song this good. 


The Reekardo Banks rora video is also awesome but darn the Reekado Banks rora visualizer is way better. 


and my final rating of this song is 4.9 stars… 


Wrapping it Up 


Look, I will give it to Don Jazzy, he has this eye for spotting talents. 


I remember when he told Dbanj he is going to become a star and just like that it happened right? 


Well, I find out Reekado stays true to his genre and multiple angles to his songs. 


It’s genuine and arguably one of his strong suits… 


Over to you now! 


How would you rate video Rora by Reekado Banks? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Having said that, if you love this song then please hit the share button and Follow us on Facebook here. 


Thanks for reading and cheers… 


Reekado Banks Rora Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)
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Reekado Banks Rora Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)
Reekado Banks rora lyrics still give me the chills and today you can download Reekado Banks rora mp3 here today free without any stress. 
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