Rema and Nasty C Net Worth 2020
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Rema and Nasty C net worth who is the richest ever wondered? Well, Nasty C and Rema net worth are estimated to have a combined $500,000.


I remember during the 2018 Headies award when Nasty C won the award for artist of the year in the Africa category. and Austin my brother said I think this guy is going to have an amazing musical career. 


I said sure I think he would because he has a lot of positive energy. especially after watching him on Davido song coolest kid in Africa.


The Headies award 2019 edition came and Rema won the next rated artist beating the likes of Joeboy.


and I thought to myself Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, and heck even Tanzania have a plethora of music talents. 


but the particular two that really caught my attention today is Nasty C and Rema. 


both artists though young, have displayed a lot of scintillating career debut in groundbreaking styles. 


Rema and Nasty C Net Worth 2020
Rema & Nasty C

So today you and I will be looking Rema and Nasty C net worth 2020.




I know it is difficult to tell the actual figure of Nasty C and Rema net worth 2020. but I have made sure the figures you will see here have been thoroughly researched. 


So the right question becomes what will you get from today’s post? 


The simple answer is A LOT. 


Here is all that you will get from today’s post… 

  • How much is Rema net worth 2020


  • How much is Nasty C net worth 2020


  • who is the richest between Rema and Nasty C


  • Rema brief bio 


  • Who is he


  • How did his career start 


  • Album and songs 


  • what is his source of income 


  • Nasty C brief bio 


  • Who is he 


  • How did his career start 


  • Album and songs 


  • What are his sources of income 


  • Conclusion 


Just below or above this paragraph, you will a table of content that says “Click to Jump Anywhere”. You can use the links to jump to any section of this post you wish to read. 




Chances are you typed Nasty C net worth 2020 or Rema net worth 2020 into Google and that landed you here. 


If that’s the case then I want to reassure you that this post covers everything you need to know. 


So just sit back feel relax play this music below and read everything. it is for you to know about Rema and Nasty C net worth here today. 

With that said, now let’s get on to the juice of everything, shall we? 


How Much is Rema Net Worth 2020

How much is Rema’s net worth? Rema currently has a net worth of 250,000 US dollars ($250,000). This figure is gotten by converting Rema networth in dollars to his current net worth in Naira. 


and here is a simple conversion of the process by which we arrived at the above figure. 


N500 = $1 (as per the current dollar Naira to dollar exchange rate) 




Rema current net worth in 2020 is $250,000 or N125,000,000.


Rema networth: $250,000 


and here is a couple of details you may have missed… 


  • Real Name: Divine Ikubor 


  • Stage Name: Rema 


  • Date of Birth: May 1st, 2000


  • Occupation: Musician 


  • Country: Nigeria 


  • Source of Income: Music, shows, and endorsement 


Okay, I just covered everything you need to know on Rema net worth 2020 Forbes now let’s continue, shall we? 


After all this blog post is about Rema and Nasty C net worth right? 


and the right question at this point is what is the net worth of Nasty C right? 


How Much is Nasty C Net Worth 2020 


How much is Nasty C’s net worth? Nasty C currently has a net worth of 250,000 US dollars ($250,000). This figure is gotten by converting Nasty networth in dollars to his current net worth in Rands. 


and here is a simple conversion of the process by which we arrived at the above figure. 


$1 = R18.54 (as per the current dollar Naira to dollar exchange rate) 




Nasty C current net worth in 2020 is $250,000 or R4,635,000.


Nasty C networth: $270,000 or R4,635,000


and here is a couple of details you may have missed… 


  • Real Name: Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo 


  • Stage Name: Nasty C


  • Date of Birth: February 11th, 1997


  • Occupation: Musician 


  • Country: South Africa 


  • Source of Income: Music, shows, and endorsement 




Now that you and I have what we need which is Nasty C net worth and Rema net worth, let’s find out who is richer, shall we? 

Who is The Richest Between Rema and Nasty C

Rema and Nasty C who is the richest between the two? Nasty C is currently the richest musician between the two African superstars. Nasty C currently has a net worth of $270,000 and Rema currently has a net worth of $250,000. 


These figures are a mere estimate of the net worth of Rema and the net worth of Nasty C after cross-referencing data from other different sites. 

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It will be impossible to ascertain the actual values in each of their bank accounts except SMCE have the opportunity to sit and interview these two stars. however, this is an estimate which can range between 250K to 800K US dollars.


If you have also asked the question Fireboy and Rema who is the richest or Joeboy and Rema who is the richest, then I suggest you read this article to find out their net worth.


Rema Brief Bio


Have you ever imagined how your life would be like if you have a million dollars sitting in your bank account? 


Imagine how easy it would be for you to travel to the world and see some of the beautiful sights of nature. 


For someone like me, I spend every day since my childhood only thinking about this. 

How much is Rema net worth

You see, my biggest dream is to own a house by the seashore (beach). 


Live there with my wife and four kids then throw a birthday party on a yacht and just enjoy the moment. 


Why am I telling you all of this? 


Well, one, it’s my biggest dream and I wanted to share it with you. 


Secondly, musicians have all of this just by writing and singing a song. 


and some have amassed more than a billion Naira or a billion Rand. 


but let’s skip that for now and focus on Rema since he is one of the reasons for this blog post. 


Do you know Rema? 


Well, the name must ring a bell if you are a music enthusiast right? 


That’s the name he is popularly called by. 


You know these days you and I forget the real name of celebs, especially musicians. 


This is because their stage name is what we often address them by. 

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Take the likes of Beyonce, Wizkid, Davido, all these are stage names, right? 


Heck some of us even forget their real name in the process. 


but here is a question for you and it is what is the real name of Rema? 


Don’t do a Google search to answer that joor… 




I will answer it here… 


The real name of Rema is Divine Ikubor. 


He was born in Benin City former Bendel State in the year 2000 precisely on the 1st of May. 


Rema Beamer lyrics is one song that I particularly love when it was released in 2020. 


I took a liking to the song because the style and sound were kind of different. from the traditional sound, you and I listen to every day. 


I believe true artistry is being able to craft a part in a music industry crowded with talents. and still be able to stand out amidst the noise out there. 


I call that a true super talent… 

So who is he? 




Rema is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who rose to fame after one of his singles trended for making Barrack Obama’s playlist. 


While music in Nigeria can be credited to Fela, I believe it is okay to say this present generation. are the group of superheroes that took Afrobeat international. 


and for that, while giving credit to Fela the founding father of Afrobeat, I still believe credit should be given to the ones who are taking it mainstream. 


and amongst these names would be Rema, Davido, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Burnaboy etc. 


Rema has landed a couple of awards just by debuting in the music industry. 


and credit can be given to brains behind such shine. 


Don Jazzy and D’Prince are the men behind this fine talent. 


Rema practically grew up and Benin and had his Primary and Secondary education in Benin too. 


He sat for his WASSCE before pursuing a career in music. 


and I believe this brings you and I to questions like how did it all begin for Rema? 


How Did His Career Start 


I can easily answer this question by just saying “Benin”. 


but hey there is no fun in that right? 


So let me expand on this a little to give you closure a bit I guess. 




Rema musical career started in Benin which is the capital of Edo State. 


You probably heard about the history of Benin right? 


If you haven’t then I have to tell you that’s one of the oldest empires in the country. 

Rema net worth 2020

but you can catch up on the history with this article from Britannica. 


Rema started his career right from his secondary school. 


There he rapped, sang and even put together a band which performed in schools. 


However, the big moment came when D’Prince discovered Rema’s remarkable talent. 


According to the singer, he was drawn to the unique style and talent that Rema showed when he listened to a couple of his tracks. 


In D’Prince’s words, those tracks really made me want to listen to more of his songs. 


Fast forward months later, the paperwork was done and Rema was signed to Jonzing World. 


Jonzing World is a subsidiary of Mavin records. 


You know Mavin records right? 


Well if you don’t then this is the time I have to tell you that you way back then I thought no offense. 


Lolz just playing with you… 


However, Mavin records are the house old label for superstars like Reekardo Banks and Tiwa Savage. 


You better don’t tell me you don’t know about Tiwa Saveg because I will be forced to refer you to this post to read about her. 

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Speaking of being a subsidiary, Don Jazzy was also impressed by what he saw in Rema during a studio session. as such he decided to work on one of his single *Iron Man”. 


Iron Man became the saving grace that propelled Rema’s career. 

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The song quickly garnered views from around the world and debuted at the number one spot on Applestore. 


Hell yeah, even ex-president Obama was way impressed with this track that it was also on his playlist. 


While on YouTube Iron Man quickly racked more than 3 million views thanks to the Tweet from Obama. 


A lot of the comment session on YT was all screaming Obama… 


and here is a screenshot of the views and some comments from YT. 

Iron Man literally set the pace for Rema and announced him as one of the most promising upcoming acts in the industry. 


Speaking of songs, let’s take a look at his album and songs, shall we? 


Album and Songs 


So how many albums does Rema have yet? 


Well if by album you mean EP then the answer is 3. 


Rema currently has 3 EPs to his name with just 2 years in the Nigerian music industry. 


Here is one of my favorite quotes by me… 

Talent if not developed can end up being a burden. but talent plus hard work equals a king on the horizon. 


All Rema EPs were released in 2019 and here is a list for you. 


  • Rema (2019)


  • Rema Freestyle (2019)


  • Bad Commando (2019)


Well as for his singles, there is just more than enough for you here. 


Here we go… 



  • Iron Man (2019)


  • Why (2019)


  • Dumebi (2019)


  • Corny (2019)


  • Boulevard (2019)


  • American Love (2019)


  • Spiderman (2019)


  • Trap Out The Submarine (2019)


  • Bad Commando (2019)


  • Lady (2019)


  • Rewind (2019)


  • Spaceship Jocelyn (2019)


  • Dumebi Remix (ft Becky G) (2020)


  • Beamer (Bad Boys) (2020)


  • Rainbow (2020)



My personal recommendation and I kid you not when I say this, you really have to listen to Dumebi and All is in order. 


You will be thrilled with how magnificent he sounds especially during the Mavin group song. 


Quickly let’s see where Rema’s money comes from right? 


What is the Source of Income of Rema


Do you know that it’s hard to get a producer like Don Jazzy sign you to his label? 


I like the fact that Don Jazzy who is currently one of the wealthiest singers in the country has an eye for talent. 


I mean take a look at Dbanj, Tiwa Savage, Reekardo Banks, and more. 

He is just cool like that with the eye for talent… 


and now Rema is the new guy whose bank account is going to swell from a deal with Mavin records. 


So how is be making his money? 


Well, Rema’s first source of income is his songs under Mavin records. 


He makes money from those and from shows too. 


In other to feature Rema on your stage, you would have to spend like 500K in Naira and in Rands. 


Rema also makes money from brand endorsements. 


and all of this has helped increase Forbes Rema net worth in 2020. 


I know you are dying to ask me what is Rema net worth in Naira but patience you and will get to that shortly. 



Nasty C Brief Bio


My first time in the studio was in the year 2005 I believe 5 years after Rema was born. 




I am not saying I am oldie okay… 


but I have to say as of 2020 that boy is more wealthy me I have to be honest. 


but hey soon, I will have more money than he has already… 


Okay, let me stop joking now right? 

Net Worth of Nasty C

but to be honest, sometimes I can’t avoid adding my personality to post because this is how you know who is speaking. 


Remember I told you about my dream of buying a house by the seashore right? 


Well, I will make you a quick deal, 10 years from now, I will make that dream a reality and I will share it with you. 


Who knows, you might even be invited to my birthday party on my yacht. 


but first, let’s talk about Nasty C because this guy has the money I am currently looking for to own a home by the beach. 


Plus South Africa has some really nice beaches where I can be able to afford a home. and listen to that serene sound when you wake every morning to the sound of a bird chirping. 


It’s magnificent right? 


I bet it is. 


Look I know Nasty C is the most popular name you know the singer by. 


and frankly, can I blame you? 


The answer is no because you didn’t tell him to choose a cute name such as Nasty C for his stage name right? 




Having said that what’s his real name then? 


I have to warn you, I almost bit my tongue trying to pronounce that name maybe because I am not South African but I am African. 

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If you are a South African then good luck pronouncing that but if you are not then please don’t try. 


I won’t be held responsible for writing down a name that made you bite your tongue… 


So what is the real name of Nasty C? 


The real name of Nasty C is Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo. 

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Ngcobo was born in the year 1997 in South Africa precisely on the 11th of February. 


He 3 years older than Rema in this regard… 


Just 3 days ago Nasty C held a 22 minutes desktop concert, an initiative connect with his audience during the COVID-19 lockdown. 


It’s brilliant actually considering the fact that once this is all over, the world will be back to normal. 


So who is he? 


Nasty C is a South African musician is currently listed as one of the top 50 richest musicians in South Africa as of 2020.

He is a rapper and raps majorly in English and one of my favorite raps is his song with Runtown. 


Nasty C can also record produce, which is something he had to learn from his older brother. 


Nasty C has won several awards during his short career which includes the 2015 SA hip hop award. 


As a matter of fact, he is currently the youngest South African to have ever won this award. 


So where did he schooled? 


I don’t have a short answer for you but here is what I have for you… 


Ngcobo attended Strelitzia Secondary School in Lotus Park, Durban where he completed his 12th grade.



After his 12 grade, he decided to pursue a career in music. 


and this brings you and I to the mega question how did his career start? 


How Did His Career Start 


C decided that pursuing a career in music is what he wanted and as a result did not further his education. 


and after the release of a couple of Mixtapes and EPs, the big moment came for the SA musician. 


So what was this big moment? 


Well, it came in the form of his single “Juice Back”. 


The single quickly garnered love from far and wide and became the defining moment for Nasty C. 


The song was later remixed featuring Nigerian artist and superstar Davido and Cassper Nyovest. 

Still got quite a good rating as the features were all star-studded. 


Obviously Juice Back brought fame to his doorstep and introduce him as an. upcoming artist and a voice to reckon within the South African music industry. 


Here are the views this song has garnered on YouTube since it first got uploaded to the platform. 

and speaking of songs and albums, let’s look at Nasty C songs and albums, shall we? 


Album and Songs 


I know a lot of people who have struggled to make an impact since coming on the music scene. 


This is mostly due to factors such as poor management. 


At least, in my opinion, this has been the major cause of failure in the musical career of some artists. 


I am not saying take my word for it but it’s just my own opinion. 


I believe it’s one thing to have a good song and that it’s another to market the song well. 


The likes of Davido blend both sides well which is why he keeps having hit songs again and again. 


Having said, how many albums does Nasty C have? 


Well, C currently has 3 studio albums credited to his name. 


The first being Bad Hair which was released in 2016 as his debut studio album. 


Bad Hair quickly garnered interest from fans in the country. 


Guess what? 


It picked the number one spot on local iTunes. 


His 2nd studio album String and Bling which was released in 2018… 


and finally, his 3rd studio album is Zulu Man With Some Power which was released in 2020. 


Here is a bullet point you may need… 


  • Bad Hair (2016)


  • Strings And Bling (2018)


  • Zulu Man with some Power (2020)


 All of these albums were a huge success and this eventually helped increased Forbes Nasty C net worth 2020.


but wait how does this guy makes his money right? 


What is the Source of Income of Nasty C 


Nasty C source of income which has helped improve his current net worth comes from several sources. 


and this is particularly good because having more than one source of income is just brilliant. 


Sometimes I honestly can’t imagine what it is like having just one source of income. 

Nasty C net Worth 2020

The BILL GATES of the world understands this which is why they created multiple channels of income. 


Nasty C’s primary source of income includes his music sales. 


He is got his own following on YouTube which monetizes his videos as well. 


and using Google Adsense on YT videos is one hell of a good way to make money. 


Another source of his income comes from shows… 


You see one of the blessings that come with being a musician is the fact that you get called up on shows. 


and Nasty C is rumored to charge between 500K Rands to 800K Rands per show. 


This brings you and me to his endorsement deals with super big companies in SA. 


This is just another way that has helped to boost Nasty C net worth 2020 Forbes.  


So when next you ask questions such as what is Rema net worth or what is Nasty C net worth, just know Nasty C is the richest between both musicians.




I hope you enjoyed this article on Nasty C and Rema net worth. because I really took a lot of time to bring up to date info here. 


and at the rate, both artists is currently dominating African music. it’s safe to project a career that can span a decade. 


Now it’s your turn! 


How would you predict Rema and Nasty C net worth in 2021 despite the year still being fairly young? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you like this article then please share it on Facebook and follow us here on Facebook today. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you… 



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