Black Pride: Rihanna dancing to Burna Boy Ye

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Rihanna Dancing to Burna Boy Ye

Last updated on May 7th, 2020 at 03:02 pm

Rihanna dancing to Burna Boy Ye song did enough to send Twitter fans an unexpected love and reaction. with 9ja Burna Boy fans thrilled for the love. 

Rihanna Dancing to Burna Boy Ye

So, for the next few minutes just hang in here with me as I walk you gradually through what happened. 


But first, let’s take a look at how 2019 has been for Burna Boy


When the year started you could see that fire in his eyes burning to become a renowned figure.


Then it all happened as Burna Boy African Giant album hit us. 


Damn! It was freaking good but don’t just take my word for it, listen and download Burna boy anybody mp3


I believe that will most certainly convince you I wasn’t just blabbing when I say Burna boy is the real deal. 


I mean from his debut in the industry in 2014 till date, all he has done is improve on his quality of songs. 


Burna boy African Giant album even debuted in the UK and claimed a surprising record


I really would say surprisingly because yes you and I know that this guy has potential. but he just hasn’t had his breakthrough yet right? 


Okay, I know what you are thinking! 


Maybe it’s because of Wizkid or Davido right? 




I respectfully wouldn’t think like that. because over the course of my lifetime, I have learned that everybody. has a right time for their success to just come floating in. 


So while Rihanna dancing to Burna Boy Ye may have surprised you. I most certainly would say you and I saw that coming. 


I hope you understand what I meant when I said that. 


Burna boy 2019 year has been super scintillating so to speak.


I mean from his mother giving an. amazing speech at the BET award held in California to bagging an invite to perform in Canada with Davido. 

Things are just beginning to get better and better for Damini Ogulu. 


Yes, we have the likes of Davido and Wizkid topping Naija rank of rich musicians, but Burna boy looks ready. for a challenge on earning a top spot too along with the elites in the country. 


I am looking towards a time when I can compare Davido net worth to that of Burna Boy. because I mean these guys are the trend currently. 


I say that respectfully especially if you are a huge fan of Starboy. 


and yes just in case you are wondering I already have a blog post here on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment. comparing Wizkid net worth and that of Davido


These two keeps coming out in my blog post and you may wonder why right? 


The answer is quite simple, it is because both are one of the biggest stars in Africa


Talking about Burna Boy features this year I think he has been Phenomenal too right? 


Believe it or not here are two songs he featured in that were freaking cooler than any. 




Let’s talk about Rihanna a little now shall we? 


For one she is currently one of the richest female musician displacing the likes of Celine Dion. 


I mean with her recent clothing line Fenty doing some big numbers. it’s hard to take your eyes away from the 31 years old today. 


According to TIME, you could say Rihanna knows how to throw a damn party you know. 


This is coming several days after she threw her 5th diamond ball party. with appearances from Pharrell Williams, Meghan Tee Stallion and more. sure to make that night a more than fun-filled one for those present to behold the magnificent. 

Rihanna’s while downing a black gown fled at the bottom. one that I think was enough to impede her stage performance but. damn that wasn’t the case obviously. 


Watch this video clip from her 5th diamond ball party. 


Rihanna currently has a foundation dedicated to helping girls around the world in terms of education. and climatic changes but hey you can read more on that here. 


I almost forgot Rihanna’s pregnancy rumor that has taken over Twitter recently. 


During an interview, you could hear Rihanna saying that her mama gave birth to a black woman. and she is also going to give birth to a black woman. 


That’s pretty strong and if anything such comment has risen speculation that she is pregnant. with a child for her Arabian boyfriend. 


But it didn’t take long for one twitter user to call her Arabian boyfriend double standard. presumably because of the culture that has a woman being punished if she is pregnant outside wedlock. 


While Twitter has been on a frenzy for Rihanna dancing to Burna Boy Ye, it most certainly marks. a time of huge upliftment in the lives of both stars. 


Rihanna was seen in the vehicle asking her security to play Burna Boy Ye. 


 the video which Rihanna did by going Live, didn’t take long to go viral as many Nigerians hail her. choice of song for one of the biggest stars in Nigeria presently. 

Rapping things up now! 


When Burna Boy Dangote video there was this part of me that knew something is definitely changing.


I couldn’t place my hands on it but with the release of anybody wow it was an absolute game-changer. 


Over to you guys! 


What do you think about Rihanna dancing to burna boy ye? 


Leave a comment below. because I would love to hear from you. 


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Thanks for reading and I love you!


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