Breaking News: Paul Okoye Marriage Hit Rock Bottom After 7 Years

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Rudeboy and Anita Okoye divorce is the bad news that’s rocking the headlines like the sad tale of a man drown in the abyss of woe. 

but wait


why did this happen and what are the story behind the alleged divorce of Paul Okoye and his 17 years old friend and wife? 

Rudeboy Bizarre Facts

In today’s post, you and I will explore the facts from the noise that is out there. 


Having said that, here is a highlight of what Paul and Anita Okoye’s divorce will cover. 


  • When did Rudeboy and his wife Anita got married? 


  • Anita drags Rudeboy to Abuja high court 


  • Anita Isama ask for 7.8 million for monthly upkeep 


  • Twitter fans reaction


  • Conclusion 


Now that you know some of the points this post will cover, come let’s dive into Anita and Paul Okoye’s divorce


When Did Rudeboy and His Wife Anita Okoye Got Married 


If you are here then there is a huge chance you just discovered that the marriage of Rudeboy and wife Anita is over. 




That’s hard to swallow right? well, I still have not been able to process the sad news but then we are no stranger to all this. 

Anita Okoye

So quickly, let’s walk back in time to see how long these two have been married before deciding it’s time to call it quits. 


Anita Isama and Rudeboy got engaged after the birth of Andre (Andre is the first child of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Okoye) in 2013. 


As the story goes… 


Rudeboy took Anita to a ring shop and asked her to pick a diamond ring and there he got on his knees and the rest is history. 


A year later, both tied the knot in Port Harcourt in a stylish wedding that was graced by celebs across the country. 


Our very own household comedian Mr. Ibu was present among others like AY, Omotola, and Ini Edo. 

Anita Paul Okoye's wife

It was a beautiful occasion with elegance ravaging the air like a morning in autumn as the couples said: “I Do”. 


Heck, here is one picture from Rudeboy and Anita Okoye’s marriage. 


Fast forward 7 years later, Paul and Anita Okoye’s marriage is Allegedly facing turmoil as do every marriage. 

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So what happened? follow me as we dive more into Rudeboy and Anita Okoye divorce, shall we? 


Anita Drags Rudeboy To Abuja High Court 


I was eating on Friday evening precisely August 20th when the news hit my screen. 


My friend called and broke the news to me as I was struggling with a bowl of Eba and Egusi Soup. 

Anita and Paul Okoye’s divorce

I paused for a minute and asked him what he just said because I wasn’t expecting such news. 


He repeated what he said as I quickly dropped the eba I already have molded to gulp down my throat, went to the parlor, and picked up my phone. 


I quickly turned on my data and I saw the highlight of what transpired but I was still skeptical. 


I mean it’s the age of information and anyone could make up stories just to trend on the internet. 

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So I waited, I went to Pulse NG and they carried the news, went to Daily Post, BBC pidgin, as well as Legit NG, and these guys carried the news. 

Anita Isama ask for 7.8 million for monthly upkeep

It was at this point I thought to myself that maybe this could really be happening and it made me feel bad for the couple. 


Initially, I said I won’t write about it here on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment but then I noticed everyone started typing it into the search bar. 


So it is because of you I am writing this piece to break the news to you because it’s wrong for me to hoard it like the Nigerian government hoarded palliatives. 


Having said that, Anita dragged Paul Okoye to court on Friday when she filed for divorce. 


On the document which had some details blurred out, Anita stated irreconcilable difference as the reason for her decision. 


Although, what transpired between the couple has remained off the internet but fans are beginning to speculate.


Anita Isama Ask For 7.8 Million As Monthly Up Keep 


As the news continued to make the waves online, the story further developed as Anita Paul Okoye’s wife was Allegedly demanding 7.8 million Naira for upkeep. 


This did not sit well with many fans of Rudeboy with some of the fans citing how this could be setting dangerous precedence going forward. 

Anita drags Rudeboy to Abuja high court

Although it is something to worry about as asking for such a lofty sum means Anita would be making 93 million-plus Naira as spousal support. 


I mean the average Nigerian parents don’t even spend that a year on just upkeep but then it’s a conversation pertaining to one of the richest musicians in Africa


When I wrote about Mr. P and Rudeboy’s net worth, I discovered that both singers have a combined net worth of $31 million. 


I mean asking for $180,000 as yearly upkeep is nothing, right? 


Well, that’s true especially if you are Rudeboy who is worth $15 million. 


But this is where it gets crazy… 


Anita Okoye is asking this huge sum until the 3 kids she had with Rudeboy the other half of Psquare come of age. 

Paul and Anita Okoye’s divorce

Andre is 8 years old currently which leaves him 10 more years before he is 18 years old. 


And then there are the twins who are just 4 years old now and are left with 14 more years to reach 18 years of age. 


This means that Anita is asking for the 93 million Naira to be paid each year as spousal support. 


If we multiply this figure by 14 years which is the supposed year all kids reach 18 years of age then this amounts to 1.3 billion Naira.

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Now I guess your mouth is wide open but then they are his kids anyone would argue indeed. 


I will leave you to reach a conclusion with the figures I left you above. 


Twitter Fans Reaction 


As the story unfolds, Anita Isama’s demands went viral on Twitter and it made Twitter trends. 


A lot of fans and nonfans took to the platform to opine on the amount she is demanding. 

Rudeboy and Anita Okoye divorce

Here are some of the reactions from fans below. 


Barca/PSG Principal


Waking up to this Anita and Paul Okoye’s (Rudeboy) divorce proceedings is the most shocking news I’ve heard this week.


I love that couple a lot cus they started from nothing together and now this???

The people’s President


Swear down bro… I’m just shocked man… These guys were like a mentor to many of us. Started from the bottom and all….



One of psquare twin bro, Nigerian singer (Paul okoye) rudeboy‘s wife anita okoye filed for divorce.She demanded he pay 7.8M naira monthly 4 spousal support. Today’s Marriage is like a biscuit, it can break at any edge. No one endure or tolerate each others in marriage anymore.

Ọna Anthony Ọdịnkemere


Anita Okoye, the wife of Paul Okoye (Rudeboy: one of P’Square) has filed a divorce case. And dares Rudeboy to challenge the case if he’s disturbed.



U dated a man for good ten years and went ahead to married him for another seven years. Now u ve irreconciliable differences that made u seek divorce. I fear women!



As Peter Okoye’s marriage continues to blossom, fans of the singer are pointing fingers already that Rudeboy could be the real reason Psquare broke up. 


However, there are others with a different opinion who thinks that marriages go through challenges as such that it should not be used as a yardstick to start another futile fan war. 


It’s over to you now


Were you surprised when you heard about Rudeboy and Anita Okoye divorce? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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