Rudeboy Net worth 2019(The Unbelievable Truth)

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rudeboy net worth 2019

Rudeboy net worth 2019 is quite jaw-dropping, despite the split of the popular group Psquare. Rude boy is still worth more than $10 million. which is more than 3 Billion Naira but today you and I will look at things like his cars, houses, biography, records and more.

rudeboy net worth 2019

How Much is Rude boy Net worth

Are you wondering how much is Rudeboy net worth? here it is: Rudeboy is currently the 7th richest musician in Nigeria with a net worth of $15.4 million. Kingrudy is a Naija artist of defunct group Psquare who broke up in 2017.

Rudeboy net worth today is $15.4 million. and after we converted this figure to the Nigeria Naira, we got 5 billion Naira to be exact.


So, let’s Take a look at Rudeboy bio.


Rudeboy Net Worth & biography


The biography of rudeboy right to the day he became a star is quite entertaining. So, today that is what I will be sharing with you, after we break it down, the net worth of Rudeboy will carry us into the reason they split.

So let us start by asking a few questions like

  • Who is Rudeboy
  • Where was Rude boy born
  • What is the real name of Rudeboy
  • How old is Rudeboy
  • How Much is Rudeboy net worth
  • Why did Psquare split
  • Rudeboy Personal Life, Wife and Kids


We shall discuss the Rudeboy 2019 net worth. as you and I progress down this post but first of all, let’s go back to when he was born.


Who is Rudeboy?



Rudeboy is a Nigerian artist, songwriter, singer, and dancer. or better still ex-dancer because I do not see him do that these days. He is the Twin brother of Mr P and Jude Okoye. His mother and father passed on some years back.


You know usher Raymond right! Well, that’s the most probably silly question I have ever asked.


Who doesn’t know him right! but I am willing to indulge you though so, read all on Usher Raymond.


Usher Terry Raymond IV in Dallas, Texas, Usher spent much of his childhood in Chattanooga, Tennessee and eventually moved to Atlanta, Georgia for the sake of his budding music career.


So why did I bring up Usher?


It is because of Psquare, at least back in the day when the team was still together, the twin brothers were referred to as Nigerian Ushers.


I remember this one time during Night of a Thousand Laugh. A show in Nigeria where comedians come together to crack jokes.


If you have ever been privileged to be there then you probably know it’s the rib cracker.


In that show a comedian got on stage. and described how the mother of Rudeboy and Mr P molded their heads from birth in other for them to resemble Usher Raymond.


Unfortunately, the two brothers were present. But none took it hard because it’s a show to put people out of their misery.


But wait there’s more

Where was Rudeboy Born?


Rude boy was born in Anambra state. but spent a large portion of his adolescent through youth in Jos Plateau state. he attended St Murumba College. Anambra is an Eastern state in Nigeria.


Watch Rudeboy Reason with me video with over 21 million views on Youtube below:

As kids, Peter and Paul always dreamed of becoming a great footballer. but such dreams were quickly put to rest when they discover their talents for music.


Together, the twin brothers formed a group known as Psquare and from there on it was simply magic. Loved by fans all over the country.


Here are some of the Psquare albums.


  • Last Nite Release 2003
  • Get Squared Released 2005
  • Game Over 2007
  • Danger 2009
  • Invasion 2011
  • Greatest Hit(Compilation Album)

What Is The Real Name of Rudeboy


what is rude boy real name? Rudeboy real name is Paul Okoye and a twin brother to Peter Okoye. as a solo artist, he decided to stick with Rudeboy after the group Psquare popular breakup in 2017.


Imagine my surprise when the group Psquare disbanded and he is still listed as one of the richest musicians in Africa.


Do you remember Busy Body remix?


Well, in the video of that song, you could hear the name Rudeboy always yelled at the background. What this means is that he has the name from the beginning.


Often you Google how old is Psquare right? but have you tried their individual stage names?

So, let’s do this!


How old is Rudeboy


Does your question center on how old is rudeboy? Rudeboy is 37 years old. He was born in November 1981 in the Eastern State of Anambra to Mr. and Mrs. Okoye whom unfortunately are both dead. Rude boy spent major part of growing up in Jos.

net worth of rudeboy 2019

History records their passing to be why the twins split. another chapter though thinks this is not true because it is certainly possible. for their split to have happened if the parents were alive.


But it totally stands to reason that the two are both adults. Well, you can’t love them less but that was way back. Now, I like to say they are both shadows of their former self.


let’s dive even deeper!


How Much is Rudeboy Net Worth


Rudeboy net worth 2019 is $15 million. He takes the back sits below his brother Mr P with about $1.5 million in the Top 10 richest artist in Nigeria. and he is the 7th richest musician in Nigerian just above Timaya in the top 50 list.


But we would have to talk about his assets too. So, let me take you quickly on a ride to his mansion and cars.


Hop on let’s catch a ride!


Rudeboy House and Cars


Paul Okoye garage is a little short of cars. But his 3 best are the;

  • BMW X6
  • Wrangler Jeep
  • Range Rover Autobiography
  • Mercedes G-Wagon
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Hummer Jeep


The one car that knocked off the rest is the Range Rover Autobiography. That car is worth quite a fortune.


His Autobiography is worth $199,000 which when converted to Naira. gives around 80 million Naira.


Just in case you are wondering, that’s the cost of just one car. If you average the cost of his other cars with just BMW X6 and Wrangler listed above.

rude boy Wrangler Jeep

We could say Rudeboy cars is worth more than $500,000. but don’t take my word for it until you see this post from Pulse Ng.


His new Mansion at Ikoyi Parkview is worth more than $1 million. set to be completed next year, According to Pmnewsnigeria.


I have a photo for you of his current house valued at $800,000. Check out the picture below.

Paul Okoye house

Rudeboy Paul Okoye net worth currently makes him the 7th richest artist in Nigeria. Valued around 5 billion Naira, which is mostly from his Psquare day.


The Nigerian best Vocals artist at least in my own opinion. recently released a heartfelt song Reason with Me.


A song that has held the number 1 spot on iTunes and Boom player for like two weeks now.


However, fans can not stop comparing the two brothers. Mr P also dropped his single one more night but lyrically I do not like the song.


But the beats were fine and so was Niniola amazing voice.


Hottest Picks Today:


what happened to Psquare?

Take a guess please will you?

Why Did Psquare Break Up?

Why Did Psquare Break Up?


Psquare broke up as a result of Peter deciding that he no longer wishes to be part of a group that undermines his input. in 2017 Nigeria duo finally confirm their breakup and both have since perform under new name Mr P and Rudeboy. but there is a deep reason.


Though there is no one straight answer to this without discussing some of their beef. but this is what caused Psquare to separate in 2017.


But the devil is here


In 2017 a video was posted online where the 3 brothers Jude, Peter, and Paul were arguing.


Sources later found out that it was Mr P Peter Okoye that leaked the video. follow that Rudeboy took to his twitter handle to make a post Captioned “and he posted it”


The cause of the argument was that Jude Okoye is taking the Lion share of their sweat. which did not sit well with Peter.


There is another school of thought that believes that their problem started because of a woman.


Presumably, the same woman who the mother before passing asked Peter not to marry. Jude and Paul obviously were not happy when Mr P decided to marry his wife.


For them, he has disregarded their mom’s words because she has passed on. I marvel though because Peter is a grown ass man.


Grown ass men make a decision for themselves right!


Peter was no exception and if there is anything I have learned in over 3 decades, it will be that men hate being told what to do.


The more you try to advise a man, I think the more he acts like a jackass. I don’t know why but that’s just how it is.


I like to think that Psquare split wasn’t caused by a single thing. but several interwoven incidents where one may have felt cheated.


First of all, it is most noteworthy that one was relegated to a backup singer. and in another case, the songs of one was featured more.


Well, a human being is a human being but we will discuss more on this in our future post. for now, the die-hard fans of the musical duo just wants them back together.


I am one of such persons that wants the two back together. but from the way of them keeps opening his mouth without thinking. I am inclined to be objective.


Although anything is possible. at least from many impossibilities, I have seen in my life.

Psquare Net Worth Before Split


Legends do not die as it is popularly said. but these legends maybe remember for nothing other than a shadow.


I like to think that lyrically, one is genius, while the other is got the entertainment spirit. Together they were really Psquare.


Because while one is a lyrically sound, the other is a performer. They remind us of all of MJ qualities. I mean singing, dancing and entertaining the crowd.


But you can’t compare the greatest Entertainer of all time to these two. though together they sure could have been outstanding.


Before their famous split, Rudeboy and Mr P topped the list of the richest artist in Africa with $150 million according to Buzz Nigeria.


The two bought houses in Atlanta worth about $750,000 close to each other. Those were the good old days.


Above all this, the one asset that really shook the country. was when the Globalcom ambassadors bought a private jet.


The cost of the expensive asset was not released till date. Although from a rough estimate we know it’s worth millions of dollars.

Rudeboy Personal Life


Well, if you have seen Rudeboy, you would know that he keeps more to himself.


He likes to keep what is for the stage. and what is for a unique personal life, a personal life.


Talks less but I often say such people are very dangerous. recently I saw an interview where Peter was pouring his mind on a TV station that was on the air.


In the YouTube video, so many called him names. for speaking some shitty things on air about his brother.


But trust me, I would rather know a devil than an angel thousands of miles away. It holds true according to the old ones.


A man that speaks his heart can easily forget the pain. but the one that refuses to talk the least is dangerous.


You may ask why right?

Well, psychology says when you keep something inside. for too long, especially a bad incidence, it can drive you to do crazy things the day you let it out.


But wait there is more!


Rude boy is currently married to Anita Ishama with 3 kids. A boy and a twin.


Rudeboy children Andre, Nathan, and Nadia are the best things that could happen to Paul Okoye.


Paul Okoye’s Andre was born in 2013. He is 6 years now as this post goes live. Rudeboy twin children Nadia and Nathan were born abroad on the 9th of July 2017.


You may do the math now. Well, this post about Rudeboy net worth 2019 is quite exhausting. but so is everything else right!


Rudeboy Solo Career


The solo career of Rudeboy began in 2017 after the official fallout of Psquare. Since then he has been a feature in one song. Which is Timaya song back in 2017 just after their break up.


Rudeboy singles after their break up include songs like:

  • Nkenji Keke
  • Reason with Me
  • Chizoba
  • Ifai

Rudeboy endorsement deals

What we do know is that together as Psquare, they had more endorsement deals. than any other Nigerian artist put together.


But as a solo artist, that changed because of group decided to split. This decision did not only hurt their reputation as Africa richest musicians but also their fame across Africa.


But if you still wish to see their group award then I will refer to Wikipedia here. So you know, together as Psquare they won several awards and had endorsement deals worth millions of dollars.




It’s been two years after the two brother part ways. however, Rudeboy net worth 2019 still soars above the likes of Olamide.


Only Davido, Wizkid, Don Jazzy, D’banj, 2baba and his Twin brother Mr P are richer than him.


So whether the two comes back together remain a thing to debate. however, chances of that may have taken a deep slope after all Mr P said on air.


So it’s over to you guys!


Who is the best between Mr P and Rudeboy? Use the comment box to air your views. and also please share on Facebook and Twitter.


remember it’s your Gee Mone Nuel here at Shoutmeceleb Entertainment and I love you guys.


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