Ruggedman Vs Naira Marley Beef: The Untimed Trouble

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Rugged man vs Naira Marley beef

Last updated on May 8th, 2020 at 04:04 pm

Ruggedman vs Naira Marley beef is trending in Nigeria. because it addresses issues of Yahoo Boys as Simi and Adekunle Gold is dragged into it.


Rugged man vs Naira Marley beef

Ruggedman and Naira Marley have been on each other’s throat because of the issue of internet fraud. This feud began after Naira Marley made a comment on his Tweeter handle.


This may be untimed trouble for Marley considering he is an upcoming artist. coming out to publicly support a crime may be downright foolish. His actions may cost him his career a fan of his said.


Here what Naira Marley said


In his Tweet, the upcoming artist said, Internet fraud is not a sin.


Michael Ugochukwu Stephens know by the stage name Ruggedman refused to agree.


This is the exact words of Ruggedman:


You can’t just come out and start celebrating fraud openly. most especially because it is something not only Nigeria. but the world frowns upon it.


For an upcoming artist like Naira Marley, this is totally not good. yes, the government may be failing you and I but it is no yardstick to start celebrating fraud.


He does not care how the world responds to or treat us abroad because of this issue of fraud. People in London, Dublin, and the US please here me, we are not supporting this boy o. He is an internet fraudster on his own.

In his words, he said, that the government fails to provide job opportunities and necessary infrastructure. does not make being an internet fraud the option out for Nigerians.


Ruggedman Vs Naira Marley beef took another turn as the singer of Am I a Yahoo Boy responded in a typical hash way. In his own words, he called Ruggedman a Mr. Nobody.


Video Am I a Yahoo Boy

Your Career is dead and please do not mention my name Naira Marley said.

Ruggedman Vs Naira Marley beef got more interesting as shortly afterward, EFCC arrest Zlatan’; 3 others and Marley Naira.

He is being detained in Lagos state and report reaching Shoutmeceleb Entertainment while writing this post. is Zlatan and the other 3 cohorts have been released.


Story Leading up to Ruggedman Vs Naira Marley Beef

It is interesting to point out that Ruggedman Vs Naira Marley beef may have started. with newly wedded Adekunle Gold and Simi.

Remember when the talk of Yahoo Boys heated up and there was a scenario where a random guy said. Simi’s husband Adekunle Gold before hitting the spotlight use to edit photos for internet Fraudsters.


A claim to which Simi responded that he knows nothing about that side of her husband. but here is a quick question for you;

If you are a photographer and a random guy brings you a job of photo editing, will you edit the photo or not?

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Note: You do not know if he is a cybercriminal!


Drop your thoughts with the comment box, let’s hear how you will respond to this, please.


Naira Marley and Ruggedman quarrel may have opened the eyes of Nigerians to see how such an act of the internet, fraud is frowned upon. and in so doing may be compromising his safety.


Most especially because Nigerian musicians do not want to be associated with such things. one of such persons is Simi who said this after a Yahoo Boy said they are the ones buying most of her songs.


Here is how Simi replied in the Simifashionedstyle:


I do not want you guys to buy my songs because I am not in support of stealing and killing on the internet.


Realizing that such action may be destroying the image of the country locally. and internationally, many have resort to condemning Naira Marley Tweet.


Rugged Man Vs Naira Marley Beef is Personal

Naira Marley Beef with Ruggedman

Ruggedman feud with Naira Marley is nothing personal, but certainly, it is for Naira. He is currently in the custody of the EFCCs. A Nigeria body installed to check money laundering in the country.


Ruggedman shade Naira Marley in my own opinion because he wants the world to know. that there are still honest Nigerians trying to make a living in a legal way.

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Personally, there is a lot of opportunities on the internet with regards to making money online. all you have to do is make a little research.


EFCC Founder


The founder of Economic and financial crime commission was founded by ex-head of state president Olusegun Obasanjo.


The act was established in 2004 for the sole purpose of federal law enforcement. and during this time, several cases of how the body functions have been questioned and also applauded.




Ruggedman vs Naira Marley beef shows that the citizens of the country may not be happy with Yahoo Boys.

In some cases, there are Nigerians who think the act should be punishable. because it is destroying the image of the country internationally.


However, there is another set of people who thinks if not for Yahoo, the rate of hunger would be very devastating. as a result of the government not doing anything about creating job opportunities.


Ruggedman 43 years of age seems to disagree. and it is why he said Naira Marley is an internet fraudster on his own.


Over to you guys!


Do you think that Ruggedman beef with Naira Marley on the issue of Yahoo Boys? may have lead to the arrest of Marley?


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