Shoutmeceleb vacation challenge: 7 Unimaginable Things to Benefit

Shoutmeceleb Vacation Challenge

Shoutmeceleb Vacation Challenge is open again, you will be able to go on a free vacation and win a  giveaway of $1000 as startup capital for your business.

Shoutmeceleb Vacation Challenge

Winning a contest can be hard. but it doesn’t have to be which is why Shoutmeceleb vacation challenge was created for you.


Today I am going to tell you about Shoutmeceleb vacation challenge. who can participate, rules, Country eligibility and more.


So let’s dive in!


Table of Content


  • What is Shoutmeceleb vacation challenge


  •  is the goal of Shoutmeceleb vacation contest


  • Who can participate in SMC Vacation challenge


  • How many winners are there in Shoutmeceleb vacation challenge


  • What are the benefits of SMC vacation challenge


What is Shoutmeceleb vacation challenge?


Shoutmeceleb Vacation Challenge is an online contest held once in every 3 months.


the free giveaways in the contest such as cash prizes. and a flight ticket to go on a 3 days vacation totally free means it’s worth participating in.


I seriously don’t know about you but I am taking part in this contest considering it’s almost free. I mean I get to go on a 3 days vacation and win a cash prize to start up my business?


Yes, and the best part is you don’t have to break the bank in doing this!


Here is an interesting thing!


Where is the one most popular place you have always wanted to go?


Chances there’s this beautiful place in your head that you always want to visit. But you were not able to go because the finance just isn’t there right!


If you are like myself that loves travelling and going on vacation, then you already know vacations are very educational.


I don’t know about you but for me one of the easiest way I learn. is by travelling and going on tours. I literally love to be by the seashore during noon when the sun is up.


As for me, I love to soak myself in the waters. by the beach where everyone is running away from the wave in a fun style.


It’s just magical and unique to feel happy by soaking in wonderful moments. that last in your memories forever.


and what is a human being without fun-filled memories? You will say absolutely nothing right!

Haha-Moment In Your Life

Have you ever had that moment when you thought about something crazy, thrilling, filled with adrenaline that you did? and you could not stop laughing because it made you happy and like you were not alone in the world.


Well my dear friend, you just took a trip down memory lanes. and what you experienced now after recalling those moments is the satisfaction, love and happiness you once felt in that one moment.


I will discuss the benefits of Shoutmeceleb vacation challenge shortly. but for now, I want to make today just about you.


Here is a quick question for you!


What is the most fun-filled thing you have ever done?


For me, it was kneeling down to confess my love. on a beach filled with people from all walks of life.


Too bad I didn’t capture that wonderful moment. The view would have made a nice addition to this post.


I picked the scenes, the breeze was just all over her, it was sunset. I mean everything and everyone all stopped to look at me. Oh, my world! there is never a sight prettier.


Your most fun-filled moments can be shopping, the ladies love shopping a lot right. but it’s a good thing because looking GOOD is good business.


It can be swimming, skiing, sky diving, travels, taking a walk, and much more.


Which is why I want you to also experience those haha-moments by participating in this vacation challenge.


Just comment below what yours is and I will personally reply you. Okay, having said all of this, what is the goal of this contest and who can participate in it.


This is what I will be touching in the next few minutes, so sit tight and let’s take this fun trip together.

What is the goal of Shoutmeceleb vacation contest


As at when writing this post, the goal of this contest is:


  • Create a friendly environment for people to connect


  • Provide capitals for small business owners through this challenge


  • Increase the popularity of a Shoutmeceleb as a brand.


I want to touch the bullet points above shortly so you get a grasp on the aim and objectives of Shoutmeceleb vacation challenge.


Creating a friendly environment for people to connect


Most times you and me confuse riches as the only source of bringing happiness. but I am here to tell you that is not totally true.


But how!


Ladies and gentlemen, your happiness and improve the standard of life is not in things. It is in people, it is in relationships.


It is that meaningful heartfelt bonding of love that brings fulfilment to the heart.

SMC vacation Challenge

It is those meaningful exchange of love that you and I share with each other. in relationships that brings true joy.


Here is the disappointing thing!


Isn’t it the greatest irony that something that brings you the greatest fulfilment, you and I very conveniently neglect in just running after things that. Will enhance our standard of living.


The number 1 goal of Shoutmeceleb vacation challenge is to create. an eco-friendly environment to keep you happy and cheerful for the life that you have.


Provide Capital for small business owners


The life that you want, the marriage that you want, the family that you want is going to be fueled by the business you build.


So what does vacation challenge mean for you?


Well, for some of you, you have been working nonstop. for a boss who pays you peanut for your services.


despite your grade and all the money and time, you spent getting that certificate. to you, that’s not fair and so you wish to get out from that job.


For others, you are an Entrepreneur looking for a startup capital but don’t know how to get it.


Well, the second goal of this contest by shoutmeceleb Entertainment is to provide you with capital to boost small business owners and entrepreneurs alike.


If you are like me then you know working for a boss does not guarantee your financial freedom. but don’t take my word for it.


Increase the popularity of Shoutmeceleb brand


The true measure of how successful you can be is in the lives that you have touched.


and for you know or determine how many lives you have touched, drop a tear and see how many hands come forward to wipe that tears.


So what do I mean by that?


The one thing that made Michael Jackson very popular all around the world. was how his songs resonate with people of all race and diverse cultures.


Yes, that’s how you impact lives by giving value to people.




The 3rd reason for creating this challenge is to increase its brand awareness around Africa and the rest of the world.


Others will try to hide this but I find it strange. most especially because as human beings, you and I appreciate honesty.


So Shoutmeceleb as brand thought it wise to include the 3rd major goal of this contest as building a brand.


While we are focus on providing you value and good user experience, like every other brand we are also focused on building a brand that will help you get the life you deserve.


This is where you come in if you take part in this challenge, chances are you will become the winner. if you become the winner, chances are you will talk good about us as a brand. and that is it. A win-win for everybody.


But wait what’s next?


Now that you know the goal of this contest what is next for you.


Well, you are about to find out who will participate in this challenge. So, keep flying.


Who can participate in SMC vacation challenge?


You can only participate in SMC vacation challenge if you are a Nigerian. and if you are 18 and above.


The world can participate but the second phase of Shoutmeceleb vacation challenge is Eligible to only Nigerians.

SMC vacation Contest
New York City USA

Photo Credit: Facty


this is to answer any question you may have about the countries that can participate in this challenge.


Here is a word from the Co-Founder when he was asked why the challenge is only starting in Nigeria.


We are doing our best to make sure it’s open to countries in other regions of Africa and the rest of the world. but for now the idea and goal of Shoutmeceleb vacation challenge were born in Nigeria and it’s only fair to start here as a way to show love to the people of this great country.


So what are the key take home from this subhead.


  • Only Nigerians Eligible to participate for now


  • You must be 18 years of age and above in other to participate


How many winners are there in shoutmeceleb vacation challenge


Now is the best time for you to take a wild guess!


Is it 1,2,3?


Sorry but none None of that is correct!


This challenge boost of 10 winners each walking home with $1000. that’s like N360,000 when converted to Nigeria currency at the current exchange rate.


It is just unbelievable most especially because it is one of it’s kind, I mean 10 winners?


Yes, you heard me right!


10 winners, not 1 will walk home with N360,000($1000)

at the end of the contest.


What are you waiting for? Click the below button to join the challenge now. You can be the one walking home with N360,000 for absolutely near free.


What are the benefits of Shoutmeceleb vacation challenge


The benefits you get from this challenge is simply Unimaginable. but I will break each down for you to understand.


  • Business startup capital worth $1000(N360,000)


  • Flight ticket to go on a 3 days vacation


To get the complete list of benefits, click the button below, enter your best email and you will be directed to the page containing how to participate and the rest of the benefits you will get.


Business startup capital worth $1000(N360,000)


This is the first reward you will get if you are the winner of this challenge.


But here is an interesting thing!


This reward is not fixed which means that as the competition progresses into its 3rd, 4th, 5th phase……. The reward for a business start-up capital may increase.


Which is actually a good thing for you considering this can get you to start up your business. and scale it to profitability.


and yes it’s truly one in a lifetime opportunity to change your life completely. Working for someone may be good for you.


But what is, even more, better is owning your personal business. this means you do not have to close at the hour your boss say you will close.


It means you can work whenever you want, however you want.


But the one amazing thing about having your own business is that it gives you. the ability to connect and share good moments with family and friends.


Heck! you even get to choose who works for you and who you want to do business with.


Working for someone doesn’t guarantee you such freedom and do not forget when you work for a boss that’s not nice at all. you may even get fired for spitting the truth to his or her face.


Freedom from all of that means having your own business. I can’t even overemphasize this enough. but hopefully, you get all of the points.


Flight ticket to go on a 3 days vacation


The 2nd amazing reward you get by emerging the winner of this contest is a flight ticket. to go on a 3 days vacation for absolutely no cost from your pocket.


One cool part of this vacation trip is meeting amazing people from different countries, states. that you can connect with while having the fun of your life.


Happiness according to health experts is guaranteed to increase the general well-being of your life.


So, I and my team put ourselves in your shoes to understand one of the easiest ways of staying happy.


We realized that connecting with people increases the chance of happiness by 63%. and doing things that makes you happy increases your health by another 13%.


So you see it’s important for you to stay happy while doing some fun things like. shopping, swimming, dancing, cruise on a yacht and so much more.


Find out more about the benefits you will enjoy by clicking any of the buttons on this page.


It’s so life thrilling that it will be a shame if you miss this golden opportunity. of raising capital for your business, and going on a vacation.


Join the challenge now!




It’s not just enough to want a good life because it will never be given on a platter of gold.


The quality of the kind of life you want and deserve means that. you will have to take actions to get it.


Which is why shoutmeceleb vacation challenge is a good place to start.


One thing I found to be interesting about this contest is the lots of rewards it has for the winners.


If you are to go on a vacation alone with your own hard earn money, it probably will cost you between $1000 to $10,000. but you get it all for almost free in this contest.


I think it’s rational to say even if you are asked to pay $100(N36,000), it still wouldn’t be too much right?


The good thing is you are not even paying any of that. anyway, click the button below to change your life. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Quick question for you!


What do you think about this post was it educational if Yes or No?


Use the comment box to drop your thoughts. If you have any question, please ask me and I will be glad to direct and answer you to further clarify.


Also if you like this content please subscribe to my newsletter that way when I release more content like this you will get notified. and one more thing please  Share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Thank you for reading!


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