Shoutmeceleb song writin service


One of the three major services I and my team at Shoutmeceleb Entertainment provides is song writing service. so the question is do you want quality songs? written for you stress-free.


Quality song writing service in Nigeria is one of the 3 major services I offer here at Shoutmeceleb Entertainment. Let me help you write that next hit song now.

Shoutmeceleb song writin service

I know writing a song can seem to be one hell of a tedious task to accomplish but it doesn’t have to be. 


As a matter of fact, a quality song could be the difference you need to hit success… 


What about a poorly written song? well, just like a good song can shoot you off the roof. a poor song will destroy your career especially if you have not hit stardom yet. 


This is why Shoutmeceleb songwriting service is here to help you craft the lyrics you want to stand out in your genre. 


I am here to take such a difficult task of having to write lyrics off your shoulders and give you something that is quality for your audience. 


So how will I do this? 


It’s simple of course because all you have to do is tell me what you want, how you want it. and you can then go to bed sleeping sound as I write those melodic lyrics for your next hit song.


Just like that, I have you sorted out! 


Yes, I know you are probably too busy to write a song for your next album.


but shockingly you will have to write that song to keep your audience full. after all, there is a popular saying that goes like this “Artists that don’t perform dies”. 


Thankfully I am not about to let that happen to you and most importantly I am glad you landed here. 


This is because as you read this I am positive I have you covered in any of the genres of music you want.


Coming up with a song writing idea is really tedious, as a matter of fact. I remember when I tried to come up with my first song idea. 


It wasn’t easy for me but I did it anyway because I had to practice and practice and practice. eventually, I got really good at what I do. 


This is the reason I wish to work with you to create good quality songs that will stand through time itself.


because my experience in providing you a good song writing service cannot be overemphasized. 


I even took it a step further by having already written lyrics for you. 


All you have to do is pick what you have from our gallery of already available songs.


and just like that you automatically own the song and it’s lyrics after payment is finalized. 


Don’t worry you won’t break the bank for this so you don’t have to be scared of anything. 


This is by far the easiest way to go because we have all our songs well structured with the traditional Verse – Chorus – verse – bridge – chorus. 


If you wish to check out some of my already written songs available to you then make sure you click here now. 


Upon the click of the above button, you will be able to contact me. this way I will discuss with you for about 30 minutes to decide how we can proceed. 


I love doing this because it provides me all the necessary information. I will need to determine if you and I are a good fit to work together. 


Make sure you click this button now okay? 


As a Professional song writer, I love to take you through a journey that will open you to the world. 


This is because when you succeed I am happy as you will keep coming back to patronize my song writing services. 


Heck, you would even introduce me to some of your colleagues because in your eyes I did deliver as promised. 


Now the question is do you need quality songs with a good title, content that will drive you more fans? 


If your answer is yes then I am happy for you because you have made the right choice by coming here. 


As a freelance song writer for hire, my job is to deliver you with quality lyrics that are mind-blowing. 


Just in case you are wondering if I have worked with top artists in Nigeria, my answer is no. but I believe in what I can offer and I am very picky when it comes to working with clients.


So you see it is not a question of whether I want to work with you, it’s a question of are you the right client I want? 


If you are the right client that I need to write his song then make sure you click this button now to book a session with me. 


I am sure after you and I have spoken, we can schedule and work out something really good. 


My song writing skills came naturally, as a matter of fact, I didn’t even know I had them until one day. when I saw myself renditioning one of Sean Paul’s song. 


It was there and then I started developing my new found songwriting skills. and today I am not just a professional songwriter but also I run my own song writing service here in Nigeria


My freelance song writing service makes sure you won’t stress out writing songs. because I am your new songwriter taking all that tedious task away from you. 


So that you can rest well, spend time with family or focus on more productive tasks. 


Do you probably have questions like am I a song writer for hire? 


To answer your question simply is Yes I am one of the many song writers for hire online. 


and I am here to serve you well without any form of complain provided you and I can have a good professional working relationship. 


I have said enough already so if you want to work me. or better still if you want me to write songs for you then you need to follow these steps below now. 


Step 1 


Click on the link which will lead you to my contact page, now on the contact form you will see a form like this screenshot below. 


Make sure you feel the form correctly because it’s the first step which determines if I will work with you or not. 


Step 2


Click this button to go to the homepage then scroll down to the bottom. 


On the bottom left you will find my phone number there, once you get it do make sure you call me. 


Step 3


Wait for my team to contact you immediately after I drop the call with you because they will need to ask you a few questions. 


I know you and I will have fun working together and I am looking forward to writing good quality songs for you. 


We also have a 20% discount but only if you order our service within the first 48 hours. 


Click here now to speak directly with me. 

Professional Song Writing Service in Nigeria
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Professional Song Writing Service in Nigeria
Quality song writing service in Nigeria is one of the 3 major services i offer here at Shoutmeceleb Entertainment. Let me help you write that next hit song now.
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